Valentine’s Day Serenades – Bucket of Surprises

Valentines Day Serenade Valentine’s Day Serenades – Bucket of SurprisesValentine’s Day is the most special day of the year for many. It is the day of love when many lovers meet and make their destiny. It is celebrated by giving a red rose or bouquet to your loved one to show your love and concern for them, so flowers are essential on this day but the thing that really makes it special is a beautiful serenade you can sing for your lover to make the day even more special and happening. If you don’t know what to sing or having problems choosing the right song, I will give you tips for the best serenade which will be loved a lot.

Step one is to pick the right song which you can easily perform. It shouldn’t be very difficult but has to be romantic, it is a must. It should be familiar, so that it will be loved even more as showing that you know their favorite song will get you an edge and will make your song even more special. The song you love can result in a disaster, so it is good if you choose a song which your partner loves.

After choosing the right song it is very important you find the perfect place where you can sing it to your lover, a quite romantic place would be best for this special serenade. A balcony is a perfect place for a serenade but other places such as river banks, gardens and anywhere private will make it more special and perfect for your serenade, no matter how good you sing but a bad place will ruin the whole of it.

Don’t go to public place or choose an inappropriate time for it. If you wait for too long at night for any reason, it might annoy your lover and they might not like it. And you shouldn’t choose an apartment or office place for your serenade, as other people will tend to abuse you or you might cause disturbance for the neighbors.

As practice makes perfection, make sure you practice a lot before the special day to make your serenade perfect. You need to take into account that you just cannot make any error when performing. So it is best if you practice a lot.

Don’t forget to bring some chocolates, flowers or any other thing that your lover would love before the serenade, it will really get it going and they will love it a lot. Also make the atmosphere romantic by lighting candles or other hopelessly perfect additions to the place.

While singing the song, show a lot of passion with a smile and love in your eyes to show your love. It will be appreciated and loved by your lover.

By applying these tips to your serenade, you can perform a perfect one. Did you like these tips for a perfect serenade? Please share your previous experiences. Did you have a perfect one ever?

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