Flower Food Ingredients

Flower Food Ingredients 300x248 Flower Food IngredientsFlowers are loved by people all around the world but to get those flowers that cherish the moments and deliver the messages from people’s hearts are not so easy to be availed. Definitely, it is easy for us to go to a flower shop and than pay some money to buy the flowers to give to our loved ones the real hard work lies behind the scene. Yes there is a lot of energy and hard work of farmers that lies behind these beautiful flowers. In this hard work the food provided to flowers also play a vital role. The flower food is like a fertilizer that is used to boost the number and size f flowers on the plant. Most of the flower foods are made up of three main nutrients phosphate (P), Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K).  These three nutrients are called macro nutrients and the rest one or two nutrients are micro-nutrients. Macro-nutrients and their ratio are mentioned over the front of container while the micro-nutrient details are mention usually at the back.


The first macro-nutrient in flowers food is Nitrogen it is really important because it helps in production of chlorophyll. It also plays its role in leave and stem growth and plants use nitrogen most as compared to other nutrients. The sign of lack of nitrogen in plant is the yellowing of foliage because less of chlorophyll is formed and plants derive their green color through it.


Phosphate is the number two nutrient in the list of macro-nutrients over fertilizer. Phosphate is important for seed germination, root growth and food growth too. Wilted foliage with purple shade is the sign of lack of phosphate faced by the plant.


It is important for production of sugar, starches and proteins in plants. It helps plant in fighting with factors like drought, pollution, diseases and other such factors that may harm the flower plants. When there are signs of increased disease attacks, reduced growth and poor drought tolerance than this means the potassium needed by plant is not supplied to it.


The flower foods contain one or two micro nutrients and they are usually iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, calcium, sulfur and boron. All of the micro nutrients are added in accordance to the need of particular flower plant.

Piece of Advice:

Do get your soil tested from some laboratory before you apply any flower food so you apply only that fertilizer that includes the nutrients missing in your soil.

Tips to Grow Edible Mushrooms

Grow Edible Mushrooms 300x195 Tips to Grow Edible MushroomsMushrooms are healthy and very different type of gourmet vegetable that is easily grown at homes. This will sound amazing to many people because it is thought commonly that it is not possible to grow mushrooms like this because of being unable to determine the poisonous or edible ones. Mushrooms are usually found expensive too so you can easily save your time and money by growing them at home and in fact can earn big too f you plot them on a larger space and supply them to local market. Mushrooms are liked very much in pizzas also and that is the most loved food of children today so it will be great to have mushrooms at home and you’ll be able to put them in good quantity without worrying about the price. You will need just few household materials and you can start growing mushrooms any time. Get the inoculated saw dust and from that you can grow mushrooms at homes because they grow from spores instead of seeds. The common types of edible mushrooms grew at household scale are button, oyster, shitake and portabella.

1.    The first thing you need to do is to go and order the saw dust inoculated with edible mushroom spores. There are several fungi-interest sites working over internet so you can find anyone and order according to your residential location.

2.    Take the unwaxed cardboard pieces that should be at least 2 by 3 feet in size to allow the proper growing area to mushrooms. You will need to soak the cardboards in water for around an hour.

3.    Now after being soaked for an hour you will have to peel the cardboard until the corrugated side is all exposed.

4.    Now you will have to coat this corrugated part of cardboard with the sawdust that you ordered. Initially your mushrooms will start to grow over these cardboards.

5.    Now you will have to roll the cardboard in the same way as you roll your burrito and keep the sawdust coated part inside and late clip the corners either by stapling them or by taping.

6.    Mushrooms need cold dark place to grow so you will need to keep these rolled cardboards at a place that do not experience temperature any higher than 70 degree Fahrenheit. This can be a shady area in your garden or a darker corner in your greenhouse.

7.    Another thing that mushrooms want is moisture so keep the area moist and do mist the cardboard everyday so the moisture encourages the humidity and that will cause the spores to grow.

8.    Now there is nothing to be done than waiting for your mushrooms to grow. Now there can not be any estimated time for the growth of mushrooms as they may take time of se4veral weeks to several months to be mature. The sign of their readiness of harvesting is just when the cap is fully opened.

Ways to Remove Grass and Weeds Grown Around Edible Plants

Edible Plants 225x300 Ways to Remove Grass and Weeds Grown Around Edible PlantsGrass and weeds is big enemy like pests and animals for all the gardeners. These become more difficult for the gardeners who grow edible plants because they can not use herbicides or pesticides around their plants because that will not leave their plants as edible after that. The only way out for gardeners of edible plants is to use mechanicals and horticultural controls to take over these encroachers. Weeds and grass harm the growth of plants too because they take up and share the nutrients needed by your plants. Grass and weeds can be removed by pulling them off the ground or by repressing them with thick mulch in edible gardens. There are many gardeners who are so frustrated at these encroachers that they go for adopting both the methods in order to be sure that grass and weeds have been removed from around the edible plants effectively and completely.

•    Soak the yard or garden of yours well with much of water 24 hours before you plan to pull the weeds off the ground or you can do this after a soaking rain because in both cases the soil will become loosened and it will become easier for you to pull off the weeds.

Weeds Grown Around Edible Plants 300x300 Ways to Remove Grass and Weeds Grown Around Edible Plants•    Now you will have to pull the grass or weeds by hand and while grasping each of the growth from its crown and than pulling it out so that you make sure that the encroachers are completely removed from the place with there roots and immediately throw the pulled off weeds and grass into the garbage bin and do not let it remain on ground.

•    To avoid the growth of weeds or grass you should skim your top soil that is about an inch deep once or twice every week. This disturbs the seedlings of these unwanted plants growing and do not let them grow further. You can leave these seedlings on your disturbed soil and they will die out themselves by drying in sun.

•    It is good if you apply 3 to 4 inches of mulch over the exposed area around your edible plants this will suppress the existing grass or weeds and discourage the growth of new unwanted plants. A thick even carpet should be spread by you all over the exposed area and whenever you will rake or hoe you soil this will keep on mixing the mulch in your soil and will add nutrients to it and this will be beneficial for your plants. You will have to maintain the thickness of mulch up to 3 inches so keep adding the mulch to maintain the thickness whenever you rake.

•    Keep monitoring your gardening area every day and remove any weeds or grass grown by hand or disturb the soil by raking if seedlings are observed to be growing.

Your Mulch should include shredded barks, leaves, and grass or wood chips.

Desserts Made of Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers 300x225 Desserts Made of Edible FlowersDesserts Made of Edible Flowers 300x225 Desserts Made of Edible FlowersThis is really something unique to many people when it is said that some flowers have been used in the particular dish sweet or savory. But this is a tradition as old as Roman Empire. Flowers add a wonderful color and taste to the dishes they are being added. Usually when it comes to going in garden and picking up something for the food you are cooking it is thought to be generally either vegetables, fruits or sometimes herbs but growing edible flowers at home is certainly the best experience that you will ever have. This will not only give your food color and taste but also make them appear really beautiful and attractive. Edible flowers taste and look best in many desserts and salads.

•    Roses like are loved most for gifting to people the same way they are loved in desserts too. But be careful you can not use the rose petals of the roses that you get from the flower shops. The rose petals that you use in your desserts should be guarantied to be taken from edible roses. Just put the rose petals on a cake that is being iced with white or light pink cream. Or put some candied petals over a dessert by dipping each petal into egg whites whipped with little water and then coat them with sugar and wait for them to get dry and your candied petals are ready.

•    A very elegant and beautiful way to present a dessert to your guests is that take a rose and make it hollow by just leaving the outer 2 layers of its petal and than pour in some ice cream into it or the whipped cream and serve it with cookies to see those wonderful expressions on your guests’ faces.

•    Lavender is also a very popular flower used for baking or to serve with desserts. Basically it does not have that appealing presentation or look so they are mostly added in baking cakes and cookies. Lavender tastes and smells best in chocolate cakes, cookies and brownies.

•    Whenever you use lavender flowers do wash them thoroughly and be sure that they are freshly picked. Dried lavender is used in baking by adding it to sugar for the added fragrance and it tastes excellent with lemon so try using the combination of the two.

•    Carnations are little spicy flowers and taste and compliment better with salads or vegetable dishes but as they are really appealing and colorful so they just attract people when used over desserts for decoration. To reduce the spiciness of the flowers you can turn them into candied flowers and petals the same way you are told about the rose petals.

•    Pansies are sweet little flowers that are colorful and taste like spearmint that compliment almost all the desserts so serve them with cakes and ice creams or with any other dessert.

Edible Flowers

edible flowers 200x300 Edible FlowersThere are several flowers that are used not only for making flower arrangements or bouquets to be given as gifts but are also used with foods, sometimes for decoration purposes to just add colors to food and sometimes to eat. Yes, there are real flowers that can be eaten too. For every flower there is a different part that is being eaten. Sometimes there are petals, roots and sometimes leaves of plants. Rose is the flower that is most commonly eaten.

When choosing the edible flowers one needs to be very careful as there may be many flowers that are poisonous and toxic. In fact it can not be just that as you know roses can be eaten so you start eating a rose that you bought from a florist. Flowers found at florists shops are treated with pesticides and are hence not suitable for eating at all. Flowers that are to be used as edible ones are grown separately in organic gardens and only these can be used in foods for whatever the decoration purpose or for adding color and taste.

Salads, soups, deserts, drinks and cakes are very commonly and often decorated with edible flowers as these all look and taste nicer when they are in bright colors creating some special ambiance. As roses are eaten often so the part of roses actually eaten are petals but that after removing the white part of it and the fruit of the plant called hip is being eaten.  Interestingly apple, orange, lemon, peach and plum all are flowers that later transform into the delicious fruits. The fact is not known commonly by people that these are flowers actually converted into fruits.

For other edible flowers we can name chrysanthemums, daisies, geraniums, jasmine, and marigolds too for the common adaption in different foods. Tulips, Lilac and Day lilies are also the flowers that used specially in Chinese cuisine range like in Chinese Hot and Sour soup. The real one, pure recipe from which hot and sour is made in China holds all these flowers as ingredients.

William Cowper once said;
“The bud may have a bitter taste,
But sweet will be the flow’r.”

There are a huge number of herbs and plants of which flowers are used instead of herbs themselves in order to keep the flavor less strong and fragrance a little lighter than the herb itself. Few of the herbs out of all these to name are basil, dill, fennel, chives, oregano, lavender, mustard, clover, rosemary, scented geraniums, thyme, sweet woodruff, winter savory and pot marigold; these all are flowers and used very frequently by people of whole world in their foods to bring up special flavor and fragrance to fruit.

The concept of edible flowers had been limited for some people to those handmade flowers used for decorations on fancy cakes. They actually never realized that the concept itself arrived from natural edible flowers that are part of our foods in our daily routine yet they are not aware of it.