Wild Flowers

A wild flower is by definition a flower that grows in the wild. A variety of flowers that is growing and blooming naturally in a field, a meadow, along a hillside, a stream, a forest, or any other wild countryside area is termed as Wild flowers. These flowers offer a breath-taking view for the visitors and make them feel fortunate to be in the company of such a widely scattered natural beauty.

Wild flowers offer beauty as well as a thrilling pass time while collecting them for a flower vase. There are plenty of gorgeous wild flowers in the United States and rest of the world. The fascinating variety of these wild flowers includes various sizes and colors. Some common species are the Apricot Mallow, the Sierra Blue Cup, the Shooting Star, the Mariposa Lily, and the Sierra Tiger Lily. The abundance of these wild flowers primarily attracts the travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of the salient features that make them very much popular among gardeners and homeowners are written below.

•    These flowers not only look great, but also they can brighten up vacant patches in the yard.
•    They can grow anywhere along buildings, along fences and crosswalks, and particularly along those difficult to maintain areas of residential and commercial premises.
•    They offer variety and blends of colors.
•    These flowers are very easy to grow as they require little or no attention.
•    With wild flowers, one can produce continuous blooms over long seasons, from early spring to winter.
•    Most wild flowers can withstand a drought.
•    They thrive in most soils provided the climatic conditions are favorable.
•    They make a wonderful and colorful splendor within a simple or a fancy vase.

Usually, wild flowers are grown from seed which may be best sown early in the season. Although wild flowers are easy to grow; they will never grow at places where the circumstances are not favorable for them. It means the gardener will first have to determine the kind of flowers to be grown.

When you select your desired wild flowers, the next step is to create the correct environment for them. Most of the wild flowers require wide and open space, well drained and rich in nutrients soil, and a minimum eight hours of sunlight to grow. Hard soil or excess water is not good for the growth of wild flowers. If your garden is full of dampness, wild flowers might be the best choices to cultivate.

When the flowers found favorable conditions in your garden, they will thrive quickly and save your time, money and effort. Now it’s time to know the mature height and spread of each plant. Over planting should be avoided as a 6” plant could grow to a height and spread of 6 feet. Over planting would result in spoiling your hours thinning out your garden rather than enjoying it.

Wild flowers offer seasonal beauty. They look best during the blooming season. Being the part of the natural inevitable cycles of the seasons, they may offer sheer beauty during one part of the year than another.

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