Roses: for love, friendship or appreciation

There’s something extra special about roses; and they have long been the symbol of love and romance, but their meaning is much deeper.
In Christianity, the history of roses dates as far back as ancient Rome when they were used to symbolise devotion to Venus, the goddess; and they were then later linked to the Virgin Mary (and led to the creation of the rosary for prayer). In the Islam and Sufism religions, the beauty of the rose provokes the song of the nightingale; and also refers to the Sufi master Jilani, known as “the Rose of Baghdad”.
Throughout the world, Catalonians use the rose to celebrate Saint George’s Day, or “lover’s day”; while in England the rose is actually the national flower with a history dating back to the English civil wars back in the 15th Century – so much so that these were later called the War of the Roses. The Rugby Union team and association in England have the rose as part of their emblem. And in the United States of America, the rose was adopted as the national floral emblem in the 1980s.
So much history… but did you also know the colour of roses have a special meaning?
Before choosing which rose to give your loved one, friend or foe; make sure you read the following guide so you know exactly what colour to choose to suit your special occasion:
RED is the ideal rose to choose if you want to show someone you TRULY love them. Red also represents beauty, courage, respect and is great for a “job well done” (though you should probably be wary who you give it to as they might think you’re in love with them – ie. you might not want to wish an employee a job well done with a red rose).
YELLOW roses represent friendship and can be given to cheer someone up, or as a Get Well Soon gift. They are also good for new beginnings, “welcome back”, to show someone you care – and if it has a red tip, it means you are falling in love.
LAVENDER roses are a colour for enchantment and love at first sight; and it is also the colour of royalty.
PINK roses represent grace and elegance and are ideal to show someone you are falling for the them; also good to say thank you as they are great symbols of gratitude and appreciation. They also represent gentleness and admiration and light pink is good for joy and happiness.
WHITE roses are a symbol of true love and ideal for brides for the wedding day – they represent purity, unity, happy love and virtue. They are also an ideal sympathy rose for a loved one lost. They also stand for “I am worthy of you”, youthfulness and reverence.
ORANGE roses represent desire and passion and are a bridge between friendship (yellow roses) and true love (red roses). They are also good to tell someone you are proud of their achievements.
BLACK is the colour to choose if you want to wish someone a final farewell after they have passed away.
Added bonus: Did you know the number of roses you give you someone also has meaning?
Give one rose and you are telling them you are completely devoted; two roses when entwined together is a wonderful way to propose; while three roses represents a shared love.
If you give someone six roses this signifies a need to be loved and infatuation; 10 roses means you believe your love is ideal; 11 roses means you are very deeply loved.
If you give 12 roses, you’re saying “please be mine”; and if you receive 13 roses –this could mean you have a secret admirer … or it could mean you just want to be friends. Give 15 roses to tell someone you are sorry; 24 roses to shout out your love; and 40 roses if you want them to be yours for life.
Regardless of the colour you choose, the meaning behind it, and the number you give – there’s no doubt roses are a wonderful way to tell someone you care and with specialist
florists Melbourne or send flowers to Brunei as you know you’re giving a gift that is powerful and beautiful.

Orchids Types and Meanings

Orchids are believed to be the most complex flowers among all whether it’s about growing them at home or if considered in regard to their species. Broadly all the Orchid species are divided into 5 groups.

  1. Epiphyte: This is the type of Orchid that is found to be growing on trees and other plants. But they do get their required nutrients from water and air too; they do not remain dependent on other things only.
  2. Lithophytes: These are strange type of orchids and they grow over rocks. They have also the system same as epiphytes to gain the nutrients necessary for their growth.
  3. Monopodial: This type will have new growths over its stems that grow vertically. (They will need less space horizontally but should be planted at a place that is open and free till high.)
  4. Terrestrial: These are the orchids planted in ground and they gain their nutrients through their roots who extract minerals from the soil they are placed in.
  5. Sympodial: These are the Orchids that grow horizontally and so they spread sideways. They usually spread very quickly.

The flower symbolism associated with the orchid is love, beauty, refinement, many children, thoughtfulness and mature charm. Orchids are found in several colors and bring about different impact every time with a different meaning.

  • Yellow orchids are amazing, bright and cheerful. Yellow orchids bring a graceful feeling to any floral arrangement. Commonly known as flowers of love, yellow orchids have a rare and delicate beauty. Also, yellow orchids are a symbol of royal elegance.
  • Black orchids are mysterious flowers. They are described as fantasy flowers that have magical powers. Black orchids are a symbol of power and absolute authority.
  • White orchids are the rarest type of orchids.  Beautiful, elegant and pure, the white orchid stands out in every flower arrangement. White orchid represent delicate beauty. They stand for purity, innocence, virtue and divine beauty.
  • The pink orchid is a magnificent flower. The pink orchid is the most delicate and interesting flower. Pink orchids are known to be flowers that represent love and pure affection. Pink orchids stand for pure affection.
  • Red orchids are often described as “an Asian love’s dream”. Radiant and grand, red orchids represent the extraordinary wishes of love.  Red orchids stand for passion, energy, power, strength, determinism.
  • Blue orchids are rare, beautiful and deep meaningful flowers. Blue orchids represent delicate beauty. They are royal in color, and therefore, they represent depth, power and stability.
  • Purple orchids are stunning and their color is absolutely magnificent and the blooms differ from the brightest shade of royal, mysterious purple to the gentlest shade of lavender. Lavender orchids provoke romance and elegance, while deep purple arouses mystery and suggests uncertainty.

National Flowers of Different Countries

National flowers or National emblems since ever hold a great importance in all parts of the world. Almost every country in this world holds its own National flowers that represent that country. Here is the list of National flowers of different countries. Knowing about these flowers is fun as you can gift a friend of yours belonging to some other country with the national flower of his country to greet on their national day.

  • Antigua & Barbuda – Dagger’s Logpink carnation 150x150 National Flowers of Different Countries
  • Argentina – Ceibo Erythrina
  • Austria – Edelweiss
  • Australia – Golden Wattle Acacia
  • Bahamas – Yellow Elder, or Yellow Cedar
  • Balearic Islands – Carnation
  • Bangladesh – Water Lily
  • Barbados – Dwarf Poinciana
  • Belarus – Flax
  • Belgium – Red Poppy
  • Belize – Black Orchid
  • Bermuda – Blue-eyed Grass
  • Bhutan—blue poppy
  • Bohemia – Thyme
  • Bolivia – Kantuta
  • Brazil – Cattleya Orchid British
  • Columbia – Dogwood Tree Flower
  • Bulgaria – Rose Rosa
  • Canada – Maple Leaf
  • Chile – Copihue
  • China – Plum Blossom
  • Columbia – Christmas orchid
  • Costa Rica – Guaria Morada (purple orchid)
  • Cuba – Butterfly Jasminefinland lily of the valley 150x150 National Flowers of Different Countries
  • Cyprus – Rose Rosa
  • Czechoslovakia – Rose Rosa
  • Denmark – Marguerite Daisy
  • Dominica—The bwa kwaib, or Carib tree
  • Egypt – Lotus Nymphaea lotus
  • England – Rose Rosa
  • Ecuador – White Nun Orchid
  • Ethiopia – Calla Lily
  • France – Iris
  • Finland – Lily-of-the-valley
  • Germany – Centaurea/Knapweed
  • Greece – Bear’s breech
  • Greenland – Willow Herb
  • Guatemala – White Nun Orchid
  • Guyana – Water Lily
  • Holland – Tulip
  • Honduras – Orchid
  • Hong Kong – Orchid
  • Hungary – Tulip
  • India – Lotus
  • Indonesia – Jasmine
  • Iran – Red Rose
  • Iraq – Rose RosaAngrek Bulan Indonesia 150x150 National Flowers of Different Countries
  • Ireland – Shamrock
  • Jamaica – Tree of Life
  • Japan – Chrysanthemum (imperial) , Cherry Blossom
  • Jordan – Black Iris
  • Korea – Rose of Sharon
  • Laos – Rice
  • Latvia – Oxeye Daisy
  • Liberia – Pepper
  • Libya – Pomegranate blossom
  • Lithuania – Rue
  • Luxembourg – Rose
  • Madagascar – Poinciana or Flamboyant
  • Maldives – Pink Rose
  • Malta – The Maltese Centaury
  • Malaysia – Hibiscus
  • Mexico – Dahlia
  • Monaco – Carnation
  • Nepal – Rhododendron
  • Netherlands – Tulip
  • New Zealand – Kowhai
  • Nicaragua – Sacuanjoche
  • N.Korea – Azalea
  • Northern Ireland – Flax
  • Norway – Purple Heather
  • Pakistan – Jasminenational flowers 150x150 National Flowers of Different Countries
  • Panama – Dove Orchid
  • Paraguay – Jasmine-of-the-Paraguay
  • Peru – Kantuta
  • Philippines – Sampaguita Jasminum sambac
  • Poland – Corn Poppy
  • Portugal – Lavender
  • Puerto Rico – Puerto Rican Hibiscus
  • Romania – Dog rose
  • Russia – Chamomile
  • Scotland – Thistle
  • Seychelles – Tropicbird Orchid
  • Sicily – Carnation
  • Singapore – Orchid (a hybrid orchid)
  • Slovakia – Rose
  • Slovenia – Carnation
  • Sri Lanka – (Water Lily)
  • S. Africa – Protea
  • S. Korea – Hibiscus
  • Soviet Union – Carnation
  • Sweden – Linnea
  • Switzerland – Edelweiss
  • Tahiti – Gardenia
  • Taiwan (Republic of China) – Plum blossom
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Pride of Trinidad & Tobago/Wild Poinsettia
  • Turkey – Tulip
  • Ukraine – Sunflower
  • United States of America – Rose
  • United Kingdom, England -Tudor rose
  • United Kingdom, Scotland – Thistle
  • Venezuela – Orchid
  • Virgin Islands – Yellow Elder or Yellow Trumpet
  • Wales – Daffodil
  • Yemen – Arabian coffee
  • Yugoslavia – Lily of the Valley

Many European countries do not have a national flower, for instance modern France, Spain and Italy.

Flowers, Plants And Dreams

Strangely when we see flowers in our dreams they are sign of something even then too. Here is an interesting list of different flowers that mean different things when dreamt of.

Flowers and plants which are good signs in dreams are:

  • Currantroses 150x150 Flowers, Plants And Dreams
  • Jasmine
  • Lily
  • Laurel
  • Marigold – wealth
  • Myrtle – happiness
  • Oak – wealth
  • Olive
  • Palm tree
  • Pear – wealth
  • Thistle
  • Thorn
  • Wormwood

Flowers and Plants in dreams which denote misfortune are:

  • Birch, White flowers – deathpurple flowers 150x150 Flowers, Plants And Dreams
  • Cherry
  • Cypress
  • Dandelion
  • Hemp
  • Plum
  • Walnut – unfaithfulness
  • Withered roses

Flowers & Plants which foretell a long life are:

  • Apricotgrapes 150x150 Flowers, Plants And Dreams
  • Apple
  • Box
  • Fig
  • Grape
  • Oak

Flowers and plants which foretell sickness are:

  • Acorn
  • Beans – portend evil
  • Elder
  • Onion
  • Plum

Flowers & Plants related to money, love, & marriage

  1. Roses depict success in love
  2. Clover signifies a happy marriage, wealth & prosperity
  3. Raspberry, Pomegranate, Cucumber, Currant and Box – foretell well for love affairs.
  4. To dream of cutting cabbage means your lover is jealous. To dream of eating cabbages augurs illness for your loved ones and money loss.
  5. Dreaming of cutting parsley means that you’ll eventually be crossed in love.
  6. Dreaming of passing through brambles indicates trouble ahead.
  7. If you dream of gathering nuts you should be receiving unexpected wealth.
  8. Dreaming of yew means the death of an old person who will leave behind considerable wealth.
  9. Violets or vines indicate advancement in life and prosperity
  10. Fresh, green grass in a dream is a good omen, but withered and decayed grass or cutting of grass signifies misfortune and sickness.
  11. Yellow flowers can mean love mixed with jealousy or that you will have more children to maintain than what justly belong to you.
  12. Garlic can mean the discovery of hidden treasures or that a domestic quarrel.
  13. To dream of the juniper tree is unlucky, especially if you are sick, but to dream of gathering berries in winter can mean you’ll achieve great honors.

t Flowers, Plants And Dreams

Roses Roses & Roses

wedding bouquet1 300x199 Roses Roses & RosesRoses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. Roses are often considered as the most perfect flowers for expression of love. Roses, in particular, define love so well because of all the various shades some of which are natural and some are man-made; that symbolize the various stages and emotions of love and romance. Here is some really interesting information about roses.

  • A single rose of any color in full bloom means “I love you.”
  • Two roses put together to form a single stem means an impending engagement or marriage.
  • A dozen roses in a bouquet represent a traditional romance, but can signify something more particular, such as a dozen ways that I love you.
  • Two dozen roses in a bouquet represent an even deeper attraction and can tell your beloved that you think of them every hour.
  • Three dozen roses symbolize a romance that is unlike any other.
  • Four dozen roses represent an unchanging and unconditional love.
  • One red rose combined with several yellow roses means joviality.
  • Pale colored roses symbolize friendship instead than romantic love.
  • Deeper colored roses symbolize a more romantic love with passion and intimacy.
  • All roses symbolize love, but certain colors of roses can take on special meanings. Opinions vary on the many meanings of roses, but here are some of the more common.

1. Red Roses                              love, passion, “I Love You”

2. White Roses                          innocence, purity, reverence, humility

3. Red & White Roses              unity

4. Yellow & Red Roses            friendship, falling in love

5. Pink Roses                            grace, gentility, perfect happiness, sweet thoughts

6. Light Pink Roses                   admiration, sympathy

7. Dark Pink Roses                   gratitude, appreciation

8. Peach Roses                          passion

9. Yellow Roses                        joy, gladness, friendship, platonic love

10.  Orange Roses                       desire, new beginnings

11.  Burgundy Roses                   beauty

12.  Black Roses                         death of old habits, renewal of spirit

13.  Blue  Roses                          mystery

14.  Green Roses                         calm, fertility, fruitfulness

15.  Purple Roses                         royalty, majesty, enchantment,

protection, paternal and/or maternal love

16.  Lavender Roses                   falling in love at first sight

17.  Tie-Dyed Roses                   fun, crazy in love

  • A bouquet of unopened roses or rosebuds is a symbol of youth and innocent love.
  • Red rosebuds symbolize youth and innocent love.
  • Pink rosebuds symbolize a love of youthfulness.
  • A combination or red and pink rosebuds means that you are youthful and beautiful.
  • One full bloomed rose given with two rosebuds symbolizes a undisclosed love.
  • White rosebuds symbolize a heart that is too young for romantic love or a heart that knows no love.
  • Moss rosebuds symbolize a first declaration of love.
  • White rosebuds that have dried or died symbolize short-lived beauty.

Roses And Romantic Flowers Trivia

love flower 150x150 Roses And Romantic Flowers TriviaRoses are believed to the best flowers for romantic message but there are some other flowers too that are used to express love. There are some unusual facts related to the flowers that express love.

  1. Acacia blossoms- Concealed or chaste love.
  2. Daisy – Loyal love
  3. Forget-me-nots- thoughts of true love
  4. Gardenias- secret love or a desire
  5. Red roses symbolize love in a number of forms Aster – Symbol of Love;
  6. Baby’s Breath – Everlasting love; happiness; pure in heart
  7. Camellia (Pink) – Longing for you
  8. Camellia (Red) – You’re a flame in my heart
  9. Camellia (White) – You’re adorable
  10. Carnation (pink) – I’ll never forget you, women’s love
  11. Carnation (white) -Sweet and lovely; innocence; pure love;
  12. Catchfly (red) – Youthful love
  13. Chrysanthemum (red) – I love
  14. Daffodil – unrequited love
  15. Fern (Maidenhair) – Secret bond of love
  16. Fuchsia (scarlet) – Confiding love
  17. Furze – Love for all occasions
  18. Gladiolus – Love at first sight;
  19. Globe Amaranth – Unfading love
  20. Gloxinia – Love at first sight
  21. Heliotrope – eternal love
  22. Honey flower – Sweet, secret love, generous affection,
  23. Japonica – Sincerity, symbol of love
  24. Lavender – Devotion, love
  25. Mimosa – secret love
  26. Moss – Maternal love;
  27. Myrtle – Love; love in absence; remembrance;
  28. Orchid – Love;
  29. Tulip (red) – Believe me; declaration of love
  30. Woodbine – Fraternal Love
  31. Zephyr Flower – Symbol of Love
  • In Scotland, if a white rose bloomed in autumn it was a token of an early marriage.
  • According to one myth, on the wedding day of Cupid (love) and Psyche (soul), roses were scattered all over the land, symbolizing a union.
  • It’s said that throwing rose leaves into a burning flame will bring you good luck.
  • In Greek and Roman mythology, roses were symbolic of love, protection, and rebirth.

Apologies and Hatred Expressed Through Flowers

It happens sometimes that we hurt our loved ones and than it becomes really difficult to express our guilt to apologize to them in such a time of need flowers can do the job greatly. For apologizing you do not certainly need a flower saying “I am Sorry” straightly but few flowers that may be saying good things to the recipient or the love message from you can work equally. There are hundreds of species of roses in the world and a great number of them can do the job for you.

Austrian Rose You are all that is lovely
Black Rose Foreshadow of death
Bridal Rose Happiness
Cabbage Rose Ambassador of love
Carolina Rose Love is dangerous
Christmas Rose Relieve my anxiety
Cinnamon Rose Without pretension
Coral Rose Desire
Dark crimson Rose Mourning
Dark pink Rose Thankfulness
Deep red Rose Shame
Garland or crown Rose Beware of virtue
Hibiscus Rose Delicate, beauty
Lavender Rose Enchantment
Orange Rose Fascination
Pale pink Rose Grace, joy
Peach Rose Immortality, modesty
Pink Rose Perfect happiness
Red Rose I love you
Tea Rose I’ll remember always
Thorn less Rose Love at first sight
White and red mixed Rose Unity
White Rose innocence and purity
Yellow Rose Jealousy
Rosebud red Rose Pure and lovely

When it is about expressing hatred or any of your negative expressions and you just do not find the way out to say it clearly too to any one, than find the flowers as the solution. There are flowers that can deliver your message of hatred and anger.

Basil I hate you
Begonia beware
Oleander caution
Peony anger
Primrose (evening) inconsistency
Snapdragon falsehood, deception
Carnation (yellow) disappointment, rejection

What Roses Mean in Russia & How to Gift

russian flowers 150x150 What Roses Mean in Russia & How to GiftFlowers are the most beautiful gift that can be given or received by any one. Although the flowers do not last for ever but the message and the care that is delivered through those flowers last forever. Nothing else than flowers have the strength to fill our hearts with so much pleasure on receiving them from a loved one. All around the world flowers are believed to have their own language. Especially roses are the most commonly gifted flowers among all the cut flowers. Different colors of Roses in Russia too hold different meaning. Russian women love to receive flowers and take it as care and attention from their men. But there are some superstitions attached too with the Russians so never gift your gal the flowers in even numbers. Always gift the flowers in Russia in odd numbers because even numbers are funeral.

The different colors of roses are believed to send the following messages:

RED love, passion fancy rose1 150x150 What Roses Mean in Russia & How to Gift
PEACH, PINK tenderness, tender love, sympathy pink roses 150x150 What Roses Mean in Russia & How to Gift
YELLOW There are two meanings – the positive one is friendship and joy and the negative one is cheating and breaking up. YELLOW rose 150x150 What Roses Mean in Russia & How to Gift
ORANGE enthusiasm and desire Orange Rose1 150x150 What Roses Mean in Russia & How to Gift
WHITE silence, modesty, charm, innocence WHITE roses 150x150 What Roses Mean in Russia & How to Gift

If you do not choose to gift a bouquet of any one particular color of rose and goes for the one that have all the colors mixed than that will send only one message and that is that you appreciate, think and care about that special girl in your life.

Roses And Love

rose 150x150 Roses And LoveRoses are the ultimate way for expression of love. Roses since ever are believed to be the best flowers for expressing love. Roses are the flowers through which each level or intensity of love can be expressed. Every color of rose holds a different meaning and expresses a different level of intensity of love.

  • Red rose the most common and famous one actually characterizes the cupid. Red rose basically represent the deep passionate love that one holds for his or her beloved. A single red rose given says “I love you”.
  • Now interestingly deep red rose does not express even deeper love instead it emotes the coyness in love. When this rose is given by someRoses Love 150x150 Roses And Love one it means “I love you” but the sender is a little shy to express the love.
  • The prettiest love the one that is held deep down in the heart of lover and that is not expressed can be brought into the notice of beloved for the first time by sending the burgundy roses.
  • Pink roses are sign of perfect happiness. Pink roses are also sent to friends and dear ones because they also represent friendship.
  • Deep pink roses are sent to say “Thank you”. Gifting deep pink roses means someone wants to thank a loved one deep heartedly for the wonderful deed he or she must have done.
  • Roses And Love 150x150 Roses And LoveIf you are thinking to give some roses to a sweet girl than nothing is better than light pink roses. Light pink roses convey the message of joy, gentleness and sweetness.
  • The perfect representation of friendship can be through nothing else than yellow roses. The bright color of yellow roses sends the message of joy. Strangely some times yellow roses are used to send the message of jealousy and decrease of love but mostly due to the bright color of this rose it sends the message of friendship.
  • When you are attempting for a new love and want to show your enthusiasm and fascination than give orange roses.
  • Roses and Valentines Day1 150x150 Roses And LovePeach roses are sign of modesty and desire. So when a new relationship springs out and you want to show your desire for love present the Peach roses.
  • If you have fallen in love with some one at first sight than lavender roses are going to express your feelings perfectly.
  • White roses transmit the innocence and purity. For this reason white roses are widely used in weddings. If a girl or a boy wants to gain love of his or her beloved, they send white roses delivering the message “I am worthy of you”. White roses are also used by secret admirers.
  • If you want to propose your girl than present the red and white roses combined together with an engagement ring and everything will be said as they represent unity, Commitment and engagement too.

Flowers: Variety of Colors and Types – 2

Here we are back again with the continuing information about the flowers in different colors and ranges.

Purple Flowers 150x150 Flowers: Variety of Colors and Types   2

Purple Flowers:

  • Deeper shades of purple flowers such as wine, plum or eggplant are a symbol of glory and power.
  • Lighter shades of purple flower such as lilac, violet or mauve are linked to youth and feminine beauty.
  • Daisy (Purple):     Innocence, Royal beauty, love that conquers all, 5th wedding anniversary
  • Rose (Purple):           Everlasting love, love at first sight, style, enchantment, new love
  • Hydrangea (Purple):  Vanity, Boastfulness, Appreciation
  • Lilac (Purple):            First emotions of love, 8th Wedding anniversary
  • Lily (Purple):              Majesty, honor
  • Calla lily (Purple):      Sophistication, Charm
  • Orchid (Purple):          Feminity, Romance, Elegance
  • Hibiscus (Purple):       Majestic Splendor
  • Carnation (Purple):     Capriciousness, spontaneity, traditional funeral flower of France

White Flowers 150x150 Flowers: Variety of Colors and Types   2

White Flowers:

  • White flowers are often related to perfection, chastity and purity, carrying deep symbols of peace and calmness.
  • White Rose                           Virginity, innocence
  • White Lily                             Purity, Majesty
  • Camellia                                You’re adorable
  • White Hydrangea                   Friendship & Devotion
  • White Gerbera Daisy             Truth, innocence
  • White Tulip                            Forgiveness
  • White Daisy                           Freshness, modesty, simple beauty
  • White Calla Lily                    Magnificent beauty, innocence
  • White Orchid                         Delicate beauty
  • Magnolia Flowers                  Nobility, perseverance, love of nature
  • White Hibiscus                      Purity, fertilization
  • White Carnation                    Pure & sweet love, loveliness, innocence
  • Jasmine Flower                     Attachment, affection, sensuality
  • Lily of the Valley                  Return of Happiness
  • White Daffodil                      New Beginnings

Blue Flowers 150x150 Flowers: Variety of Colors and Types   2

Blue Flowers:

  • Light blue flowers are related to health, softness, tranquility and calmness.
  • Dark blue flowers are associated to seriousness, power, integrity and knowledge.
  • Blue Tulip                         Loyalty, Unity, Trust
  • Blue Rose                          Mystery, Youth
  • Blue Orchid                       Delicate beauty
  • Blue Calla Lily                  Royalty, Serenity, Peace, Tranquility
  • Blue Hibiscus                    Delicate beauty
  • Blue Carnation                  Tranquility, peace, spirituality

Brown Flowers 150x150 Flowers: Variety of Colors and Types   2

Brown Flowers:

  • Brown flowers are more masculine, conveying a sense of warmth and stability, due to the association between brown and the earth.
  • Brown Rose                    Friendship, warmth, stability, Thank you
  • Brown Calla Lily           Grandeur, dependability, mystery, magnificent beauty