The Famous Cut Flowers

Flowers are a great source of gifting and emotions expression for humans. Nothing else can appear so beautiful and yet delivers the human feelings so well that nothing is felt to leave unsaid. This is the beauty of flowers that each flower and its each color hold a different meaning which helps in conveying the perfectly accurate message to our loved ones, the way we want. Its not just about gifting flowers to other but it should become a normal practice for us to gift flowers to ourselves too. Having flowers around us make us feel fresher and more active with positive effects on moods. This all help us in carrying out our daily routine in a much better way.

Roses:roses 300x203 The Famous Cut Flowers
Rose as known by all is the most famous flower whether in form of cut flower or accounted generally among the flowering plants. As a cut flower no flower is demanded more than rose in any part of the world. Each color of rose delivers a different message, love, friendship, innocence and even the number of red roses given counts as different numbers deliver different message. Red roses are demanded most all over the world on the Valentines Day.

Carnation:carnation cut flower 300x196 The Famous Cut Flowers
When it comes to budgeting your bouquets and floral arrangements you should go for adding Carnations. Carnations are widely used in corsages and boutonnières as they are a versatile cut flower. Carnations are also found in many different colors and they are easy to be dyed or sprayed with color.

Bulb Flowers:
There are daffodils, freesia and tulips that top the bulb cut flowers list. These Bulb Flowers 300x224 The Famous Cut Flowersflowers are usually available in spring and the most popular colors of Tulips as cut flower at these times are red, yellow, bi-colored, pink, purple, orange and white. Red tulips are also the second to red roses when it comes to expressing the true love. Red Tulips are also greatly demanded over Valentines or for bouquets ad floral arrangements that are meant for love of the giver.

sunflowers The Famous Cut Flowers
What about making a friend’s day or your mom or sister’s day? Sunflowers are happy face flowers of summer and fall. Sunflowers that we usually see are different than those used in floral arrangement because sunflowers grown as cut flowers are smaller in size and varies in shades from pale yellow to deep gold with brown.

Alstroemeria:Alstroemeria cut flowers 267x300 The Famous Cut Flowers
This flower in itself is not a very beautiful one instead this is used as filler in bouquets and floral arrangements in conjunction with other flowers. It is also made part of floral arrangement because it is a long lasting flower having longer vase life. Alstroemeria comes in shades of pink, yellow, purple and red and is often multicolored.


lilac 300x235 Lilacwhite lilac 285x300 LilacLilac is a spring bloom which has European and Asian regions origins. This is an uncommon flower and is esteemed for its delicate blossoms and special aroma. Lilacs are representatives of the olive, family. Lilacs are famous shrubs grown in cottage gardens of England. The cut flower is much showier than the shrub with long branches where flowers borne.  The 1st cultivations of Lilacs in Europe is said to be took place in the middle of the 20th century, and the most of species developed till now are being sold till today. Flowers are exceptionally aromatic and attractive for bees, butterflies and birds.  It is believed that in the late seventeenth century fur traders have grown Lilac bushes on Macanac Island and till now people enjoy these lovely bushes.

Lilacs are available in different colors like purple, white, mauve, violet and pink. White, mauve, violet and pink lilacs are available from October till May very easily. The lilacs in purple shade are special because they are recognized for their much stronger smell than other lilacs and it grows only in spring for very short time, like about no more than six weeks. The cut flower does not have a longer vase life as they may live up to 3 to 7 days depending over the care with which these flowers are kept.

In the language of flowers, purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love, while white lilacs represent youthful innocence. Lilacs are also called the 8th wedding anniversary flowers and lilacs are often considered as herald of spring, with the time of their bloom indicating whether spring will be early or late.

Amazingly there are over 1,000 varieties of Lilacs. They come in several colors, with the most popular being the color lilac and purple. White and pink lilacs are also well-liked. Lilacs also vary widely in size from the small 4 to 8 feet to types those growing up to 30 feet.


CUT FLOWERS 300x267 CUT FLOWERSCut flowers can be any flowers that are cut off the plants and are cleaned for any thorns and are ready to be used in fresh flower arrangements. Cut flowers are available at flower shops with florists or can be obtained from gardens too from your self grown flowering plants. Cut flowers are used as gifts for as each of them deliver a different message. Sometimes these flowers are presented as single flower or in bunch form as bouquets. Rose is the most popular cut flower. Carnations, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums also have a huge demand in the Cut Flower market. Tulips, Gladioli, Lilies, Alstroemeria, Anthuriums etc., are also popular with the flower lovers.

There are certain parameters for figuring out good cut flowers.

1.    The flower should be appealing and beautiful.
2.    Flower should be sweetly fragrant.
3.    A cut flower should have long stem.
4.    Flower should have extended vase life.

Caring for Cut Flowers and keeping them fresh is undeniably a science in itself. The first step towards making Cut Flowers last longer is to make sure that they are quickly placed in water to prevent them from wilting. Cut stems should be placed in water immediately, as air rapidly moves into the water-conducting tissues and plugs the cells. This is the reason for which when we get cut flowers that have been out of water for some hours are needed to be cut a little at the bottom so the blockage caused by air does not block the water from reaching flower. Cut flowers should always be placed at a cool place for hour or two because flowers lose less water. Moreover to increase the vase life of cut flowers there is a process called hardening needs to be done with freshly cut flowers; that is, placing them in water at temperature of 110 degree Fahrenheit with preservatives added to it.

Germany is the world’s largest market for Cut Flower imports, and the Netherlands is the world’s leading exporter of Cut Flowers.


CHRYSANTHEMUMS 300x201 CHRYSANTHEMUMSchrysanthemums flowers 300x225 CHRYSANTHEMUMSMany people are well aware that roses are the most popular flower in whole world but very few know that chrysanthemums are just second to roses in the list of most popular flowers in world. The name of this flower is driven from 2 Greek words “Chrys” that means golden (as the original color of flower is gold) and “anthemon” that means flower. Chrysanthemum flowers bloom in various forms, and can be daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons. Chrysanthemum flowers come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and in a wide range of colors. Chrysanthemums, else than in the original yellow color comes in white, purple, red and in other colors too.

As Chrysanthemum come in different colors so they hold different meaning and that makes these flowers the famous florist flowers. The Chrysanthemum flower denotes trustworthiness, buoyancy, joy and long life.

  • A red chrysanthemum communicates the message of love.
  • A white chrysanthemum signifies truth and loyal love.
  • A yellow chrysanthemum indicates slighted love.

Chrysanthemums are classified into nine categories according to the type and arrangement of disk and ray flowers – Incurved, Reflexed, Intermediate, Late Flowering Anemones, Singles, Pompons, Sprays, Spiders/Spoons/Quills, Charms and Cascades.

Here is list of some garden varieties of Chrysanthemum and their uses.

Scientific Name Common Name Common Uses
C Segetum Corn Marigold or Corndaisy Ideal plant for a wild flower meadow or natural planting scheme.
C Carinatum Tricolor Daisy Leaves are edible and flowers are cultivated as beds.
C Coronarium Crown Daisy Medicinal use, used in conjunction with black pepper for treatment of syphilis and gonorrhea.
C Maximum Shasta Daisy The Chrysanthemum is excellent as a ground cover or border plant since the foliage is attractive and remains green all the year.
C Majus Alecost The Alecost Chrysanthemum flower petals are used for conserves and Leaves are used as flavoring in soups.
C Multicaule Yellow Daisy Grown in small pots, or combined with other plants in larger containers.
C Parthenium Fever Few A popular, though dubious headache remedy.
C Morifolium Florist’s Chrysanthemum The Chrysanthemum is ideal for growing in beds and pots

Floras for All

friendship flowers 300x225 Floras for AllFlowers are the most beautiful gift that could be given to anyone ever. Flowers are actually liked for gifting in all types of relations and on events or occasions because they have the capability to express every humanly feelings. Here are some tips for what role flowers can play in different relationships.

Flowers for Friendship:

Flowers are the fittest gift for a friend from a friend as the bondage shared by two people in a relation called friendship is as special as the flowers themselves. Pick some flowers that remind you of your friend in any way that is from any of his habit, his spirits, and his way of life or dealing with friends and send it to that special person in your life who has been beside you in every phase of your life good or bad and had been a great support. Flowers just enhance the pleasure and happiness obtained from any moment of life to cherish so celebrate all achievements or milestones of your friends’ life with them and gift them flowers to make these occasions unforgettable for them.

flowers for Your Love Floras for AllFlowers for Your Love:
When it’s about expressing your emotions to your romantic partner than nothing can be more suitable than flowers. Flowers show how special and caring you are, too.  The truth is that great relationships take love and care, not hard work. Take a step and some time out of your busy life and be spontaneous in expressing your love for your partner and see you’ll get double love in retune from your partner. It’s best to surprise your love at an unexpected time and place. Present the flowers in unique way don’t put them for her in very obvious place instead place them in a way that she finds them out surprisingly. Get arrangement delivered to her office before she reaches her seat in office and surprise her there. Flowers coupled with the element of surprise are a match made in heaven. Made her whole day by just surprising her early morning with the flowers as token of lover for her. No matter how busy life gets, or what challenges you face, remember the bond between you is what matters most. Its not just the red rose that will work always try to use other flowers as hint to your cherishing memories of past. A flower that you people saw in a before marriage meting of yours or the seasonal flower at the time of your wedding or the flowers used in your wedding decorations or inmom yellow flowers 300x204 Floras for All bridal bouquet. Things should keep changing and show to your partner that every moment that you spent with them holds importance for you.

Flowers for Moms:
Do our mothers deserve to get flowers as a token of thanks and show of love from us over Mothers Day only? No they deserve to get flowers from us everyday of the year. Make her feel more of your love and send her flowers surprisingly of the color that she likes or the particular flowers that she like to have by her side. Say “Thank you for the impact you’ve made on my life” to your moms today.

Quick Drying Techniques for Rose Petals

rose petals 300x200 Quick Drying Techniques for Rose Petalstechniques for Rose Petals 300x192 Quick Drying Techniques for Rose PetalsVase Rose Petals 300x283 Quick Drying Techniques for Rose PetalsRoses are the much loved flowers and the best fragrant ones to be believed too. Like preserving flowers by drying them out is great so do it is to dry the rose petals to use in scrap books to cherish the beautiful memories of your life or for making homemade potpourri for decoration in your home. There is a quick way of drying rose petals that is through microwave and yet retaining the vibrant colors of petals as you picked them and there you can form a colorful potpourri for yourself by using rose petals of different colors.

1.    Use the flowers that have begun to open so it becomes easier for you to remove the petals separately and picking them without tearing them.
2.    Hold the stem firmly in your hand and remove one petal at a time so you are just not destroying any of the petals.
3.    Now pour in silica gel into the microwave save container till about an inch in height.
4.    Now place the petals over this layer of gel in a way that they should not be touching each other or kept one over another.
5.    Now cover your petals with silica gel, once they are covered pour more silica gel into the container again forming a layer one inch high and place more petals the same way over it as you did before. Keep repeating the process until your container is full.
6.    Now keep the container in microwave and set the time at one and a half minute for rose petals to dry.
7.    Now take the container out of the microwave and cover it with lid and set aside for 24 hours.
8.    Start removing the petals one by one from the container and brush them with soft brush to remove any particles of gel over it.
9.    Take acrylic paint and spray it over the petals to form a light coating over petals.

Now you are ready to use your petals as potpourri or for any other purpose or way of decoration, once the coating has dried over the petals.

Flowers & Personalities

Flowers and Personalities 150x150 Flowers & PersonalitiesFlowers are supposed to be the best gifts given to any person around you in any relation over any occasion. Actually they are4 available in so many different sizes, colors and types that you are easily able to customize a floral arrangement for a loved one keeping his or her personality as well as the occasion and your relation to them in mind. If you work a little and think about the personality of the person you are giving the floral arrangement as gift you will be able to create a masterpiece that will definitely hold a great value and thoughtfulness as well as likeness for the receiver. Always the well thought and arranged floral arrangements are the best gifts to be received by any person. The careful selection of colors and flower varieties have all the powers to deliver yourRomantic personality flowers 150x150 Flowers & Personalities message perfectly to the person you are sending the floral arrangement as gift.

The things that you will need to consider before designing the bouquet is to know certain things and preferences of the person you are about to send the gift to. Like
•    What is the color liked by the person?
•    Is there particularly any color that is loved a lot by them?
•    What are their hobbies?
•    What is their way of leading their life and taking things coming up in life?
•    What is the message that you want to convey through the floral arrangement that you plan to present?

There could be found floral signature quiz over Society of American Florists’ casual personality flowers 150x150 Flowers & PersonalitiesSite and from their you can find out yours or your loved ones floral personality by answering few fun questions. By answering those questions and than getting its result you are able to analyze that what type of floral arrangements made in what colors and with what flowers would be liked by you or by the person you plan to send a floral arrangement gift. The basic floral signatures are explained below:

1.    People who are Romantic have generous, spontaneous and extravagant personality and like to get the flowers in soft colors and light fragrance with a touch of ribbons or laces that might go with the romantic side of the personality.

lush floral arrangement 150x150 Flowers & Personalities2.    There are people who are earthy, casual and prefer outdoors, they belong to the natural signature of personality. Flowering or green flowers or the meadow flowers with the emphasis over woodsy fragrance or materials would be loved by this type of people.

3.    You may call the people as traditional personality holders who have the qualities like being trustworthy, family oriented and who like classic styles. For such people you should go for a lush floral arrangement prepared with various flowers in all different colors. This will create an excellent impact over their mood and personality.

4.    People who are trying for personality improvement and are attracted Exotic flowers 150x150 Flowers & Personalitiestowards unconventional things from the present age to the arts belong to the type of personality that falls under Expressive signature. Exotic flowers and an unusual combination of different shapes, colors and types of flowers would satisfy their lust for unconventional things with a bent of their personality towards being artistic.
These are the types of personalities that people generally hold around us and thus this over all analysis will help in creating out the best gift of all for our loved ones.

Importance of Flower Gifts

gifts flower 300x300 Importance of Flower GiftsThe giving of flowers as gifts initiates from Turkey in around the seventeenth century. It was the beginning of floriography that appealed a wide audience. In medieval times, flowers were linked with ethical connotations as well. Like, white roses or lilies are associated with the Christian religious symbolism of chastity or virginity. The giving of flowers is still a part of the religious customs of many cultures around the world.

Although gifting flowers is supposed to be trendy and stylish nowadays, there are evidences to show that this has been done since very long time ago. The varied shapes, patterns, styles, colors, shades and fragrances have appealed to human senses since long. Flowers signify everything that is positive in thisflower gift 150x150 Importance of Flower Gifts world like; life, love and happiness. Imagine a bouquet of flowers placed in the centre of a room and as you enter your eyes fall upon it. It gives the viewer immediate pleasure. The symbolism of flowers diverges from one culture to another. If you are thinking to send a special message through the choice of flowers, here are some details for you so you may decide easily:

If it is love that you want to express through the floral gift than go for one of purple lilac which symbolizes new love, but do not go for whites as this will deliver the wrong message. Moreover, the forget-me-not and red roses are very commonly known to be best flowers given for this purpose. If you haveFlower Gifts 150x150 Importance of Flower Gifts fallen in love at first sight with someone than it should be thorn less rose toconvey the message of your surrender. When it’s about expressing your feelings about your bond or your affection and devotion than a bunch of honeysuckle will do the job. Red Tulips will declare completely that you are in love with the person. On the other hand, when you receive flowers from someone expressing love you can respond by sending pink carnations, while, if you do not feel this way for them than send white, yellow or stripped carnation to refuse sympathetically.

There are other emotions too than flowers that are depicted like Star of Bethlehem gives hope, a Snowdrop offers consolation and an Aloe orgifts flowers 150x150 Importance of Flower GiftsMarigold will speak of your grief. An Eglantine Rose can be offered as a healing touch.

Gifting flowers do not have to be a connotation, we can gift flowers even when we feel that the other person would love to get these from us and will appreciate us. Flowers can depict any human feeling so they remain part of every event in our life from a birth to funeral.  The art of floral arrangement has modernized with the time and now it has grown into a big floristry field there are now designer bouquets too that are high in cost but if presented to a friend or loved one as a grand statement. So send a message of love to a loved one now whether near or far from you, get flowers delivered to your loved ones.

Seasonal Greetings: Flowers for December

christmas flower 300x218 Seasonal Greetings: Flowers for DecemberFlowers for december 300x300 Seasonal Greetings: Flowers for DecemberThe two of world’s most celebrated events occur in December that is Hanukah Christmas. Flowers and plants have long played a special role in holiday festivities and are as personal and individual as the people celebrating. You can use color and design to create a celebratory centerpiece, foyer display or other seasonal conversation starter at dinners organized at your place over these events and even a great number of flowers are sent over these events to friends and family to cherish the happiness of occasion.

You may decorate your dinner tables by using pillar candles, fruits and shimmering balls. This is going to give a very bright and catchy look to your table as it will be all glittering and vibrant with the different fruits making it colorful. This appearance of your table is definitely really welcoming for the guests. As the Hanukah and Christmas are celebrated in December so the festivities are about to start and it is being observed that these two are the events that are most popular for sending and receiving flowers.

More than 60 million poinsettias are sold annually. And, poinsettias and amaryllis are now great part of cut flower varieties available and specially the poinsettia day is also about to be celebrated in the month of December so the upcoming two holidays’ floral arrangement must incorporate poinsettia in it.

Well if you want to surprise a love one on these holidays at a dinner party and wants to be talk of the day then get a floral delivery arranged by your florist to your host’s house before you reach so this is going to be a great gesture from you different from everyone else.

Preserving Flowers in Hot Glue

Preserving Flowers in Hot Glue 300x300 Preserving Flowers in Hot Gluepreserving flowers Preserving Flowers in Hot GlueA simple approach to create floral trinkets and craft items is by preserving flowers obtained from your bouquets or from your lawns. There are numerous ways of preserving flowers and drying them out, one of them is preserving flowers using hot glue. The effect bears a resemblance to flowers covered in botanical soap. The procedure doesn’t require much time or many materials. It’s also an enjoyable craft experience to share with friends or family.

1. First of all select the blooms or flowers that you want to preserve to make a floral arrangement later on. Be careful while selecting flowers that none of the flower chosen by you should have even a little of blemishes all flowers should be completely fresh.

2. Now you need to shear and trim the stems completely and remove all the foliage off the stem there should be just flower left attached to the stem. Start snipping from just below the peduncle of flower; this is the place from where the flower is joined to the stem.

3. Now choose the mold according to the size of flowers that you have chooses for preservation if you have chosen small flowers you can go for a metal ice cube try as this will provide you with numerous molds together. While if you’ve chosen flowers are big than you would need to go for bigger olds like soap crafting molds. Mist the mould by spraying cooking oil finely over it.

4. Now get your hot glue gun and prepare it for the process of flower preservation. Insert the glue stick in gun and wait for 5 minutes for gun to get heated up.

5. Now press the trigger of the gun to make the melted glue fell off the gun tip and lay a thin coating of glue on the bottom of your mold.

6. Now set the flower in the mold in a way that it settles right in the centre and than pour more glue over it but do not form a very thick layer of glue over the flower.

7. Let the glue to dry up for around 20 to 30 minutes and then tip the mold upside down. Now as the sides of mold were sprayed with oil the flower will slip out of mold easily and you have prepared the beautiful encased flowers to be used in numerous crafts to decorate your home.