Arranging A Dozen of Lovely Roses

arranging Lovely Roses 300x199 Arranging A Dozen of Lovely RosesRoses are the most liked flowers of the world. Although each and every flower is beautiful and have class in its own way yet, roses are just too exceptional to be compared to any other flowers. It is always great to have roses in your floral arrangements and including them in your daily life or using them on some occasions for décor definitely bring about a great impact. Now if you have a dozen of roses that are not going to make a huge floral arrangement but preparing it artistically can make you able to create an everlasting impact. You may arrange them with the greenery and this will surely provide you with an impacting floral arrangement that would Roses arrangemnt 257x300 Arranging A Dozen of Lovely Rosessuit any décor or event.

1.    Firstly, take a flower vase and fill it with warm water and mix in it one pack of flower food. If you don’t have the flower food and preservatives obtained from the florists, you may use sugar and chlorine bleach for the same purpose.
2.    Now take the fern branches to use as greenery in your floral arrangement. Lay these ferns around the perimeter of your vase to create a foundational layer and a circle of ferns in vase.
3.    Now its time to prepare your roses to be kept in the vase. Take each of your rose flower stem and keep it under the runner water from tap and cut the stem at bottom at an angle of 45 degrees. Do this process with all the roses and remove all the leaves off the stem that may lie under the water level in vase. Now set each rose in the vase as soon as you finish this process with your flowers.
4.    Arrange the roses that you fix in vase in a way that they form a round over the foundational layer of ferns. You may add more greenery after the roses tier in centre too to make it look more filled.

No matter how few flowers you have, you may always create wonders by just being a little creative and artistic.

The Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers 300x199 The Language of Flowersflowers language 300x300 The Language of Flowersflowers languages 300x200 The Language of FlowersThe Turks in the 17th century are believed to have developed flower meanings. In 1718 the wife of the British ambassador to Constantinople, Lady Mary Wortley, wrote a letter illuminating on the “Secret Language of Flowers” that she had discovered during her visits to Turkey. Europe quickly picked up on the concept and than this trend of presenting flowers as gift according to their meaning took off.

Flowers and floral arrangements have a meaning of their own. It is known by majority of people that a dozen red roses mean, “Be mine.” But do you know, that that a purple hyacinth means, “Please forgive me,”  or a primrose means, “I can’t live without you,” or that a gladiolus means, “Give me a break?” or that a pink carnation means, “I’ll never forget you,”.

Flower meanings are used to convey the accurate feelings with the same depth and emotion as felt. With the variation in numbers of flowers, colors and types of flowers different messages are delivered through forming a floral arrangement and so the giver never needs to say it out him or her self.  Here is a short list of few flowers and their meanings to choose from when you want to express a particular feeling of yours.

Almond flowers – Hope
Anemone — Forsaken
Aster — Symbol of love
Balm — Sympathy
Basil — Best wishes
Bay leaf — “I change but in death”
Bell flower, white — Gratitude
Campanula — Gratitude
Carnation, pink — I’ll never forget you
Carnation, red — My poor heart aches for you
Carnation, striped — Refusal
China rose — Beauty always new
Chrysanthemum — Love
Clover, four leaved — “Be mine”
Coreopsis — Love at first sight
Cuckoo pint — Ardor
Daffodil — Regard
Daisy — Innocence, new-born, “I share your sentiment”
Fennel — Flattery
Fern — Sincerity
Forget-Me-Not — True love
French Marigold — Jealousy
Gardenia — Ecstasy
Gentian — Loveliness
Hare bell — Grief
Heartsease — “I am always thinking of you”
Honeysuckle — Bonds of love
Heather — Admiration
Hyacinth — I am sorry, Please forgive me
Ice Plant — “Your appearance freezes me”
Lemon Balm — Sympathy
Lilac — First love
Orchid — Love, beauty, refinement
Pansy — Loving thoughts
Poppy, red — Consolation
Primrose — I can’t live without you
Rose, cabbage — Ambassador of love
Rose, red — Love
Rose, pink — Grace, beauty
Rose, yellow — Friendship
Snowdrop — Hope
Star of Bethlehem — Purity
Tuberose — Voluptuousness
Tulip, red — My perfect lover, Reclamation of love
Violet — Loyalty, modesty, humility
Violet, blue — Faithfulness
Wormwood — Grief
Yew – Sorrow

Check this list out and you will find the flowers to send to your loved ones whether it’s a moment to cherish or a moment of grief or sorrow.

How To Prepare For A Christmas Away From Home

Getting ready to go away for a Christmas break is something that is worth getting excited about, especially if you are heading away outside of the country for a couple of weeks! When you are heading outside of the home for Christmas there is a lot more to worry about than simply heading away and locking the door! Here are just some of the things that you need to remember to do when heading away over the festive season.

Getting The Gifts Ready

If you are intending on going away then you need to make sure you have purchased all of your gifts and packages before you go. Not only will you need to buy everything but you will also have to make sure that you have written all of your cards, attached them to the gifts and sent them about. Even if you are going away it is great to make sure that people have all of their gifts ready for the day because opening them late just isn’t as fun!

Although this might mean that you have to do a fair bit of shopping earlier in December, it does mean that you won’t have to frantically have to worry about wrapping up all of the gifts on Christmas Eve! I remember last year that by the end of Christmas Eve (about 11.45) my hands were in agony from all of the labels I wrote, the last ones were pretty illegible!

Packing The Right Clothes

It is very easy to pack a load of jumpers when you are heading away around the Christmas time but make sure you do your research to see exactly what the climate is actually like around this time of the year. Sometimes people assume that it will be the same as the country they are from and it ends up being the complete opposite. Researching your destination is important no matter what time of year you are going!

Packing The Decorations Away

Although packing decorations away before Christmas might not sound like a very good idea, if you have outside lights and inflatable ornaments then you really need to think about putting them away. Keep the Christmas tree up inside but take the decorations down because they aren’t going to be on and they could potentially blow away in strong winds.

If you have a timer that you can use for all of the lights and you know for a fact that everything it tied down then you should be okay to leave them all up. Never leave them up without a timer because any criminal will be able to notice (after a few days) that nobody is home!

You need to make sure you consider all of this when you are heading away for Christmas!


Ryan works for 5 Star Retallack Resort. They specialise in dog friendly holidays and baby friendly breaks! 

Think FRESH When Sending Flowers

FRESH Sending Flowers 300x237 Think FRESH When Sending FlowersWhenever its time for sending floral gifts be it an online floral delivery to a far away place or the one that you hand over yourself the consumers always go towards relying over the florists around. With the increase in trend of ending flowers over different occasion the demand for expert florists creating the unique and beautiful floral arrangements is also increasing. Now as flowers gifting has become common flowers fresh 300x225 Think FRESH When Sending Flowersso the floral arrangement gifted to anyone should appear unique and fresh somehow, although flowers even if presented in a simple bunch form would provide pleasure but beautiful presentation of flowers would definitely increase the level of happiness and joy felt by the receiver on getting this beautiful gift. Now this FRESH will actually tell you how to make it happen.

F Finding a florist: Your first job is to find a florist for yourself who should work for you for all events and occasions and who is reliable enough. If you don’t have one already or you want to find a much better one you may consult your friends and family for it as if they may know some great florists that are reliable.

R Research over available flowers: You yourself should be some what aware to the flowers, their names and types. Believe me its so simple much easier than remembering about different gemstones and this will help you in giving tips to your florist too as what may be liked by you or a friend to whom you want to send flowers.

E Evoking emotions: As it is known commonly that flowers change the mood of people when they receive flowers so you may evoke the feelings of a friend, someone in family or your love better by sending them the flowers that they like. You may take help of your florist using the flowers of the receiver’s choice to get your message delivered.

S Sending a surprise: Why just wait for some reason to send flowers to our loved ones when we know that sending flowers to them just because you wanted to ad you love them will make them much more happier and surprised. So send flowers to your loved ones even when there is no reason because that’s the time when the biggest impact can be made.

H Have confidence as you sent best gift in form of flowers: Through researches it was proved more firmly that flowers are the best gifts to be sent and best gifts for the receiver too. It is found that 92 percent f women do remember when they last received the flowers while 97% of men and women do remember that on what occasion or to whom they last sent the flowers. So used the most forceful source of delivering your emotions to loved ones and create an impact of yours as a thoughtful and sophisticated person.

Chemically Drying Peony Flower

peony flower 300x225 Chemically Drying Peony FlowerPeony flowers are often coveted for their longevity. Peonies are herbaceous perennials. The peonies you plant in your garden could in fact see your family through generations! There are about thirty species of peony, most being herbaceous while some, the tree peony, are more like a shrub. Peonies are hardy flowering plants that need little care and live through severe winters. Peonies are 6- to 8-inch-wide flowers found in red, pink or white colors. As beautiful and long-lasting as these flowers are in the garden, preserving peony flowers by drying them allows that beauty to be enjoyed for years to come.

•    Cut the peony flower from your garden in the mid-morning before the white peony 205x300 Chemically Drying Peony Flowerflowers are fully bloomed and too open. Cut the stem leaving around 3 inches long stem with the flower and remove all leaves off it. If you find the petals wet, dry them out gently with paper towel.
•    Now you will have to make a mixture of borax powder and cornmeal or sand. Take one part of borax and 5 parts of either cornmeal or sand. Now take a deep plastic container and form a one inch high layer of the mixture in the base of container.
•    Now arrange peony flowers in container in upside down position over the borax mixture. Now very softly pour more mixture over the flowers in a way that they get covered completely. Now you will have to keep your container in a cool dark place like in a closet or basement.
•    After the time of one week take a flower or two out of the mixture and check if they have dried completely. If you feel that petals are somewhat soft or moist than they needed to be left for drying for some more time. Check back flowers for being dried completely after a week or two.
•    Now as your flowers are dry and you have to take them out of the container you will need to be very careful as drying out flowers make them very delicate. So take flowers out softly and shake them a little to remove any mixture left on them. Still if you find some particles of mixture on flowers, use soft paint brush to remove it and than use the dried flowers in making a beautiful floral arrangement.

Funeral Flowers

flowers funeral Funeral FlowersFlowers can deliver each and every emotion- this is a statement to which all of the people in this world would agree completely. Definitely there is nothing like flowers that can be suitable for all type of events, occasions, celebrations or tragedies in human life. People gift each other flowers on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and on other day to day happenings like graduation, missing you, new born, Mothers Day etc. The most difficult time it is when you have to condole some one for loosing a very dear one of their. In this situation too nothing will work out better than flowers but still in this case you definitely need to be very vigilant regarding the selection of flowers and the colors used. Death in the family is a very sour moment in everyone’s life. Nobody can explain feelings in words so in such a situation the best friend who can relief some pain are the colorful and pleasant flowers.

Funeral Flowers Funeral FlowersIt has been proved in researches that flowers do affect humans emotionally and spiritually so sending flowers at such a sad moment to a friend facing this loss will help you in soothing their minds and bring sense of peace and serenity. For this it is better for you to consult an expert florist who will provide you with the correct information and advice regarding as to which flowers you should use and what colors should be included in the floral arrangement that you want to send to the suffering family.

The various flower arrangements can be used for sending condolences like wreaths, sheaf’s, caskets and sprays. The florist can also suggest you the flower type and arrangement to be given depending on the closeness and relations with the deceased and the family. The flowers has to be sent in proper time in case of death as the funeral home need to arrange the flowers appropriately before everyone starts extending their condolence. Flowers are the best way to pay respect to the deceased. The flowers can be taken tot the church too where the funeral of the deceased would held.

A small piece of advice for those who are not the residents of Asia and got into contact with Asians by any means should always remember that mostly the South East Asians do not have trend of sending and receiving flowers over deaths in their culture. So just be a little considerate and think before you leap.

Qualities of a Good Floral Arrangement

Good Floral Arrangement 300x300 Qualities of a Good Floral ArrangementFloral Arrangement 300x201 Qualities of a Good Floral ArrangementOn the listing of life’s best surprises one is getting a flower arrangement that rejoices an important occasion or delivers a message that you are special to someone. It doesn’t even have to be a birthday or anniversary, because fresh flower arrangements always send the right message so it can be even no occasion yet the very true feelings of your heart delivered to that special someone. There are times when we receive floral arrangements and we just love them but if we notice we find out that some petal and leaves in arrangements are already appearing wilted. Or its is sometimes even that we just loved the flowers that we got and the very next day they appear to be all ill or in fact almost dead. Not all floral arrangements are created equal. Freshly cut flowers almost always look beautiful, but it is how they are handled from the point of cutting that will have one of the greatest impacts on the quality of the final floral arrangement.

There are certain characteristics that basically define that what qualities a good floral arrangement should hold or that we should look for when getting flowers for someone. Actually when people get flowers from us and they are drooping or doesn’t appear that fresh and artistically arranged its not just, that the sender is facing loss in terms of not getting right worth of his money spent but the receiver would also think that why the sender just couldn’t act a little more careful for sending flowers. The necessary characteristics are:

1.    One of the first is the freshness of the flowers, and that is determined by how the flowers are grown, cut, shipped, and stored.
2.    Choice of flowers sends the appropriate message.
3.    Arrangement presents artistry of florist.
4.    Arrangement is creative or exclusive.
5.    Artistic choice of colors used in arrangement.
6.    Meets customer expectations and desires.
7.    Arrangement has a fresh appearance.
8.    Arrangement is prepared in a way that keeps flowers fresh as long as possible.

If the floral arrangement is prepared keeping all these factors in mind by the expert florists than that would definitely communicate perfectly the message that is to be sent by the sender to the receiver and that is the art of the florist that he should make the flowers talk to receiver.

Common Flowers Used in Floral Arrangements in Canada

Apple Blossom 300x199 Common Flowers Used in Floral Arrangements in CanadaLike in any other part of world in Canada too it is believed that flowers have their own language and that sends the message that we want to send to our loved ones. Flowers are no doubt the most appealing and presented gifts over any occasion. Their natural beauty and freshness represent all the splendor of life. Basically as each flower holds a different meaning and conveys a different message so it’s always about selecting the right flowers for the occasion. Here you can find meaning of some flowers that are used in floral arrangements so this would act as a guide for you.alstroemeria 300x225 Common Flowers Used in Floral Arrangements in Canada

Apple Blossom:
This flower holds the meaning of “promise”. Apple blossom will act perfect on occasions like when you are formalizing a new relationship, making up after an argument or fight or making a commitment to someone or something. The pretty and fragrant pinkish-white blossoms of the apple tree are a perfect complement to an arrangement when it is being used to show your commitment and promise towards someone.

This flower says I am “aspiring”, so the suitable occasions for sending this flower are like high School or College Graduation, a new job or promotion or Babys Breath 253x300 Common Flowers Used in Floral Arrangements in Canadaany type of personal achievement. The colors of this flower range from a bright orangey goldenrod color to a soft white with pink accents.

Baby’s Breath:
This flower depicts “festivity”. So all the occasions that we celebrate that bring festive moments in our lives are perfect times for gifting this flower like Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Mothers/Fathers Day, and Congratulations. Well the occasions for presenting these flowers are definitely not limited to these few named above. Baby’s breath is commonly used in almost all floral arrangements by florists not only in Canada but also in all other parts of world too.

Daffodil stands for Chivalry or Unrequited Loves. This is best to be given by a man to a woman to whom he admires or can be gifted by brother or a cousinblackEyedSusan 300x258 Common Flowers Used in Floral Arrangements in Canada to female relative to deliver the message that “I am there for you”.

Black-Eyed Susan:
This flower delivers the message of “Encouragement” from you. This flower is a good option for the occasions when you want to say to someone that “I support you,” or “I’m thinking of you.” The right occasions for sending this flower are when there is a death in the family, when someone has lost their job or when someone is going through rough times.
You may also send the flower “poppy” over all these occasions as it also sends the message of consolation.

Making Different Cut Flowers Stay for Long

rose 300x225 Making Different Cut Flowers Stay for LongCut flowers are a great gift to get and to present too to someone. People like to receive and gift flowers but many people hesitate in getting flowers for themselves often because the factor is just one behind that is they do not last for long. Here are tips for you as to how you may make your different flowers stay for long.

To keep your roses fresh for long you can conserve your flowers in fridge for few hours, right after you buy them. Cut stems at sharp angle keeping them under water and letting water flow over it for about 3 minutes. Before you put Tulips 300x218 Making Different Cut Flowers Stay for Longthe flowers in vase, soften the base of stem in the mint oil. Add either lemon drops or a little salt to the water in the vase. Take warm water as roses remain in good health in warm water. Use tall and full of water vase and after introducing your flowers in to the vase keep them at a cool dark place for around 24 hours. You can use disinfecting substance to avoid bacterial development and change the water daily.

Tulips can last from 8 to 10 days when kept as cut flowers. Tulips are unable to bear warmth and water deprivation at all. Put the flowers in cold without draught place in cold fresh water and do cut the white base of flowers under orchid care 300x223 Making Different Cut Flowers Stay for Longwater before putting them in vase. You can put some stems of Tuia to maintain freshness of water and color of flowers. For this you can also put a metal coin into water. Keep the vase filled with water or wrap the flowers in paper else the stems will turn towards light to avoid Tulips declension.

If correct conditions are offered to Orchids they may last for 1 to 2 weeks and even more. 26 degrees is the temperature that is liked by orchid due to being an exotic flower. Before putting your flowers in vase you need to keep them in a cold place for 10 to 15 minutes. If you want to refresh your flowers cut thedaffodil 300x300 Making Different Cut Flowers Stay for Long bottom of stems and put them in boiled water this would increase their resistance.

Daffodil cut flowers can live for 4 to 8 days. The daffodil stem excretes some substance that fastens the deterioration process. To avoid this cut the stem at very sharp angle about two inches above the bottom and either pass it through the fire or leave it for sometime in warm water.

The peony will be fresh when kept into the vase for 7 to 10 days. The cut flowers are conserved in a cold place for 24 hours without water and thereafter you’ll have to cut about 1 centimeter of the stem at bottom and put them in vase filled of warm water.

A Guide for Guys’ for Gifting Flowers

Gifting flowers for women 300x221 A Guide for Guys’ for Gifting FlowersA research took place sometime ago regarding as to by doing what men can have ever lasting impression on their women and the answer found was nothing else than gifting flowers. It was discovered in the study that 92% of women remember when they last got flowers as gift and around 89% said that receiving flowers from a loved one makes them feel happy and special. Flowers are a sensual gift that can express any emotion so simply – with just a little knowledge and an order placed with the florist. It is generally believed and said all over the world that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach so definitely we can say that the way to a woman’s heart is through her emotions related senses.

It is not a just a girlfriend or a wife that a man would want to inspire but it can be any woman in a man’s life like, girlfriend, wife, any other good friend, mother or even a sister. Here are some advices as to how your floral arrangement should be prepared in order to be gifted to women in different relations.

When a man gets involved in some girl and that’s his new love, the expression of this feeling is the hardest one. So the way his flower arrangement should look will show his new romantic interest and his actual feelings. When it’s about to show your passionate feelings guys than go for an arrangement filled with hot pinks, oranges, reds and golds. Now as most of your expression work of your feelings would be done through these flowers still you can add a thoughtful greeting card to so the right emotions of yours are communicated.

Since ever flowers have been linked somewhere with the art of romance in the whole world. With the time as a relation grows and move ahead flowers become symbol and milestones of different events in our life that we lived together. You can keep noting about her choice of flowers from the day one, check out the varieties of flowers used in your wedding, flowers that you used to send her when you started dating or any of the flowers that you see her buying, these all are the flowers that she likes.

No woman in this world mom, grandmas or daughters can live without tender loving care.  Send the message to them that you care by sending a flowering plant or garden style arrangement with greens and in soft pastel colors with any variety of flowers. Selection of garden-style flowers or a bright bold color palette that is fun and whimsical is perfect when you want to deliver a message that you care for someone not in the sensual way but you do think for them. A basket mixed of flowering and green plants will be a big shot.

It was found in study that 96% of the women like to receive flowers when it is no occasion or when they are not expecting them so make it an event for her by sending flowers instead of waiting for an event to send flowers.