Morning Glory Flowers-Ancient Japan

morning glory Morning Glory Flowers Ancient JapanWild morning glories have been traced back to ancient China where they were used for ceremonies as well as for making medicines. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Aztec civilizations used the juice of some of the Central American morning glory species to create rubber-like substances.

Mostly, the Morning Glory is considered as a symbol of love and affection. Morning glory flowers represent the month of September and are used for 11th wedding anniversaries.

Japan has been one of the world’s prime horticultural centers since mediaeval times, and the morning glory (Asagao) has traditionally been one of the chief species to be cultivated in this region.

Morning glory is considered to have been brought over from China as a Chinese medicine during the Nara era (710-784). In the beginning it was called Kengo while its seed Kengosi (or Kenigosi). Later it came to be called the morning glory, perhaps for the reason that its gorgeous flower opened early in the morning.

The morning glory flower turned out to be a subject of aesthetic approbation. The morning glory became a favorite flower of the common people of Japan during the Edo era (1615-1868). The Japanese haiku, joururi (a kind of musical narrative), kabuki, and others witnessed its appearance at that time.

The original blue flower was portrayed in “Heike Noukyou”, a collection of decorated scrolls of Buddhist sutra dedicated to the Itukusima Shrine in 1164 by the Taira family.

Morning Glory Flowers Morning Glory Flowers Ancient JapanA white flower seems to have appeared prior to the Edo era; however it was not documented until 1664. White, red, asagi (light blue), and azure flowers, as well as futaba asagao (a dwarf morning glory), were documented by the end of the 17th century. “Buturuihinsitu” (Collections of herbs and natural products) by Gennai Hiraga (1762, Houreki 12) has descriptions about a black-and-white flecked flower (somewake) and a double flower, while in “Honzoukoumokukeimou” (Enlightening outline of natural materials for medicinal use) in 1803 (Kyouwa 3), Split, Swertia-like, and pear flowers are described.

The creation and maintenance of a huge number of mutant morning glory strains is a feature of the “Japanese morning glory cultivation of the late Edo period”, making it unique in world horticultural history. The tradition has been carried forward through the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods, leaving a unique impression in the cultures of each era.

The latter Edo period shows more than one booms in cultivation of varied morning glory. In the first boom, during the Bunka/Bunsei era (1804-1829), many new mutants appeared. “Asagao-hinruizuko”, “Kadan-asagao-tuu”, ” Asagaoso”, and “Teityu-asagao-hu”, were some of the morning glory specialty picture books published from Bunka 12 (12th year of the Bunka era) to Bunka 14 (1816-1818).

In the second boom during the Kaei/Ansei era (1848-1860), new variants for example rangiku (polymorphic), rinpuu (brown) and swallow (miniature) appeared. The main trend of in cultivation features combining many already-existing mutants with the botan flower (a kind of double flower consisting of petalled stamens and pistils). The varied flowers of the Japanese morning glory displayed more intricacy and beauty. Particularly, “Santo-ittyo” and “Asagao 36 kasen” published in Kaei 7 (1854), and “Tohi-syuukyou” published in Ansei 4 (1857) portrayed the combination of novel flowers saizaki, sisizaki, and daizaki with botan flower. Moreover, other variants were combined which resulted in compound flowers with strange leaves.

Lily Pollen

Pollen is a fine to coarse powder that contains the microgametophytes of seed plants which are the male gametes (sperm cells) producers. These sperm cells are protected with a hard coat. Through the process of pollination, the pollen transfers reaches on a compatible pistil of flowering plants, where it germinates and transfers the sperm to the ovule of a receptive ovary. Single pollen is such a small organism that it cannot be seen with naked eye.

Lily pollen seems like a typical pollen to the naked eye. The orange colored Lily pollen is located at the end of each stamen within the bloom of the flower. When it is exposed to the air for a longer time, it turns into powder and stains the petals. It is always better to remove the pollen as soon as the bloom opens; otherwise it may not only stain the petals, but also the surroundings.

Lily pollen is naturally designed to stick to the insects attracted by the aroma of the flowers. It contains an oily or waxy bond to adhere to the carrier, usually bees and butterflies or some other insects, and carried for the process of pollination. The same ingrains into carpet staining deep within the pile, which is one of the biggest headaches for home owners as it is very difficult to remove pollen stains from the carpet.

One of the most common accidents that cause Lily pollen-carpet contact is a vase that gets knocked over and flowers dispersed pollen that’s almost impossible to remove. The situation could get worse if water comes into contact with the affected area. Similarly, rubbing or agitating the pollen stained area leads to more complex situations.

While keeping any type of fresh flowers, especially Lily, inside the house, one must know the “take-care” issues about the flowers kept inside the house. In order to avoid Lily pollen stains, the first and highly recommended advice is to clip the stamen out when the flower blooms. Most of the florists are well aware of this issue. They usually remove the pollen as soon as the flower blooms, especially from the wedding bouquets, in order to avoid any pollen stain to the dresses.

Never rub or agitate the pollen affected area. Doing this simply means inviting some worse and complicated situations. Never apply water to the stains otherwise you may face the same complications.

Buy some sticky tape and gently apply to the stained area. Repeat the procedure several times until all the pollen is completely removed. Applying a vacuum nozzle may also be a good solution, but again do it very carefully and gently in order to avoid any agitation.

These are some simple yet effected measures to prevent staining to a certain extent. Once it is sure that the pollen is completely removed, the carpet can be cleaned with traditional cleaning methods. Also keep one thing in mind that these are DIY (Do It Yourself) steps; therefore the results may vary from person to person.

Famous Flowers – Oriental Lily

lilies oriental 150x150 Famous Flowers   Oriental LilyOriental Lily is perhaps the most popular of all cut flowers by far for its pure beauty, versatility, and intoxicating fragrance. Thanks to the Australian glasshouse growers for making possible the year-round availability of these flowers.

Oriental Lilies offer a wide range of colors. The most popular cut flower colors are Dark Pink, Hot Pink, Hot Pink/White, Soft Pink, Soft Pink/White, Pure White, White/Yellow & Yellow. The open blooms of Oriental Lilies are fairly large that may span up to a diameter of 20 – 25 cm.

casablanca oriental lily 150x150 Famous Flowers   Oriental LilyHaving strong, tall and straight stems, these flowers are perfect for use in the vases; however the blooms are also commonly used in wedding bouquets. If they are taken care properly (which includes stems cut and water change, etc), these flowers offer an excellent vase life and can last up to 2 weeks or more. This surely provides rather a good opportunity to fill your home with a wonderful fragrance.

Oriental Lilies have certain issues as well. Many people do not like the strong fragrance of Oriental Lilies. Oriental Lilies are not advisable for the people suffering from Hay fever or any other pollen allergies. Another most common issue is the orange pollen which is located at the end of each of the 6 stamens within the bloom of the flower. Initially the pollen is hard but with the longer exposure to the air, it will turn toOriental Lilies 150x150 Famous Flowers   Oriental Lily powder and stain the petals of the bloom.

A good florist is always well aware of this issue. Therefore he removes any pollen from opening Lily blooms, especially from wedding flowers. So, if you have Lilies inside your house, remove the pollen as soon as a bloom opens.

When you buy Oriental Lilies, you must keep in mind that you are going to purchase one of the most elite of all flowers, and thus you have to pay more. However, their vase life as a cut flower easily justifies their value. Oriental Lilies are flowers that make a statement, especially when they come in a wedding bouquet. They are large, showy and can be tricky to work with. TheOriental Lily 150x150 Famous Flowers   Oriental Lily florists know this, so they charge a premium rate for a bridal bouquet.

Oriental Lilies usually take up to a week or more time for the first bloom to open. Florists almost always receive flowers in bud and this is when they are freshest. Therefore you need a prior plan for buying them for a function or event, in order to get their best impressions on the exact day.

Oriental Lilies makes a grand statement on their own. For a decent floral arrangement in a vase, stems of Oriental Lily with only some twisted willow and tropical leaves would be enough to give an impressive look.

Oriental Lilies also look great when mixed with other flowers. For wedding bouquets Roses, Cymbidium Orchids, Singapore Orchids, and Anthuriums mix well with Oriental Lilies. Complimented by Ivy Berry, Dodda Vine, and Magnolia Leaves your wedding bouquet is ready to give a majestic look.

Types of Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements 300x300 Types of Floral ArrangementsFloral arrangements are important part of millions of peoples’ life everyday in the world. There is no other thing that is common as gift than flowers. Flowers have universal language so are used throughout the whole world for every occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversaries, religious celebrations or even over deaths and sad moments. Flowers arrangements are made based on different principles to make them appear nicer and balanced. There are different styles adopted too by the florists that define their lines for work. All the three styles oriental, traditional and modern are so different from each other that you see a huge variety of work with flowers, twigs and leaves done by experts.

The type of floral arrangements can be divided into four categories. These are categorized on the basis of the different ways in which flowers are being arranged by the florists using their expertise.

Floral Bouquets:Floral Bouquets 300x178 Types of Floral Arrangements
Floral bouquets are the simplest form of all floral arrangements. As compared to other types of floral arrangements, bouquets are easier to assemble too because of no much involvement for lines and other consideration in order to make it more presentable. The most famous flowers used in bouquets are Roses, carnations, daisies and tube roses. The simplest of all and yet this most common form of floral arrangement is the most liked one too as many people who are simple and wants their message to remain simple and straight use this type of floral arrangements to deliver their feelings.

Floral Baskets:Floral Baskets 300x256 Types of Floral Arrangements
Floral baskets are another form of floral arrangements that are really popular with people especially for gifting purposes. Different types of baskets in different sizes are being used while preparing these arrangements. Choice of flowers is also made taking in consideration the size of basket. Sometimes these baskets are arranged so beautifully that they do not only contain flowers but also chocolates and fruits. These special baskets are prepared on occasions and gifted particularly on events like Christmas, Mothers day and many other local events in each of the country in world. While these flower baskets are very famous for presenting over formal dinner invitations too and sometimes on casual ones also. In many countries its part of ethics and culture than when some one invites you for a dinner or a meal flower wreaths 300x300 Types of Floral Arrangementsover their place you take some floral or fruit baskets with you as a token of thanks from you over their courtesy for inviting you.

Floral Wreaths:
The wreaths are the form of floral arrangements that are formed in circular garland type shape and is all made up of flowers and foliage. It’s simply more of looks like a wheel that is being made of flowers stems and leaves. These floral wreaths are basically meant for honoring or celebration. These Floral wreaths are widely used over funerals for honoring the deceased and often given as welcome gift to guests invited over dinner on occasions like Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. These wreaths basically appear to be a very beautiful form of floral arrangement specially when made with white flowers for funerals.

Tropical Flowers

beautiful tropical flowers 300x239 Tropical FlowersTropical Flowers 300x225 Tropical FlowersTropical Flowers refers to flowers that grow in the tropical regions which are located near and around the equator. These places provide ideal climatic conditions throughout the year which helps to keep all the beautiful tropical Flowers in bloom, as these flowers thrive when it is hotter and more humid.

There is a wide range of tropical flowers found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors because the tropics are abundant in flora and fauna. Their beautiful fragrances draw us closer. Tropical flowers are truly incredible. The Eye popping colors of different tropical flowers attract insects while their long stems make them prominent for insects to access easily. And birds when attracted towards them serve for Wind pollination .Their beauty and aroma are made use of in different ways. If we research about tropical flowers apart from their beauty we will find that they are known for their medicinal qualities also. Many of these beautiful flowers are used for making ointments and cleansers. The exotically beautiful flowers of the world’s tropical region seldom grow naturally in North America but can be raised anywhere in the synthesized environment. Some types of tropical flowers are as follows:

Looking at it the first time, one is bound to mistake an Anthurium flower as being made of plastic. These gorgeous flowers are a combination of white, green and pink with showy heart shaped spathes and protruding flower spike, in some species, the leaves are lobed or separated. There are about 1,100 species of anthuriums which are valued in the cut flower trade. They are native to the wet tropical mountain forests of South-Central America.

The bougainvillea shrubs and climbing vines were discovered in Brazil. It is a tropical flower most suitable for the decoration of the finest residences as well as the more modest huts and cottages. Now it is found in the tropical and subtropical parts of South America. The Bougainvilleas are kept in greenhouses in colder climates as frost can kill them. They are raised from sterns cut from older plants. They grow to a height of 10 feet (3 meters) or more.

CALLA, or calla lily, is among the beautiful garden flowers. It is relative to the jack-in-the-pulpit and the skunk cabbage. The plant has a 10-inch white leaf or spathe which causes a burning irritation to the mouth and stomach if eaten. The real flowers are very small and are inside the spathe. The pure white common calla is Zantedeschia aethioplca. There are also yellow and pink varieties.

Protea, is the kind of tropical flower which has about 130 species of evergreen shrubs and small trees. The large flowers of portea vary vastly in size, shape, and color. It is native to South Africa and grows to a height of 3 to 10 feet (0.9 to 3 meters).The bracts that surround its flower heads are often white, pink, or red. Proteas are named after Proteus, a Greek sea god who could assume many forms.

The pink or Red Ginger is a tropical flower with a very special appearance and looks wonderful in daylight. Originally from Malaysia the Red Ginger is nowadays found in Belize, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.  There are also a Wild ginger that has heart shaped leaves and bell-shaped purplish blossoms.


4 poinsettia plants Poinsettiapoinsettia red white 300x199 Poinsettiapoinsettia 300x213 PoinsettiaThe Poinsettia has long been a traditional flower used during the winter holiday season. Poinsettias are native to Mexico and were first introduced into the United States by J.R.Poinsett, the first ambassador to Mexico. Poinsettias were used as exotic plants in conservatories and botanical gardens until 1900.Through the work of Elbert Ecke in early 1900’s, Poinsettias were grown in Southern California as cut flowers. Today this family is recognized as the leading producer of poinsettias in the United States.

The Poinsettia flower is a small, yellow flower that grows at the terminal end of the plant. The flowers are being surrounded by colored bracts from just below, the leaves that give the poinsettia’s its brilliant display. The most common bract color is flaming red but through years of research, other colors have also been introduced in the market. Some of these colors are white, pink, yellow, marble a light pink and white bi-color, white variegated. These bracts are often mistaken for petals. Poinsettias require a short day for the production of the flower which in turn is necessary to produce the color in the bracts. The actual flowers are the small yellow structures with yellow glands found at the center of the colorful bracts, called cyathia.

Poinsettias are shrubs to small trees, where they typically reach a height of 7 to 16 cm (3 to 6 inches) in length.

These flowers should be grown in full sunlight to ensure the minimum of competitors of pollinating insects. During months with long days, the plants develop leaves and increase stem length. The plant forms the flower buds naturally during late September and early October. During November and December color develops in the bracts. Poinsettias may be grown in many different media. Whatever type of medium is used, it must be porous and well drained. This allows for maximum root development. Poinsettias also require a generous supply of Fertilizer and moisture. These flowers may be slow to open, but once they bloom, the flowers can last for several weeks.

Poinsettia is often used as a floral Christmas decoration for two reasons. First, its festive colors and second because of a story. This connection of poinsettias with Christmas comes from a Mexican legend which tells of a poor girl who had no present to leave at the altar for the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus since she had no money. On the way to Church she started weeping where an angel suddenly appeared when she heard her crying, and then the angel tells the girl to pick some weeds and make a bouquet out of it.  She kneels by the roadside and somehow gathers a handful of common weeds and makes her way to a small chapel where she put her offering at the foot of the altar and beautiful red poinsettias sprouted from each stem. So the Mexicans renamed it Flor de Nochebuena (Christmas Eve Flower) and this is how poinsettias came to be associated with Christmas. December 12 is National Poinsettia Day which equals celebration, success, reassurance, and good cheer.


narcissus 300x300 Narcissusnarcissus White 300x200 Narcissusnarcissus bouquet 300x200 NarcissusThey are mostly native to the Mediterranean region, but a few species are found through central Asia to China. Formality, sweetness, self admiration, formality, and egotism, are all represented by the Narcissus flower. The Narcissus flower blooms are often grown on damp soil near to a pond. It requires well-drained planting sites with exposure to either A.M., P.M., or entire day direct sunlight and its planting depth varies according to the size of the bulbs. It is also the most popular flower in Germany. Lore connects the daffodil to not only a sign of winter’s end but a lucky emblem of future prosperity.

Narcissus is the name of a genus which includes flower bulbs which are quite easy to grow. The tale of this flower has its roots in the early Greek and roman mythologies, according to them a young lad Narcissus fell in love with his own self when he saw his reflection in a stream and he stared at it until he eventually turned into his namesake flower.

Narcissus flowers are usually white or yellow and are characterized by a stem that bends just before the blossom, so it tilts in such a way that the blossom faces out or down rather than up. According to myth, this is because Narcissus was gazing down when he was transfixed in his own reflection. The stalk is otherwise firm and upright. .

Narcissus is the first flower of spring, these species flower the last of April depending on the species. Their presence also declares that winter is leaving and that spring has returned.

It is also commonly known as daffodil or jonquil. Narcissus species are commonly called daffodils, dwarf daffodils with small cups are sometimes referred to as jonquils. These three were once separate flowers. Interbreeding and hybridizing produced more than 5,000 varieties, placed in 11 main categories. However one feature distinguishes Narcissus from nearly all others which is its crown or corona, it is a frilly topped, cup-like cylinder arising from between the base of the blossom’s stamens.

Facts about Narcissus:

●     Narcissus is known as the10th wedding anniversary flower, a gift of daffodils is said to ensure happiness. But they are always presented in bunch.
●     Narcissus is the flower for those born in December and its birth stone is turquoise.
●     The name, Narcissus is derived from the Greek word narke, meaning to numb. Some say that the naming of the flower to its narcotic fragrance because in a closed room its scent can cause headache.
●     Narcissus sap contains sharp crystals that are poisonous, and thus are left alone by the deer as well as mice and other rodents.
●     It keeps you care free as it is a Disease Resistant flower.
●     All the flowers of this species are suitable to ornament the garden as an addition to your spring treats.
●     In Islam the Hadith of Bukhari associates the flower with the upright and righteous man. The symbol has also been likened to the transformation of pride and self-centeredness into the humility of a more individuated and spiritual self.


IrisFlower 300x200 IrisIris Flower 300x224 IrisThe iris flower is a hardy flower iris 300x224 Irisherbaceous perennial that belongs to the extensive and beautiful family iridaceae plants. The word Iris means a rainbow in both Greek and Latin so it is considered to be the bridge between heaven and earth and is sacred for the Greek goddess of love; it is also the symbol of eloquence. In ancient Greece the graves of women were covered with irises.

The genus Iris has about 200 species and is native of North Temperate regions of the world but one cannot argue with the beauty of an iris flower, regardless of the species or cultivar. Some of the species have very large flowers, which, from their being very vivid, and several uniting in the same blossom are extremely showy. The style arms can also add to the beauty of the iris flower. Iris is highly variable for traits such as flower colour and flower size and its sword-like foliage is attractive when the plant is not in bloom.

All iris flowers have at least six petals although some Japanese irises produce more. Those who have beard are referred to as bearded irises and the others are logically called beardless irises. The leaves of the iris flower are long and thin, and grow from the bottom of the plant. The range of colors found in irises is simply amazing, from white yellow orange pink lilac to purple blue brown and black with many tones and color combinations in between. No iris flower is truly real although the louisianas have orange-red tones. The habitat of iris also varies a lot. Some irises grow in deserts, some in swamps, some in the cold far north, and many in temperate climates.

Japanese iris, Siberian iris, Louisiana iris, and the ubiquitous bearded iris, are all beautiful among which Bearded Iris and Siberian Iris are the two most common types. These flowers are not easily found in floral markets but fortunately they all are easy to grow and bear handsome flowers.

FLOWER LANGUAGEIris 300x225 Iris
Different colors of irises convey different messages. Purple iris, the state flower of Tennessee, the symbol of wisdom and compliments where Blue iris is that of faith and hope. The Yellow iris symbolizes passion and on the other hand white iris symbolizes purity. A gift of iris is helpful for conveying many messages which are not truly conveyed when spoken.

Important Features about Iris:

●     Iris genus is known best as a garden plants.
●     The Iris was considered a symbol of power by the ancient Egyptians as they believed that a flower that appears on the brow of the Sphinx and on the scepters of their kings is Iris.
●     The Iris was also a favorite flower of the Muslims, who took it to Spain after their conquest in the 8th century.
●     Iris is important also as the February birth flower.
●     The Indian and Egyptian cultures used the flower in art to depict life and resurrection.
●     In the first century AD, the Greek physician Dioscorides found Iris to be gifted with healing powers then he recommended iris root to be drunk with honey, vinegar for coughs, colds, indigestion and sciatica. Pliny also knew the importance of Iris and praised its medicinal virtues.
●     Iris roots are used to treat skin ulcers.
●     The fresh root of Iris germanica is considered to be a powerful cathartic, and for this reason its juice has been used in dropsy.

Ideal Christmas Presents for The Woman who has Everything

What do you get the woman who seems top have everything? This woman knows what she likes and she is not afraid to get it! You have find something extra special when shopping for this woman because she had impeccable taste. The following items represent the best of the best for the woman who has everything.

1) A Dianne von Furstenberg Wrap Dress
Diane made her iconic dress popular in the 70’s with its slimming wrap design and funky colors. Today, the same design still exists, but the colors have toned down a little. DVF dresses are perfect for a jet setting woman who needs a wardrobe that can travel well. This dress can be rolled into a weekend bag and worn during a quick jaunt from Rio to London.

2) Over sized Gold Watch
Most women like dainty silver watches that go with everything. However, get the woman in your life an over sized watch that will really make a statement. Gold plated metal stands out and it looks more expensive. This is a great travel or day watch for a woman who already had many in her collection. Look to brands such as Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs.

3) Experience This!
Give the gift an experience such as race car or scuba diving lessons. This woman already owns everything, so why not give her something that she cannot ever forget? You can give her flying lessons or even skiing lessons. Use your imagination and you may even start her on a new hobby!

4) Spa Day
Every woman loves to be pampered. A luxurious day at the spa is an ideal gift for a woman who is constantly on the move. You can book her for one treatment or a whole day of indulgement at her favorite spa. They will be able to relax the whole day in pure bliss. This is one gift that she will love to get over and over again!

5) A Tablet PC
A tablet or book reader is a great way for your lady to keep up on events of best sellers. They can download a book easily to their device. Email and fun applications are also a great way to pass the time when traveling.  If they already have a tablet or a book reader, why not get them a gorgeous new cover for it to live in?  There are designer covers available or consider getting a sleek leather sleeve for the office and a girly pink one for at home.

There are so many things that you can get a woman who has everything. All you have to do is use your imagination and you are bound to find something that inspires them.

Flowers & Seasons

It is the biggest mistake of all in making a garden to plant only once and then expecting full harvest all season. It is a fact that flower growers must plant nearly every week through the middle of the summer to keep the garden alive. Flowers are also categorized on the basis of their blooming seasons, just as vegetables do, which are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Most of the flowers are season – specific. Though, there are a few flowers that bloom spring beauty flowers 150x150 Flowers & Seasonsthrough out the year. Those flowers are called perennials.

Spring Flowers:
Spring Time is not only the time of growth and renewal of new plant but also animal life. Spring flowers bloom at different times in the North and South Hemispheres. Most flowering plants bloom during spring time. For three months this time is granted to us to enjoy the varieties of colors and scents. Tulips are all over in just about every color, Flowering branches, Dogwood, Cherry Blossom, Quince, Forsythia, Plum, Lilac and so much more.

Summer Flowers:
Summer is the flower arranger’s delight. It is the one season of the year whichbest Summer Flowers 150x150 Flowers & Seasons really works with you and floral growth is on its peak in the summer season. In this time of the dear you can choose to adorn your garden with a variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, bulbs, vines and tropical plants because colors are rich and varied, foliage lush and abundant, and gardens come into their own. There is simply more of everything. The Northern hemisphere experiences summer during June, July, august, while Southern hemisphere during December – February.
Usually the summer months are a time for holidays, and outdoor events, such as tetes, barbecues and garden parties. Above all, it is the season of weddings and flowers are in great demand all season. Early summer is also the best time to plant containers.
Many flower gardens look great in spring and early summer but at reaching the mid of this season many of the flowers seem to wilt. To avoid your garden to look like this you need to plant some flowers that thrive in heat and bloom in advance; so that your garden will look fresh till the end of the summer.

Autumn Flowers:autumn Flowers 150x150 Flowers & Seasons
Autumn has a lot to offer, it is the season of the primary harvest. Autumn falls during September – November in both Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere. Autumn does not remain for a long time and soon changes into winter before you truly enjoy the terracotta tones, the browns, the rusts, the twigs and the amber colors. Crops are harvested during Autumn.
So absorb the scenes when autumn is in full swing, go out, see the leaves change color, find a hay ride somewhere, pick a pumpkin, be a kid again and enjoy all that the season has to offer.
The colorful display continues well into autumn

Winter Flowers:Winter Flowers 150x150 Flowers & Seasons
Finding flowers that can maintain the year round beauty of your garden in winter may seem a difficult task as most of the plants are dormant during winter. But actually there is an amazing number of winter blooms specially those growing in heated greenhouse. Some special plants flowering during Christmas time including Christmas cactus and poinsettia. Indoor orchids and camellia also produce wonderful flowers in winter, the most useful witch hazels shrubs, Japanese pieris, wintersweet and Winter Jasmine also bright up the snowing, glooming weather with its beautiful flowers. They need just a little care and should be planted where they can receive exposure.