Preserving Real Dried Flowers

Preserve Real Dried Flowers 300x225 Preserving Real Dried FlowersRea Dried Flowers 300x237 Preserving Real Dried FlowersFlowers are one of the best creations of God and are so beautiful and elegant yet have strength to make someone’s day. Fresh flowers definitely are a beauty in them but dried and preserved flowers are in great demand too as arrangements prepared with these looks really pretty. There are different ways to preserve dried flowers. Whenever flowers are dried once they have reached the required condition they are at stake of breaking off. It is fine if you plan to make a potpourri out of your dried flowers but if you want to keep them intact in form of flowers than you need to take some steps. This will not only make you get a beautiful dry flower arrangement that would compliment your interior’s décor but also will let you save the memories belonging to the floral arrangement for long.

Preserving With Hair Spray:

1.    Spread a sheet of newspaper or plastic over a counter or a table basically on a straight surface and arrange all your dried flowers separately over it.
2.    Now spray the flowers with the hairspray to form a light coating over flowers. Turn them around and be careful while doing it so you coat the flower completely from each side.
3.    Let the hairspray get dried properly over the flowers to form a layer before you pick them up for arranging them the way you want.

Using Liquid Plastic:

1.    For preserving your dried flowers with liquid plastic the first thing is to ensure your safety and protection so get a mask and plastic gloves for yourself first.
2.    Now mix the liquid plastic with hardening agent. The complete recipe of making the mix will be given on the pack so follow all the instructions completely.
3.    Get a latex rubber mould and pour 1/4th inch of liquid plastic into it. After this allow the liquid plastic to set. The time required for its proper setting will be instructed on pack too usually it is about 30 to 35 minutes time period required.
4.    Now set your flower over this dried layer of liquid plastic and than pour another 1/4th inch of liquid plastic over it. Now again let it dry completely.
5.    Keep pouring the liquid plastic of 1/4th inch layer each time when the previous one dries until the mould is completely filled. As soon as the last layer sets you can pop dried preserved flower out of the liquid plastic and put it over for display.

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