What Flowers Mean?

Flowers Meaning 234x300 What Flowers Mean?Flowers have a universal language that let the messages be delivered from one person to another without any language barriers. Every flower in itself holds a very different meaning and delivers a different message from your side. There’s nothing that can remain unsaid when flowers are your language and messenger. Is it your love for some one that you want to express or a sorry that you want to reach some one everything can be done simply by sending flowers. All you need to do in this regard is that you should know what each flower and color of flower mean for delivering the very right message from your side.

For choosing the right flowers for the situation you are currently going through we have the solution here. Check out the list and find out which flower would deliver your feelings exactly. Very firstly, listed down here are all those flowers that some how deliver the message of love or are related to it.

Aster simply and clearly means “Love”. Baby’s Breath is another flower that tells your love that you carry an every lasting love for them. White Carnation means “pure love”. Red Chrysanthemum says “I Love You”. Gardenia tells that you are a secret “lover”. Gladiolus tells your love that you fell in love with them at first sight. And above all the best one commonly known way to express your love for someone is giving red rose. While White rose means that you hold Eternal love for the receiver in your heart. Red Tulip is a declaration of Love from you while yellow tulips are for hopeless love.

Next important relation in one’s life is friendship and there are many flowers for sending different messages to your friends too. Alstroemeria tells your friends or a love that you are “devoted” to them. Yellow rose in itself is a sign of “friendship” and used most commonly on Valentines Day to send to friends. While the Zinnia is the flower that says there are “thoughts of absent friends”. Send this flower to your friends who are far and out of contact for long and make them realize that they still make an important part of your life.

There are numerous flowers in white color that depict purity and innocence. White Carnations, White lily and white rose all send the same message of purity and innocence. Some other flowers to represent distinct feelings are:

Cactus – Endurance
cactus 150x150 What Flowers Mean?


•    Pink – I’ll never forget you
•    Purple – Whimsical, changeable

carnation 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

•    Red – My heart aches for you, Admiration
•    Yellow – Rejection, Disdain
•    Solid Color – Yes
•    Striped – No


chrysanthemum 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

•    White – Truth
•    Yellow – Slighted love

Daffodil – Respect, Unrequited love

daffodil flower 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

– Delicate beauty

Hibiscus 150x150 What Flowers Mean?


•    Blue – Constancy
•    Purple – I’m sorry, Please forgive me

•    Red or Pink – Play Hyacinth general 150x150 What Flowers Mean?
•    White – Loveliness, I’ll pray for you
•    Yellow – Jealousy

Iris – Faith, Hope, Wisdom and Valor

Iris Flower 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Lavender – Devotion


lily 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

•    Calla – Beauty
•    Day – Coquetry
•    Eucharis – Maidenly charms
•    Orange – Hatred
•    Tiger – Wealth, PrideLavender 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Lily of the Valley – Return to happiness

Poinsettia – Be of good cheerpoinsettia 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Statice – Lasting beautylily of the valley1 150x150 What Flowers Mean?
Statice 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Sunflower – Loyalty
sunflowers 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Violet 150x150 What Flowers Mean?
•    Blue – Faithfulness
•    White – Let’s take a change on happiness

There’s nothing and there’s no feeling that you name and it can not be expressed through flowers. So stop fighting with the right words, choose right flowers for best result.

Styles of Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangement and flower designing is an art that have its root long back in history and in countries like China and Japan this art is being adopted as religious practice too. Flower arrangement is no more an art that is limited to occasions, this art have traveled into daily lives in homes and offices. It is widely accepted that the ambience and effect that flowers create over human feelings and freshness is key to a better performance through out the whole day. The brightness and addition of colors to work place and home brings out a fresher feeling hence making one more active for the whole day long.

As the art of flower arrangements developed there were different styles of flower making that were invented in order to make them more exquisite and breath taking. The natural beauty and the artistic abilities of humans were combined in different forms to bring up the wonders. The broadly divided three known styles of floral arrangements are:

Oriental Flower Arrangements:
Oriental flower arrangements are actually those under which the Chinese and Japanese form of flower arrangements fall. The very famous form of Japanese floral arrangements Ikebana is also a type of oriental flower arrangement. InOriental Flower Arrangements 150x150 Styles of Flower Arrangementsthis flower type of flower arrangement the main emphasis is over Lines. These actually focus over the appearance of arrangement. The negative spaces, floral forms and textures all are paid a great attention when it comes to the linear style of oriental flower arrangements.

The Ikebana style is a little different as it emphasize on the lines of leaves and twigs instead of flowers. The container in which the floral arrangement is prepared is another important part of Ikebana type of flower arrangements.

Modern Flower Arrangements:Modern Flower Arrangements 150x150 Styles of Flower Arrangements
The modern flower arrangement is more of a free style of flower arrangement. In this type of flower arrangement there are no particular lines over which the florist design the arrangement in fact it is on the wish of florist as to how he wants to arrange the flowers. No traditional style of flowers arrangement is adopted for modern flower arrangements. There are different accessories used in modern flower arrangements and considerable emphasis is over the containers like in oriental form of flower arrangements.

Use of geometric motifs and geometric themes is often adopted by the florists making the people realize the philosophies and intervention of geometry into our daily lives.

Traditional Flower Arrangements:Traditional Flower Arrangements 150x150 Styles of Flower Arrangements
Traditional floral arrangements are actually the Western flower arrangements or you can say that it is another name for it. This is the common style seen all around the world with all the florists. The traditional floral arrangements contain numerous bright cut flowers. This type of flower arrangement does not cater to many accessories in fact usually contain no accessories at all. The only accessory that you may find in these flower arrangements is vases.

The above defines all flower arrangement types are widely practiced all around the world with high class experts working in each category and creating such wonders that can mesmerize any one for hours.

Spring Flowers

Flowers Spring 300x239 Spring Flowers“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

Anne Bradstreet.

Spring is the season that is loved by every person because the vibrant colors of flowers all around create such an ambiance everywhere that brings the best beauty to watch. The changing season brings up a great change in plants and trees. After the very cold freezing winters the mild hot weather brings life to plants and they spread the colors. This season brings to human the creativity of Mother Nature and provide with blessings for eyes to watch. All these spring flowers and more are the sign of new life into plants and hence create the same effect over humans as flowers bring message of happy living for everyone.

Flower Name About
Anemone nemorosa or Windflowerwindflower1 150x150 Spring Flowers Anemone nemorosa is an early-spring flowering plant in the genus Anemone in the family Ranunculaceae.
Apple Blossomapple blossoms 150x150 Spring Flowers Apple blossoms have pink and white petals and green leaves. The town of Lincoln in Washington County hosts the annual Arkansas Apple Festival.
Azaleasazalea 150x150 Spring Flowers Azaleas are called “the royalty of the garden”.
AlliumAllium 150x150 Spring Flowers There are hundreds of alliums, including the onions and garlic we eat. The ornamental varieties often have leaves similar to onions, as well as the onion’s round ball shaped flower heads.
Belladonna Lily or Naked ladybelladonna lily 150x150 Spring Flowers Amaryllis is a bulbous plant, with each bulb being 5-10 cm in diameter. It has several strap-shaped, green leaves, arranged in two rows.
Birds of ParadiseBirds of Paradise 150x150 Spring Flowers Ornamental plant of the family Strelitziaceae.
BegoniaBegonia 150x150 Spring Flowers “Begonia” is the common name as well as the generic name for all members of the genus.
Blackthornblackthorn 150x150 Spring Flowers The Blackthorn tree is esoterically known as both the Mother of the Woods and the Dark Crone of the Woods.
BluebellBluebell 150x150 Spring Flowers Traditionally, the flowers are in hues of blue, purple or violet, but one can find some very pleasing cultivated flowers colors too, in shades of white or pink, and sometimes with cream colored anthers.
BoroniaBoronia 150x150 Spring Flowers There are approximately 95 species of Boronia, all but one of which occurred originally only in Australia.
BloodrootBloodroot 150x150 Spring Flowers Bloodroot is an attractive, native plant with both ornamental and medical uses.
Cherry blossom or Sakurasakura 150x150 Spring Flowers A cherry blossom is the name for the flower of cherry trees known as Sakura in Japanese.
Calla LilyCalla Lily 150x150 Spring Flowers The calla lily grows from a type of bulb called a rhizome and produces very large green leaves, typically covered with lighter-colored spots
Cornflower or Bachelor’s ButtonCornflower 150x150 Spring Flowers Bachelor’s button, an annual flower, got its name from its use as a boutonniere flower.  Bachelor’s button grows one to three feet tall with innumerable fluffy but trim round flowers.
CosmosCosmos flowers 150x150 Spring Flowers Spanish priests grew cosmos in their mission gardens in Mexico. The evenly placed petals led them to christen the flower “Cosmos,” the Greek word for harmony or ordered universe.
Casa Blanca LilyCasa Blanca Lily 150x150 Spring Flowers ‘Casa Blanca’ can be commonly called oriental lily. This bulbous plant belongs to the family Liliaceae.
CrocusCrocus 150x150 Spring Flowers Crocus is popular with gardeners because, as one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, it signals the end of winter.
CamelliasCamellias 150x150 Spring Flowers Camellias often bloom during the cool season, varying according to the species. Winter blooms are common, flowers appearing October-March. Blooms on camellias range from pure white to dark red.
Contra Costa GoldfieldsContra Costa Goldfields 150x150 Spring Flowers The dime-sized Contra Costa Goldfields is a vernal pool plant with a short, spring bloom cycle.
Common SilverbellCommonSilverbell 150x150 Spring Flowers Common Silverbell is valued for its spectacular spring blossom; it makes perfect patio.
DahliaDahlia 150x150 Spring Flowers There are at least 36 species of dahlia. Dahlia hybrids are commonly grown as garden plants.
Daffodilsdaffodil 150x150 Spring Flowers One of the most popular flowers, symbolizing friendship is Daffodils. When daffodils arise from ground it is considered that winter is going to end and its beginning of warmer summer.
Eastern RedbudEastern Redbud 150x150 Spring Flowers The purple pink flowers of the eastern redbud appear all over the tree in early spring. The flowers are even produced on large trunks. Redbud has a yellow fall color and is shade tolerant.
Freesiafreesia 150x150 Spring Flowers Freesia flowers are beautiful, deliciously fragrant and easy to grow. They come in a rainbow of colors, and both double and single flower forms, too
Golden Bells PlantGolden Bells Plant 150x150 Spring Flowers Forsythias are the woody greenish bushes that are usually trained into hedges. Forsythias form yellow-colored blossoms and deep-green leaves. Their flowering time is in the early spring.
GardeniaGardenia 150x150 Spring Flowers Gardenia is a genus of 142 species of flowering plants in the coffee family,  The flowers are solitary or in small clusters, white, or pale yellow, with a tubular-based corolla
Glory Lilies or Flame LiliesGlory Lilies 150x150 Spring Flowers Its spectacular 6-petal- blooms are notable by their pronouncedly refluxed petals, varying in color with a range of a greenish-yellow through yellow, orange, red and even a dark pinkish-red.
GerberasGerberas 150x150 Spring Flowers Having a long vase life, Gerbera flowers are widely used in the Flower Industry. Gerberas are great flowers for adding color to any room or garden.
Golden WattleGolden Wattle 150x150 Spring Flowers Golden Wattle is Australia’s national floral emblem. It is a tree which flowers in late winter and spring, producing a mass of fragrant, fluffy, golden flowers.
Grape HyacinthGrape Hyacinth 150x150 Spring Flowers Grape Hyacinth, otherwise known as Muscari, they are actually not Hyacinths at all.  They are members of the Lily family,
HeathHeath 150x150 Spring Flowers The flower has a number of color forms including pure white, pale pink, rose pink, crimson, scarlet and rare double-flowered forms. The pink form is the official state flower of Victoria.
Hyacinthspring Hyacinth 150x150 Spring Flowers Hyacinths are noted for their long lasting blooms and outstanding fragrance.
IrisesIrises 150x150 Spring Flowers The iris genus contains between 200 to 300 varieties, all of which add vivid color to a garden and require little maintenance.
JasmineJasmine 150x150 Spring Flowers Since ancient times Jasmine has been thought of as the ‘queen of flowers’. The name Jasmine is derived from the Persia ‘yasmin’, meaning a fragrant flower. It’s also a Persian girl name.
Lily of the NileLily of the Nile 150x150 Spring Flowers Agapanthus is commonly known as “Lily of the Nile”, but it is not a lily and all of the species are native to South Africa from the cape to the Limpopo River.
LarkspurLarkspur 150x150 Spring Flowers The larkspur flower is frequently noted in mythology.
LilacsLilacs 150x150 Spring Flowers The usual flower color is a shade of purple (often a light purple or lilac), but white, pale yellow and pink, and even a dark burgundy color are also found.
Lily of the Valleylily of the valley 150x150 Spring Flowers The lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness.
MarigoldsMarigolds 150x150 Spring Flowers Marigold is associated with the lion, an animal legendary for its courage and brave heart.
OrchidsOrchids 150x150 Spring Flowers Orchids belong to the largest plant families with more than 25,000 species. The orchid is a flower of magnificence that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, and thoughtfulness.
The Peach blossomPeach Blossom 150x150 Spring Flowers
The Peonypeony flower 150x150 Spring Flowers Peony is the flower of June in Japan, symbolizing hands full of cash. On March 13, 1957, the peony became Indiana’s 4th state flower.
PoppyPoppy 150x150 Spring Flowers Poppy comes from the Greek word rhoeas meaning red.  Oriental poppies contain opium which has been used for centuries.
PansiesPansies 150x150 Spring Flowers Pansy breeding has produced a wide range of flower colors including yellow, gold, orange, purple, violet, red, white, and even black (very dark purple) many with large showy face markings. A large number of bicolor flowers have also been produced.
PrimrosePrimrose 150x150 Spring Flowers The Primrose is native to Britain and Europe. It produces flowers which generally vary in color from pale cream to deep yellow. Other color variants include white and pink flowered forms.
Rose roses 150x150 Spring Flowers Rose depicts love, Completion, Achievement, Perfection. Meanings vary depending on the color, shape and number of petals. For example, the blue rose symbolizes the impossible, the golden rose the pinnacle of achievement.
SnowdropSnowdrop 150x150 Spring Flowers According to superstitions it is unlucky to bring snowdrops indoors and the sight of a single snowdrop blooming in the garden foretells of impending disaster. It is regarded as an omen of death despite its beauty. It symbolizes purity and hope in the language of flowers.
Tuliptulip 150x150 Spring Flowers Red tulips are used on Valentine’s Day. It is said that in the 16th century the Sultan of Persia displayed his affection with tulips, by presenting a crimson tulip to his beloved as a symbol of the burning flame of his love.
Tiger LilyTiger Lily 150x150 Spring Flowers The tiger lily is a large orange flower that is covered with dark spots on its petals.  It’s good to know that this showy flower is edible. For this reason, they make beautiful wedding cake decorations, food presentations, and the bulbs are edible, as well.
ViburnumViburnum 150x150 Spring Flowers Viburnums have long been one of the most popular flowering landscape shrubs. There are over 150 species of Viburnum.
Wax FlowerWax Flower 150x150 Spring Flowers The bloom is available at any season of the year in pink, white, crimson or lilac shades and colors. The cut flower’s life lasting is about 8-10 days.
White Rock-RoseWhite Rock Rose 150x150 Spring Flowers White Rock-Rose is a heat-loving evergreen shrub with showy white flowers thru summer.
Yellow anemoneYellow anemone 150x150 Spring Flowers Yellow anemone, yellow wood anemone or buttercup anemone, is a species of herbaceous perennial plant. It flowers between March and May.
ZinniaZinnia 150x150 Spring Flowers It’s been commonly referred to as youth and old age, in reference to the flower’s multiple layers. Vase life of the flower is 5 to 6 days. Zinnias may be dried using silica gel or borax.

Roses: History & Types

types of roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

All the flowers are a great gift by Mother Nature but the value that Roses have among all the flowers is something that doesn’t need to be discussed. If its love than you want to express nothing can work as roses can as each of their color and numbers that you adapt to gift deliver a very different and new meaning. Apart from gifts if it comes to put some flowering plants in backyards and lawns people all around the world prefer nothing else than roses to bring life and a bunch of colors to their yards.roses type 150x150 Roses: History & Types

According to fossil records roses are supposed to be 35 million years old while currently having around thirty thousand different varieties. The records of cultivation of roses are found to be around five thousand years old in the continent of Asia. There have been numerous ancient tales related to how roses were created or named can be found. Most of these tales are related to some cultural and religious believes too. Roses are divided broadly into two categories “old roses” and “modern roses”. Old roses are all those that were cultivated before late eighteenth century before they came to England and allrose type 150x150 Roses: History & Types flowers cultivated after late eighteenth century are called modern roses. Till beginning of 19th century there were only white and pink roses cultivated in Europe, the very famous red roses the symbol of true love arrived from China in 1800. While the yellow roses came around 1900. Roses have played a very important role in lives of many emperors and rulers too as they made it part of their daily lives due to its beautiful fragrance and benefits obtained like from rose oil.

Now in current time it is impossible to count the types of roses as many horticulturists have developed numerous new hybrids. Here is a little listing of famous classic and modern roses grew up till now through out the whole world.

Classic Roses Modern Rose
Gallica Roses (French Roses)Gallica Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Floribundasrose floribunda 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Damask Rosesrose damask 150x150 Roses: History & Types Grandiflora & Climbing GrandifloraGrandiflora 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Albas (White Roses)white roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Hybrid KordesiiHybrid Kordesii 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Centifolias (Provence Roses)Centifolias 150x150 Roses: History & Types Hybrid Muskshybrid musk rose 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Moss RosesMoss Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Hybrid Tea & Climbing Hybrid TeaHybrid Tea 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Bourbon RosesBourbon Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Large-Flowered ClimberLarge Flowered Climber 150x150 Roses: History & Types
PortlandsPortland Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Miniature & Climbing MiniatureClimbing Miniature 150x150 Roses: History & Types
NoisettesNoisettes roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Mini-FloraMini Flora 150x150 Roses: History & Types
English Rosesenglish roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types PernetianasPernetianas roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types
RugosasRugosas 150x150 Roses: History & Types RamblersRamblers roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types

Climbing Miniature 150x150 Roses: History & Types

Principles of Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements 300x218 Principles of Flower Arrangementsflower arrangement01 284x300 Principles of Flower ArrangementsThe flower arrangement is an art type that is being practiced through out the whole world and is loved by almost every person on the earth because nothing means more than having flowers around you. There are different styles and methodologies or philosophies adopted by florists in different parts of world that result in very different types of floral arrangements presented to sooth the aesthetic sense of all flower lovers. Flowers are the mean to deliver messages for so many people every day in this universe. So beautiful arrangements mean a lot for them especially when it’s about delivering multiple messages that is not possible by any other way than a beautiful amalgamation of different flowers.

There are certain principles that florists consider and undertake when preparing a flower arrangement. These principles are numerous; yet at least six are considered at every cost.

•    The first principle or thing considered by the florist is making an imaginary flower arrangement according to occasion, place and things available; this is called the design. This is the first step when florist prepares a floral arrangement in his mind as to how he would be carrying out with all the material available according to all conditions to be considered.

•    Next principle for any floral arrangement is that it should be balanced. The florist need to consider completely that all the accessories are used in a balance as this is going to make a flower arrangement look stable and white flower arrangements 248x300 Principles of Flower Arrangementsbeautiful. In balance of flower arrangements two things are considered that are colors and form of floral arrangement. The two types are symmetrical and asymmetrical balances. Symmetrical is when there is balance of accessories used on both sides while asymmetrical is one when there is no balance but it seems to be balanced due to use of flowers in a way that makes the arrangement appear balanced. This is done as dark colors appear to provide with more weighting.

•     The third principle is about scale that is the material to be used should be in collaboration with the container in which the flowers are to be arranged. Over crowded with lots of material or lack of flowers and material both won’t look fine. The other thing to consider in Scale is that the materials used should also be according to the size of container something too big in a small container or small thing in large container would make arrangement appear bad.

•    The next to come up is Rhythm. Now Rhythm is something that makes the viewer to catch the main line instantly with the first glance on the arrangement so the whole composition is understood well.

•    Focal point is the next point of consideration in creating floral arrangements. This is the centre of the flower arrangement from where it feels like that all flowers are blooming out. Large and dark flowers are used in this part.

•    Harmony and Unity is the last principle that emphasizes over appropriate use of flowers in proper size and colors in a way that flowers with each other and with container create a beautiful and catchy contrast.

By considering the above mentioned principles florists are able to create those arrangements that make us fall in love with them immediately.

Occasions & Flowers

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.” –                                                                                       Luther Burbank

Flowers are a great gift to express one’s feelings by the Mother Nature. Nothing can mean more than flowers to any soft natured person in gift. Flowers are supposed to be the best gift for almost all occasions through out the world. Blooms are a gift that is perfect for every reason and every person of every age. A universally loved gift that makes the gift receiver feels as special and loved one. There are so many flowers provided to us by the Happy Birthday Flowers 150x150 Occasions & FlowersMother Nature that every occasion is represented by a different flower and color having different meanings.

Birthdays are the most celebrated occasion in the world. Each day millions of people celebrate their birthday, so everyday there are millions of flowers gifted for the occasion too. Usually on birthdays it is advised to gift bright colored flower arrangements. Bright flowers are gifted in order to deliver the idea for bright upcoming year of one’s life.

Anniversaries 150x150 Occasions & FlowersAnniversaries
Always keep one thing in mind when gifting flowers that the floral arrangement that you present should somehow reflect the personality of the receiver. When giving flowers as gif over anniversaries a very nice combination of flowers can be made keeping in view the personalities of both people. Couple would definitely love to receive this bright and cool gift from you that will bring beauty to their place too.

Through out the whole world the wedding is incomplete without flowers. Flowers are part of weddings of all cultures, be it an Asian wedding or a weddings flowers 150x150 Occasions & Flowerswestern. Every where around the decoration and environment typical to wedding needs flowers. It’s just a slight difference that in Asian wedding you’ll find more of red roses or Marigold used as the theme for one day is all yellow so more of marigold is used. While on the wedding and reception days more of roses and other different flowers are used. In west mostly weddings are planned keeping the basic theme using white flowers in mind; White roses and other white flowers. While sometimes seasonal flowers are also used as center pieces, decorative and bridal bouquet to go with over all ambiances.

Christmas is a holy occasion for all people belonging to Christianity. As there Christmas flowers 150x150 Occasions & Flowersare huge members of this religion so it is celebrated with great enthusiasm in whole world. Christmas cactus is often gifted over this occasion with red or pink flowers with green leave and red berries, the other combination presented over this occasion goes like poinsettia plant with green leaves and red or white flowers.

Valentine’s Day
No single person can be found in this world that will not be familiar with this event. Valentines Day is celebrated all around the world on 14th February dedicated to the people you love. On this occasion people present each other and their loves with valentines flowers particularly roses in different colors, stuffed toysRoses for valentine 150x150 Occasions & Flowersand chocolates. This day is to celebrate the love of one for any one. Red roses represent sincere love and passion; yellow roses signify joy, friendship, freedom and gladness so deliver a lively message to a loved one while the other commonly used color of roses over Valentines is white which depicts the spiritual love and purity, also called the rose of confession.

These are few of the events with details as to what types of flowers are considered in each of the above situations and events as perfect.

National Flowers

National flowers or plants are the one’s that represent some country or state. National flowers and plants are sometimes also called as Floral Emblem. Almost all countries around the world have their own National flowers or floral emblem. The floral emblem are often declared by government officials while sometimes public opinion is also taken in regards for choosing a flower or plant to represent the country. On the contrary some countries have their National flowers that had never been adopted officially and are just supposed to be floral emblem due to cultural and religious roots. The floral emblem of every country represents several perspectives of country as every flower has its own meaning and message. Here you can get information about number of Ceibo 150x150 National Flowersnational flowers of different countries and interesting information about them.

Argentina’s national flower is “Ceibo”. It is actually an Erythrina tree with red blooming flowers. Consisting of four red or coral-colored petals, the flowers bloom between November and February.

Australia is represented by “White Wattle” or “Golden Wattle”. White Wattle day is being celebrated on September 1st world wide. Wattle is widely grown
White Wattle 150x150 National Flowers all over Australia and was named by the English settlers who used it to buildtheir huts. There are around 750 different kinds of wattle. Originally all the territories of Australia have their own floral emblem.

Bangladesh has Carnation as its national flower. It was adopted as their National flower in 1971 the year same as their independence. Carnations were initially discovered in the Far East. These flowers are extensively talked about throughout Roman mythology.

sunflowers1 150x150 National FlowersChina actually does not have an officially adopted national flower. Few of different flowers are considered as their national flowers like peony, the Chrysanthemum, the plum blossom or the sunflower. Each one of these flowers has very lively meanings, peony depicts life and healing, Chrysanthemum depicts friendship, plum blossom represents long life and beauty while sunflower delivers message of devotion.

The national floral emblem of France is Iris that means lily flower. The Greek word Iris means rainbow. The meanings of the Iris flower are hope, wisdom, courage, faith, and admiration.

Japan also does not own a floral emblem officially but yet some flowers are iris flower 150x150 National Flowersused to represent the country. Cherry blossom and Chrysanthemum are regarded as their national flowers. Chrysanthemum represents friendship and is used as official seal by the Imperial Family of Japan.

Holland’s floral emblem is Tulips. Tulips became a status symbol for the rich, as only the wealthy in Holland could afford them. They were called Pot of Gold because being very expensive. Interestingly what most of the people Tulips 150x150 National Flowerswon’t know is that you can use Tulips bulbs in place of onions in your food.

United States of America’s national flower is Rose that was adopted officially in 1986. A rose is a flower that is found in numerous colors and so each of color represents a different meaning.

United Kingdom as know comprises of four different countries Wales, England, North Ireland and Scotland, each of these has their own national Roses arrangemnt 150x150 National Flowersfloral emblem. England’s national flower is Tudor Rose. Scotland’s national flower is heather. Wales’s floral emblem is leek or Daffodils while Northern Ireland’s national flower is shamrock or orange lily which represents pride, wealth and hate.

This is a short list of few of world’s major famous countries and their national flowers.

Meanings of Roses (By Colours & Numbers)

meaning of Roses 300x231 Meanings of Roses (By Colours & Numbers)white rose Meanings of Roses (By Colours & Numbers)The roses are found in different colors and each of them deliver a very different message from you, learn all these so you may deliver your message in best manner.

Meaning Of Roses (By Color)

•    Red Rose                       Sincere love, Courage, Passion, Love you.

•    Pink Rose                      Grace, Elegance, Joyfulness, Sweetness (all by soft pink) Admiration (medium  pink),
Appreciation (deep pink)

•    White Rose                    Purity, True love, Innocence, Worthiness, Honor, Reverence

•    Yellow Rose                  Symbol of Joy & Friendship, Delight, Welcome, Happiness, Caring

•    Peach Rose                    Miss You, Thanks, Gratitude, Modesty, Sincerity, Appreciation

•    Orange Rose                  Enthusiasm, Desire, Excitement, Passion

•    Lavender Rose               Enchantment, Love at First Sight

Like the different colors of roses deliver a different message from you to your loved ones, the same way the number of roses you are giving to any one have different meanings too. Mostly these are considered for red roses as love is commonly expressed by red roses.

Meaning Of Roses (By Number)

•    1 Rose                        Love at first sight

•    2 Roses                      Deeply in Love with each other, Mutual Love

•    3 Roses                      I Love You

•    6 Roses                      I want to be yours

•    7 Roses                      I am infatuated with you

•    9 Roses                      Together till life last, Eternal Love

•    10 Roses                    You are perfect

•    11 Roses                     I treasure you, You are the one I love most in my life

•    12 Roses                    Be my steady

•    13 Roses                    Secret Admirer

•    15 Roses                    Truly Sorry, Please Forgive

•    20 Roses                    I am sincere towards you

•    21 Roses                    I am devoted to you

•    24 Roses                    Can’t stop thinking for you round the clock 24 hours every day

•    33 Roses                   I Love You (With Great Affection)

•    36 Roses                   Will always remember our romantic moments

•    40 Roses                   Genuine Love

•    50 Roses                   Regretless Love

•    99 Roses                   Love you till my last breath

•    100 Roses                 Remain as devoted couple for century

•    101 Roses                 One and Only Love

•    108 Roses                 Marry Me!!!

•    365 Roses                 Can’t Stop Thinking About you whole year round each and every day

•    999 Roses                 Ever lasting and Eternal love

Interesting Facts About Roses

Interesting Facts:

•    There are more than 15,000 different types of rose species and cultivated varieties worldwide.

•    On Valentine’s Day in 2008, a monstrous 214 million roses were sold in the United States. 59% of them were red.

•    The Japanese firm Suntory spent 18 years of research to do what was long thought impossible: creating blue roses. They achieved the feat by insetting pansy genes into the Cardinal de Richelieu, a mauve rose. Those 18 years of research are poised to pay off and then some. The potential market for blue roses is estimated at $303.5 million a year. Blue roses debuted flower shops in 2009.

•    The oldest garden rose is the Rosa Gallica Officinalis, the apothecary rose.

•    The first patent ever registered for a plant was a patent for a hybridized rose, which gave “ever-blooming” characteristics to the climbing rose.

•    The largest rose ever bred was a pink rose measuring approximately 33 inches in diameter.

•    The world’s oldest living rose is believed to be 1,000 years old. It grows on the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany and its presence is documented since A.D. 815.

•    The largest private rose garden in the world is in Cavriglia, Italy, and holds over 7,500 different varieties of roses.

•    The only rose known to have only four petals is Rosa Sericea, brought to Europe form the Himalayas at the end of the nineteenth century.

•    The first rose to leave the earth was as miniature rose called “Overnight Scentsation” that had been cultivated by IFF researcher Dr. Braja Mookherjee for experiments in space.

•    The buds of the smallest rose, “Si”, are the size of a grain of rice.

•    Rose hips contain more Vitamin C than any other fruit or vegetable.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer

Make Flowers Last Longer 300x187 How to Make Flowers Last LongerMake Flower Last Longer 300x200 How to Make Flowers Last LongerFresh flowers look beautiful and smell wonderful. However, some flower bouquets seem to wilt overnight. But there are ways you can make your flowers last longer and enhance the length of their beauty and aroma.
Instructions to Follow:

1.    When choosing flowers, select flowers that are not fully bloomed yet. You can watch flowers open later that are still in bud. Yellow, spotted or drooping leaves are signs of age.

2.    It is important to place fresh flowers in a clean vase. Dirt and dust often causes bacterial growth. To avoid it you can use a flower preservative that is easily available in garden centers or supermarkets. At home you can use use a capful of household bleach in the water as an alternative. After using a preservative you are required to change the water only about twice a week otherwise replace the water in the vase at least every three to four days as Stale water can cause flowers to wilt and die.

3.    Place each flower with special care and avoid overcrowding them as this can squash and bruise the petals. This is also done to allow enough air to flowers last longer 250x300 How to Make Flowers Last Longercirculate between each flower.

4.    It is better to remove the leaves that are below the waterline. If the leaves are submerged in the water they will promote bacterial microbial growth that may limit water uptake and ultimately cause the flowers to die.

5.    If you have bought the flowers there must be some food with it provided by the florist. You need to feed them every three days. It would benefit them tremendously if you follow the mixing directions on the flower food packet properly.

6.    To add some more days to the flowers’ life you can simply keep the flowers for four to five hours in water, preferably overnight before arranging. This is called conditioning. It allows the stems to fill up with water and the flowers to look fresh.

7.    The best time to pick flowers is early morning or late evening. Sugar reserves in the stems are at their highest in these moments. Never pick flowers in the noon time when the heat of the sun lowers the water content in the stems and lessens the duration of their being fresh. If you are picking flowers on a rainy day when they are wet shake them gently before putting in a vase in order to remove the excess water. Too much water can damage flowers – specially the delicately petalled ones.

8.    If somehow you are unable to place flowers in water, it is wise to place them in a strong plastic bag with some water in the base. Secure the bag with a rubber band. You can also wrap flowers in a damp newspaper.

Tips & Warnings:
●    A 45degree angle cut helps the stem of the flower to better access the water.
●    Don’t place the vase near a fruit bowl, the natural ripening gas that fruits emit will rot the flowers very quickly.
●    Always keep the flowers in a cool room. Avoid them from heat of direct sun. It is also a mistake to keep fresh flowers near a heating source as this cause the water in the vase to evaporate quickly.

Making flowers last longer adds to your enjoyment of them, and prevents them from wilting and a fast decay.