How to Harvest the Lemon Tree?

Harvest the Lemon 300x225 How to Harvest the Lemon Tree?Vegetables and fruits or any other plants do not only need your attention at the time of sowing and when they are growing there are certain things to be considered while harvesting too. Lemons are loved by many people as they give a wonderful tangy taste in your food and drinks. If you are growing lemons and live in a warm region then you are going to get the fruit all the year round. So now you have to make sure that you are able to pick the tastiest and all ripe lemons whenever you need to use them. Actually as far as the taste of lemons is concerned all people like their lemons differently so harvesting them for the taste is a partially a matter of concern the main cause behind should be to gain most out of the each lemon you harvest and for that you should be knowing the proper harvesting methods.

You may know when the lemons are ready for harvest when the outer layer is stiff over lemon. This basically means that the peel of lemon is tight over it and there are no wrinkles on the skin and when squeezed the lemon should not be felt like moving or loose under the peel. The color of lemon should be yellow from all around with no signs of green any where. Do not wait6 for your lemons to become spongy because than they will be too ripe to be used.

Required Time:
The time of use is of great importance when it comes to picking the lemon. If you have to use the lemons immediately than pick the lemons that are completely yellow and fulfill all the conditions described above. While on the other hand if the lemons are picked for later use and have to be stored or shipped than it is better to go for the lemons that are of slightly lighter yellow shade but still the rind should have to be tight. These lemons may be those too that have a little greener shade over the skin.

When you pick the lemons a certain technique is required so your fruit doesn’t get rotten. When you are harvesting lemon be sure to cut it from as near to the button that attaches it to the stalk as possible because if a part of stalk will be left with it that can damage or cause a cut to the lemon later causing it to get rotten and effecting other fruit kept with it too specially when its about keeping them stored.

When harvesting lemon or any other citrus fruit avoid picking it in the time when the weather is damp. The fruit should be dry because damp weather cause fungal diseases to fruit and tree.

It is wrongly believed that like all other fruits lemon will ripen further too after they are being harvested. It is wrong lemons do not ripe after being picked off from the tree they may become easier to be used and more juicy after being stored for some time but won’t ripe any further.

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