How to Clean the Rust of Gardening Tools

Clean the Rust of Gardening Tools 300x234 How to Clean the Rust of Gardening ToolsGardening is much liked hobby throughout the whole world. Some people like growing flowers and plants in their lawns while some just love to have vegetable grown so they may enjoy the juiciest and crunchiest vegetable of all. The ones that taste best definitely and are better in all ways than those bought from the vegetable counters of the grocery stores. Doing all this becomes easier and effective when you have good number of gardening tools.

Having gardening tools make it easy to perform many gardening procedures. There comes a time that is end summers and you are just free of pulling out all your harvest and late crops and you are sure there is nothing more left to left than this is surely the right time to give attention to your tools. For years they have been helping you out in your hobby but had not been center of your attention ever and now have rust of years over them. It is an easy job to just make them like brand new again the matter is just that you should get the right tips for doing that and here are some to help you out in accomplishing this target.

1. Take a bucket of clean dry sand and add a quart of motor oil in it. It is better the more finer particles of sand you will have. This process will clean and oil your tools simultaneously. Just thrush the tools in the bucket and take them out perform the task until all the signs of rust are removed off the tools. This will also renew the edges a little but still the too blunt tools will be required to sharpen.

2. You can use sand papers to sand away the rust off your garden tools with using elbow grease in considerable amount. This is going to take enough time of yours and rigorous efforts will be required to clean the joints, bolts, screws and tines of forks but this is definitely going to work.

3. Take WD-40 the famous tool for getting rust loosened on the tools and than rub it with steel wool or wire brush. This will again take some time but the results will be great.

4. Take naval jelly and coat all the metal parts of the tools properly with it. You will need to use a brush to reach the inner and difficult parts of the tools. Let the tools stand for hours and than rinse them with clean water. If still you find some traces of rust on tools repeat the process.

5. Well the best amongst all is to be a little preventive so no this much of efforts will be required. Simply keep cleaning your tools time to time and immediately with the first sign of rust at any part and than keep oiling them or apply wax this will keep your tools in brand new condition for long time.

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