Water Appropriate for Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh

valentine flower1 150x150 Water Appropriate for Keeping Cut Flowers FreshFlowers remain fresh and retain their beauty when remain intact to their plants. If it is that you want to bring their beauty indoors within your homes than you need to provide them with some pampering in order to maintain their freshness for longer period of time. In this the main role is played by the water actually so you need to maintain the water levels and temperatures if you want to keep your flowers fresh.

  • When you collect the cut flowers you need to take care that the flowers should not get damage. Better keep them in an open basket or roll them in a protective paper.
  • valentine flowers 150x150 Water Appropriate for Keeping Cut Flowers FreshYou should always try to keep the time minimum that flowers have to bear out of the water so it will be great if you prepare your vase in advance before cutting or collecting your flowers. Take care that the vase should have to be rinsed completely and very well so that no bacteria from previous floral arrangement may harm your current flowers.
  • When you put the water in the vase for the first time for your flowers it is preferred that it should be warm around 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit as recommended by various research institutes. This allows flowers to absorb the greater amount of water quickly. Let the water cool down to room temperature itself.
  • valentine day flower 150x150 Water Appropriate for Keeping Cut Flowers FreshNow cut the stem end a little so you may again allow your flowers to absorb water in a better way assuring that there are no air bubbles in the stem to stop the water flow to the flower head. You may also cut the stem keeping it under the water but that is not a very important step to undertake. If you can put the flower quickly in your vase without allowing air to block it again than it is perfectly fine.
  • Remove any greenery or leaves that may fall below the water levels in your vase as they may inflate the formation of bacteria in water.
  • You should use flower preservatives to keep your flowers fresh and healthy as they have the source that provides the energy to the flowers. There are misconceptions like adding aspirin or penny to the water would secure your flowers, this will not help at all.
  • Do not keep your cut flowers under direct sunlight or near the breezes. Moreover change the water in your vase every second day to avoid any bacterial formation in water.

Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in Water

flowers in water 150x150 Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in WaterFlowers appear best and live longest if are kept intact to their plants. But if it is about bringing the beauty within homes and using them as cut flowers than you necessarily need to take some precautions and take special care in order to make them last longer to beautify your home and the environment within.

•    If you are collecting flowers from a place that is far from where you need to put them and they are needed to be transported than roll them in a layer of protective paper or if you are picking them from within your garden than you can handle them carefully and use a bucket to keep them.fresh flowers water 150x150 Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in Water

•    Now take care of one thing that keep the time as short as possible of flowers that they remain without water. So it is better to keep your vase ready before you go for picking the flowers. Rinse the vase properly and use diluted bleach in order to be sure that it contains no bacteria.

•    First water supplied to the flowers is suggested to be warm up to around 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows flowers to absorb more water quickly and allow the water to cool down on its own. Change water every 2 fresh flowers in water 150x150 Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in Waterdays and re cut the bottoms of stems in order to avoid congestion or blockage in vessels.

•    Remove any greenery and leaves off the stem that may lie under water before you place your stems in vase. Every time when you cut your stems at bottom place them immediately into vase in clean water so you can avoid air from blocking out the stems from absorbing the water.

•    Floral preservative are a great idea to lengthen the vase live of your flowers because they provide both with source of energy to flowers and flowers in water vase 150x150 Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in Waterrestrict the formation of bacteria in water. You can use a very little amount of chlorine bleach and sugar in place of flower preservative.

•    Keep your cut flowers always out of direct sunlight. You can keep them near window to provide the indirect light to your flowers but cut flowers can not sustain the harshness of direct sun light.

How To Care for Your Flowers

Caring flowers1 200x300 How To Care for Your FlowersThe life of flowers depends on their type and the care they receive. The minimum life of a floral arrangement is 4-7 days. Here are some tips that tell you how to care for your flowers and give them a vibrant look:

Proper Maintenance:
The vase, container or liner must always be filled with fresh water. This promotes the life of flowers and prevents the growth of bacteria. Remember cleaning the vase thoroughly every time you completely change the water and then add fresh water mixed with a commercial fresh flower food. These flower foods may be provided by the florist you bought your flowers from, or else you may buy them from craft stores, nurseries, and flower shops. A flower food contains the correct ingredients to properly feed the flowers, keep bacterial growth at bay (which can shorten a flower’s life), encourage buds to open, and lengthen the life of the flowers. One can also prepare a flower food at home; this requires a pinch of sugar and a drop of bleach.  A pinch of ground-up Viagra can also act as an alternative.

Always remember to follow the directions given on the flower food packet. Improper mixing of the flower food may have disastrous effects on your flowers. For instance, a flower food should not be diluted with more water than is specified on the packet. Most packets are to be mixed with either a pint or a quart of water. Commercial flower food has really proved to extend the vase life of flowers.

Re-cut their stems:
If possible, re-cut stems every few days, whenever you change the water, by removing one to two inches  from the bottom of the stem. In this task proper handling and cutting of the flowers is very important. Avoid using a blunt knife as it will crush the stems. Moreover handle the flowers in such a way that you don’t smash or pierce the stems, as this can destroy the water vessels in the stem and prevent water absorption. Be sure to Cut all stems on a 45-degree angle and always after cutting immediately place the stems into water. The water and vase must be clean and free from any spent or damaged blooms or foliage that falls below the waterline.

Changing the water and re-cutting the stems must be a practice of every few days, for a longer life of flowers. It is better to separate any flowers that start to wilt early from those that are fresh; as they wilt, they may give off ethylene, which could cause the healthy flowers to wilt early, too.

Suitable temperature:
Most flowers prefer themselves to be put in temperatures between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 22 degrees Celsius) that is a cool spot, away from direct sunlight .A place near electrical appliances is also not suitable as the heat they evolve may cause the flowers to dehydrate. It is also a considerable precaution to put the flowers at a big distance from ripening fruit, as the ethylene gas it releases may also wilt flowers. Sprinkling the flowers during dry climates is a wise thing to do.