Top Mistakes To Avoid While Planing For Wedding Flowers

Across the world, a number of florists say that brides end up making a number of mistakes while choosing the flowers for her wedding. No doubt brides are super excited as well as stressed out from the wedding preparations. So to help them out, a few floral mistakes have been discussed here in this post.

1. Not having the complete idea
When it comes to couples, they spend a good amount of money as well as put in efforts to find a place with an amazing view like a beach or something else that is romantic. They mostly look for the table setting and centerpieces instead of envisioning the whole wedding reception room. This way they end up having huge centerpieces which obstruct the view of the amazing place.

2. Going for last minute booking
It is recommended that couples go choosing the florists and planning the floral arrangements and bouquets in advance. This way they will have enough time to make decisions and choose the one that fits in their budget. Nowadays many online stores also provide wedding flowers. It is easy to find their service at discounted rate by visiting Dealslands.

3. Not believing in florists
When you sit with your florist to discuss wedding floral arrangements better talk about the likes and dislikes. Tell them what you want to have on your big day and at the same time be flexible for some changes. Understand that florist are there to help you out and make your big day amazing. So trust them and let them take the lead.

4. Saying no to pricey flowers
Pricey flowers can cause you budget problems but, if you go for peonies or cattleya orchids they will take up more space. This means a few of them is enough for the bouquet compared to a bundle of roses and they are more catchy too. So in short, you will have some amazing blooms without spending a fortune.

5. Going for a single colour
Many a time brides try to match the floral decorations, bouquets, etc. to match with the bridesmaid dresses. But it eventually leads to unpredictably bad pictures. So it is always better to go for contrasting colours to make sure that everything is visible as well as beautiful.

6. Being adamant
At times brides end up being adamant on their choices. Try to be compromising. Understand that florists would have better knowledge as well as ideas for you. Interflora – an online store delivering flowers has a good option for couples to choose wedding flowers depending on their budget plan.

7. Opting for flowers with strong smell
Many brides love to have centerpiece with aromatic flowers. Scented flowers may, of course, be romantic but it has the downside too. This can turn out to be a bad decision if any of your guests are allergic to them. Still if you want to keep them, you can have them for alter arrangements or for the bridal bouquet.

8. Being careless about flowers
If you want your blooms to last long, you need to take care of them. Flowers like hydrangeas will only last for three hours if they are not properly hydrated. So if you are carrying them out to take more and more pictures, chances are huge that they may not last through your ceremony.

9. Not having any specific plan
Brides often end up thinking about flowers in the end. Many of the flowers are shipped from different locations around the world. So it is necessary to have a proper plan when you start with your wedding arrangements. You must have a theme and your budget planned for flowers in advance. This will help you in choosing the right ones on time.

Understand that no one wants to have a stressful wedding to remember for the lifetime. Proper preparations and taking care of certain things will save you a lot of time, effort and of course, your money. For every wedding, blooms have a large part to play, so keep these things in mind and avoid repeating them on your weddings.

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