Theme Parties with Flowers

Parties with Flowers 300x251 Theme Parties with FlowersFlowers are loved by almost each and every person in this world. No occasion or event through out the whole world is complete without the flowers. Either flowers are given as gift over occasions or used for the purpose of creating a beautiful environment and ambiance in the party both way they serve their purpose best. Weddings, summer parties, dinners, other formal and casual parties all just become splendid when the place is being designed and themed with the flowers. There is a special a very bright or cool effect could be brought to the party by simply using the flowers in decoration. The right choice of flowers for the particular type of party will definitely increase the impact that flowers create over the guests arriving and hosts too.

From bridal showers to luaus, grand theme parties initiate with a distinct imaginative thought that’s carried out across all fundamentals from food to décor.  Flowers should be no exemption!  Theme party flowers can be extra dose of fun and innovation.

•    Bon Voyage parties can rock if the rooms are decorated with different blooms and floral. IF you want to invoke the Asian feeling and theme to your party than go for getting some bamboos and Orchids, and display the colors of South Pacific through flowers like bird of Paradise and heliconia.

•    Usually centerpieces are used at parties bring some freshness and innovation to your party and add up flowers during party and beyond and other ways too.

•    If it’s a bridal shower or engagement party go for theme and flowers of bride and groom’s favorite colors and prepare boutonniere name tags for all the guests with them.

•    Many people organize Oscar parties specially those who are film fanatics so for such a party a red carpet of rose petals can be arranged from entrance to the buffet table. Hand over a flower to each guest with nominee’s name written over a statue shaped tag. Whichever the guest will the name of winner over his or her tag they will get beautiful floral arrangements s gift.

•    Games night get together can be made different and unexpected for all by arranging all prizes as beautiful floral arrangements. This would be much unexpected yet desirable gift.

Preserving Flowers with Sand

Preserving Flowers with Sand 300x282 Preserving Flowers with SandFresh flowers are loved by all this is something commonly known but flowers are loved a lot even when they are not fresh ad preserved in form of dried flowers to form beautiful dry floral arrangements. There are numerous different ways of preserving flowers for making dried floral arrangements and one of very unique one is when flowers are dried and preserved under sand. Here is a complete guide for you as to how you can dry up your flowers using sand and than arrange them to form a very creative floral arrangement.

•    You will first of all need an open bud or a bud that is just about to bloom. Cut it in a way that you remain as close as possible to the bloom like leaving around just inch or a half from the bottom of the bloom. You do not have to keep the stem with you.

•    Now get the fresh, dry sand for drying up your flowers. If you feel that the sand is not dry leave it spread well under the sun so it completely dries. It can be beach sand, river sand or any other dry type of sand. But make sure that this sand have to be very fine and should not have any rocks or shells. It may be filtered one too.

•    Spread the sand in a cool dry place like a garage or an attic. Place the sand over a place where it will not disturb you as it will take a long time in drying up. Now when you have spread it put the flower over it and bring sand around the flower as much as possible and than slowly cover the whole flower with the sand. Now once your flower is completely covered with sand leave it to dry for 3 to 4 weeks.

•    Once the time is up, look out for the dryness of your flowers. You need to be very careful when taking out the flowers because the sand drying would have made your flowers a little more delicate. If your flower has dried and preserved well take it out or in other case you may have to leave it in for few more days.

•    After your flowers are dried up you can take them out for making your flower arrangement and you may use floral wire to make stems for your flowers and here you are ready to prepare a very beautiful dry flower arrangement yourself.

Some FAQs about Retaining Floral Arrangements

floral arrangements Some FAQs about Retaining Floral Arrangementssimple floral arrangements 300x199 Some FAQs about Retaining Floral ArrangementsFlowers and floral arrangements are generally considered to be precious and heart loving whether received in form of gifts or bought by any person to just make one happy from inside. Whenever we receive flowers as gift it’s the profound happiness and cherish moments that take over us as nothing feels to be better to get in gift than the beautiful flowers. Whenever cut flowers are bought or got as gift the very first thing that comes to one’s mind is to how to preserve them for the longer period of time so it keeps reminding us of love and keep effecting positively each day due to their presence. There are certain common questions that rise in mind of people during any such situation. Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding preservation of flowers for long and the answers to those questions.

1.    What is the best way to take care of a floral arrangement?

Actually how you can preserve a floral arrangement that you have just got depends over as to how it has been packed. The way the flowers have been packed when delivered actually makes us decide as to what action to be taken with them to preserve them.
•    If the flowers received are in container with flowers foam, than you need to keep your container filled with water. Take care of the water level in the container and check it each day. Pour water in the center of the arrangement and keep you finger in there to gauge the water level.
•    If you receive flowers in flower vase check out for the water as it should remain clear. If it turns cloudy, change water immediately and pour in the flower food into it and do cut stems about an inch at bottom if possible.
•    If the flowers you received were packed in a box or tissues than take out the flowers and cut any foliage that falls under the water level of your vase and then cut the stems ay bottom for about an inch. You will need to add put flower food into it too.
Keep your flowers away from television, other electric appliances and heating or cooling units.

2.    Why the water turns yellow or cloudy in vase?

If the water in your vase is turning yellow or cloudy this means this is the clear sign of bacterial growth in your vase water. You need to keep your vase water clean all the time else this will reduce the vase life of your flowers. Development of bacteria actually clogs and blocks the stems of flowers and they are deprived of getting any food. If this happens change the water immediately and cut the stems at bottom too.

3.    Since sunshine is important for flowers should cut flowers be kept in sunlight too?

Flowers need sunlight for maturation, once you have cut them off the plant keeping them in sunlight would make them wither away sooner so keep your cut flowers away from direct or indirect sunlight and drafts.

Sending Flowers To A Man

flowers for men 300x237 Sending Flowers To A ManSending Flowers 300x201 Sending Flowers To A ManIt is generally believed in fact better to say that wrongly believed by many people that flowers are an appropriate gift for women and not much liked by men. This is truly a very wrong concept because as much as the men like to send flowers to women over any occasion the same is their desire for receiving by their sweetheart and loved ones. The formula is simple because everyone wants to be recognized and made feel important. When the right time to sent flowers to him is really easy to be known. When ever is the time that he sends you the flowers whatever is his favorite occasion to send your flowers is his favorite occasion or reason too to receive the flowers.

If he sends you flowers on your birthday send him a pretty floral arrangements prepared keeping many things in mind like what is his personality and with what type of personality what flowers and tones of colors and accessories are related. Moreover definitely you will have to consider the message you want to get delivered. Of course a birth day wishes it is but still that’s something too obvious. You will definitely have a side message besides your birthday wish so whether it is “I love you” or “you mean worlds to me” all can be delivered easily through the sensible and correct selection of flowers and their colors.  Or may be he would have sent you flowers sometimes for thanking you for anything that he liked so that’s also a good reason for you to thank him for whatever he did and you liked.

And don’t forget one thing; no reason is better than any reason. So just make him feel so special and treasured by sending him beautiful flowers for no occasion or event and just to tell him that he means a lot to you. In some relations you do not need to have a reason or an occasion to support your action of expressing your love so just do it without worrying for how his would appear as.

Tips Regarding the Best Designs and Colors for Men:
•    Men are supposed to be stimulated by vibrant colors and this has been proved through researches too so definitely the flowers in shades of red, orange and yellow are perfect for sending to him.
•    Modern, linear style and natural style floral arrangements suits best for men. Well if your man loves plants than addition of green plants and leaves to the arrangement would take it to further perfection.
•    The best you could do if you don’t get much creative ideas yourself is that just tell your florist that you want this arrangement to be prepared for a man and you can further tell him about his hobby and he would definitely advise you with an idea that will personalize your arrangement more particularly.

So this time surprise your man with the best of the flowers arranged most creatively and express your feeling fully for him.

How to Harvest the Lemon Tree?

Harvest the Lemon 300x225 How to Harvest the Lemon Tree?Vegetables and fruits or any other plants do not only need your attention at the time of sowing and when they are growing there are certain things to be considered while harvesting too. Lemons are loved by many people as they give a wonderful tangy taste in your food and drinks. If you are growing lemons and live in a warm region then you are going to get the fruit all the year round. So now you have to make sure that you are able to pick the tastiest and all ripe lemons whenever you need to use them. Actually as far as the taste of lemons is concerned all people like their lemons differently so harvesting them for the taste is a partially a matter of concern the main cause behind should be to gain most out of the each lemon you harvest and for that you should be knowing the proper harvesting methods.

You may know when the lemons are ready for harvest when the outer layer is stiff over lemon. This basically means that the peel of lemon is tight over it and there are no wrinkles on the skin and when squeezed the lemon should not be felt like moving or loose under the peel. The color of lemon should be yellow from all around with no signs of green any where. Do not wait6 for your lemons to become spongy because than they will be too ripe to be used.

Required Time:
The time of use is of great importance when it comes to picking the lemon. If you have to use the lemons immediately than pick the lemons that are completely yellow and fulfill all the conditions described above. While on the other hand if the lemons are picked for later use and have to be stored or shipped than it is better to go for the lemons that are of slightly lighter yellow shade but still the rind should have to be tight. These lemons may be those too that have a little greener shade over the skin.

When you pick the lemons a certain technique is required so your fruit doesn’t get rotten. When you are harvesting lemon be sure to cut it from as near to the button that attaches it to the stalk as possible because if a part of stalk will be left with it that can damage or cause a cut to the lemon later causing it to get rotten and effecting other fruit kept with it too specially when its about keeping them stored.

When harvesting lemon or any other citrus fruit avoid picking it in the time when the weather is damp. The fruit should be dry because damp weather cause fungal diseases to fruit and tree.

It is wrongly believed that like all other fruits lemon will ripen further too after they are being harvested. It is wrong lemons do not ripe after being picked off from the tree they may become easier to be used and more juicy after being stored for some time but won’t ripe any further.

How to Trim Your Lemon Tree

Trim Your Lemon Tree 300x198 How to Trim Your Lemon TreeLemon is the much liked citrus fruit through out the world. It is being used in all type of dishes, desserts and drinks. It has a certain tangy flavor that is loved in all different ways in which it is being used. Many people like to grow the lemon tree in their garden or yard because else than getting a tasty fruit the fragrance of the plant and its aroma that evolves in the surrounding air is very refreshing. There are many trees that require continuous trimming and care in this regard but lemon tree is easy to handle in this way as it does not require much of trimming in fact you just need to do some basic pruning of your plant once in a year or two. Although if you do it on regular basis it will be good because regular pruning and trimming help trees to remain light and produce more fruit. But, this pruning or trimming have to be done correctly in order to avoid any infection caused to the plant.

1.    You will have to look for graft joint. This is the place anywhere one to two feet above the ground from where a new shoot is coming off. Any shoot growing from level under this should be immediately cut in order to save the quantity of fruits produced by your tree.

2.    Than look for the branches that are crossing each other in the center. Actually the trimming is being done in order to let the air circulate well in between the stems and to let the light cross properly too. This result in better health of plant and more fruit produced. Crossing branches actually thinner the light that enters.

3.    Actually you always have to trim the inner branches. Go for thinning your tree from inside. You can use hand shears or long handled shears for trimming your tree from inside. Always cut the thin crossing branches first and do remember to cut each branch at an angle. And keep moving around the tree while pruning so you remain sure that you are trimming your tree evenly.

4.    There may sometimes grow thicker branches that shoot directly from the trunk and more than those that seems to be possible for plant to hold. Generally there are three many branches that grow from the trunk and from them shoot smaller branches that hold fruits than. Sometimes more main branches may stop the light passed on to the leaves and this would make the plant unhealthy. When such a situation arrives than is the need to cut the thick branch. It should be cut with the pruning saw at an angle only if required.

5.    To let the light enter into the center of tree foliage you will need to trim the tree from the top. You will most probably need to use ladder in order to trim your plant from top and again cutting the crossed ones first.

This is the way how you should be trimming your lemon tree in order to keep it healthy and produce more fruits.

Advantages of Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables 242x300 Advantages of Organic VegetablesWith the passing time the awareness about different issues in people has been increasing. Especially people are becoming more concerned about the food that they consume. In food items now mostly vegetables and fruits are thought to be sometimes harmful because of the uses of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides used by commercial growers in their farms. Organic vegetables and fruits consumption concept is rising more and more but they are apparently expensive than the normal vegetables and fruits available in markets. Many people have started growing organic vegetables in their own gardens and yards to avoid the higher costs and gain the benefits of healthier vegetables too. It is easy to grow vegetables organically and the benefits from the organically grown vegetables are countless.

Augmented Nutrients:
Cancer is a very common disease that people are found to be suffering from since last few years. When vegetables are grown organically the nutrients in them are increased. Like, in organically grown tomatoes the flavinoid levels are 79% higher than the tomatoes grown non-organically. Flavinoid is a nutrient that actually creates the antioxidants that help in fighting with cancer. Antioxidants strengthen the immune system of humans and that helps in catering with this killing disease. If maintained organically the nutrient contents of soil remain increasing each year and eventually the nutrient level in vegetables grown in that soil rises too. Many cancer societies have started to encourage the use of organic vegetable to reduce the risk of cancer.

Advantages of Organic Vegetables 300x180 Advantages of Organic VegetablesPesticides Free & Nitrate Free Vegetables:
Organic vegetables contain lower levels of nitrates and other toxic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Pesticides are proved to be so dangerous that they can damage nerves, can cause cancer and birth defects. The vegetables that are non organic and treated with pesticides and other chemicals during the growth are harmful for children because their internal organs are yet not mature and they can not stand the harmful chemical effects. Families should use organic vegetable in order to reduce the risk of facing the above mentioned health problems.

Secure Growing Practices:
How the earth has been destroyed after the industrial revolution is something that is now realized by almost every person on the earth. There are needs of working for green living and healthier planet at every scale even at the individual level. A factor playing a very major role in Environmental pollution is the overload of nitrate in chemical fertilizers. Organic growing brings up the sustainable agricultural practices. Sustainable agriculture have benefits in many ways, like, it positively effects environmental health, protects natural resources and put its contribution in economic and social equity. Organic growing is beneficial for the growers, consumers and for planet over all.

Bring Colors to Your Flowers Garden

Flowers Garden Bring Colors to Your Flowers GardenFor every gardener the reason behind creating a flower garden is definitely to provide the exterior of their house as vibrant and colorful moreover, it provides soothing and energizing effect to the residents and visitors too. The more the garden is filled with colorful flowers the more attracting it will be. But, definitely there is need of carrying out a balance of every color and shade. As it is know that every flower and every different color of flower depicts a different meaning so there should remain a balance of all so the energy and calmness both compliment each other. Match and choose the plants and colors after taking everything in account and place them properly so it does not bring up a chaotic or haphazard look of your garden. Generally the red, yellow and orange flowers are all warm colors and give the message of security, excitement and passion. While the flowers of cooler colors like green, blue and purple deliver the serenity, relaxation and calmness. Here are some top flowers to be used in gardens to bring up the balanced image of your garden and yet make it appear full of colors.

balloon flowers 300x249 Bring Colors to Your Flowers GardenThread-Leaved Coreopsis:
This is the plant that grows about 1 to 3 feet tall and around 2 to 3 feet wide. This belongs to the perennial category of flowers that is you plant them once and keep enjoying the beautiful flowers growing in plant for next many seasons. These plants grow starry flowers of about one to two inches in size and are found in shades from butter yellow to golden yellow. This plant works best with full sun but do survive partial shading too. Another positive property of this plant is that once it is establishes it is than drought resistant.

Balloon Flowers:

This have a saucer shaped blossom with five pointed petals in blue color and the plant reaches to the height of 2 to 3 feet till maturity and gets 1 to 2 feet wide. The buds of this flower are puffed up ones so this is for what the flowers are names as balloon flowers.

Cupid’s Dart:
This is the plant that has 2 inches of flower in size and in blue color appearing like daisies. This is a cool colored flower and is heat tolerant. This flower’s plant grows up to 18 to 24 inches in height and remains 10 to 12 inches wide.

Blanket Flower:
These flowers are found in yellow and orange colors in daisy shape with frayed petal edges. They keep blossoming throughout the summers. The plant grows 2 to 3 feet tall and spread around 2 feet wide.  Its leaves have like hairy type appearance. This is also a perennial plant and is drought resistant that thrives best in coastal areas.

Grow these beautiful flowers in you flower garden and make it appear colorful with balance of all colors and bringing up all the effects of calmness and energy.

Reviving Wilted Roses

Reviving Wilted Roses 300x199 Reviving Wilted RosesHaving floral arrangements within home just brings about a more beautiful interior effect adding more of aroma to your interiors. Flowers are great to get as gifts and to buy for oneself too from the flower shops. They just have the strength to brighten up the day and bring in the new spirit this is even being proved by researches too. Floral arrangements are no only admired by you but also by the people who come to your place. Sometimes it happens that in the floral arrangement you find your roses getting wilted earlier than the other flowers and that brings down the over all impact of floral arrangement. There are few simple tips that can help you quickly make your roses revive back to give the life again to your floral arrangement. It is just the matter of rehydrating the roses by any of the simple technique to increase the life of your flower arrangement further.Wilted Roses 225x300 Reviving Wilted Roses

1.    First of all remove the roses that have wilted from the vase.

2.    Now hold each of the rose one by one and hold it under the running stream of cold water under the tap. Now keeping it there, use pruning shears to cut the stem at about one inch from the bottom keeping an angle of 45 degrees. Repeat the same process with all the roses.

3.    Now take a dish pan and fill it with the warm water. Beware the water should be just mildly warm and not hot otherwise that will damage your flowers.

4.    Now you will have to place all the flowers in this dish pan and making sure that they submerge completely under the water surface.

5.    As your roses are completely soaked in the warm water leave them so for about 20 to 60 minutes. This process will rehydrate your roses completely from top to bottom. The only condition is that whole flower should remain soaked completely into the water.

6.    Now make a new solution of water and flower food in vase and replace the older one. Stir in the flower food well in to the water to dissolve it well.

7.    Now you can remove the revived roses from the dishpan and put them and other flowers back in to the vase arranging them again into the form of beautiful arrangement.

See how easy it is to revive even the wilted roses and to avoid this situation keep taking care of flowers the same way since the day one.

How to Design Herb Gardens

Design Herb Gardens 300x199 How to Design Herb GardensHerbs are great to be grown in the yards or gardens at home. Designing an herb garden at home means you have opened a wide range of things for yourself. Sitting and relaxing in herb garden is really refreshing and the refreshing that goes deep down the soul and stimulates the senses. Herbs garden is a great idea because it will bring more taste and fragrance to your food and will provide you with home remedies to lots of diseases. Medicinal teas are all made from herbs so you will have a whole lot of cures in your hands. Each of the herb have multiple uses so you can just explore out the wide range of benefits that you can gain of growing herbs in your garden. In olden days, our ancestors believed that having an herb garden is an essentiality for a civilized living.

Steps towards Making an Herb Garden:

1.    The first step towards growing you herb garden will be to decide that what type of herb garden you want. Majorly there are two types of herbs gardens formal herb garden and wild herb garden. Formal herb garden is the one that is completely planned out and need a lot of hard work. In this garden type plants and groups of plants are divided through walkways or paths and it uses geometric shapes. If you have a lager area for your herb garden and you are going for formal garden type than your garden may include things like bench, water fountain or water feature by any other men. There is a special category of formal herbs garden and that is Knot garden. This garden is designed artfully and brings out the effect that resembles the thread of old Celtic knot work. Your garden can also be based on themes like fragrance or colors. You can grow culinary herbs or medicinal herbs in your garden or a combination of both too.

2.    Now you will have to select the plants that you want to grow in your herbs garden. You will need to take several factors under consideration before deciding at any particular herb. You will need to check if the herb will go with your design, is it going to grow in your area and is climatically adjustable. You will need to check the sun and shade preference, heat or cold tolerance levels, size of plants, its growing habits, its color and the maintenance it will need from you. You can ask the workers at local garden supplies store or can go for a good book over herbs.

3.    It is better to plot your idea for your formal herb garden design over a graph paper. This will allow you to divide each and every inch of your garden and so you can plan the plantation of herbs and inclusion of other features like trees, bench and fountain too. When you are plotting the graph always first place the permanent features and paths and than plan out your herbs placement over each inch of graph and during this remember to leave space between each plant for air circulation and do consider the width and height at maturity too.

Remember if you plan to design a formal herb garden this will require much more time and maintenance from you as compared to natural designs.