A Guide to save your expenses on Wedding Bouquets

The wedding is a momentous occasion in everyone’s lives. All of the invites want that the wedding should be a memorable experience for the bride and groom. There are many options which you can present. One way of making it special is to give an elegant and attractive bouquet to the bride and groom. Many people correlate attributes such as elegance, freshness and eye appealing to expensive bouquets only, but this doesn’t necessarily hold true.
There are many ways you can present wonderful bouquets which would surely bring a smile on the face of groom or bride. Here we will let you know some ways, on how you can arrange beautiful bouquets for the people involved in the wedding.
1. Specify your budget to the florist: An important step in the beginning, is to define your budget clearly. If the budget is near about 20 dollars, it will give an idea to your florist about adding other significant elements of the bouquet, which will help to make it as attractive as possible within your specified budget.
2. Don’t get fixated on specific colour: Although you may have a desire for a particular colour for the various elements of your bouquet, it’s important to have an open mind about experimenting with different colours of other items. Many unusual colours are also visually appealing and when combined with few other things, can make a bouquet look exquisite.
3. Exchanging flowers from your yard with florist: This is an excellent way of keeping your costs low, while at the same time allowing you to trade relatively expensive flowers from your florist within your limited budget.
4. Look for many florists: Even if you don’t find a flower delivery company to provide you with a bouquet within your budget, there are plenty available, who will be willing to negotiate costs or at the least, will be able to provide other unique arrangements of the bouquet for your price. Here, friends and family come handy. Be willing to take their help and they might know someone, who will fit within your budget and requirements.
5. Do it yourself: This may seem tedious and time-consuming to do if you aren’t familiarized with the process but is a sure-fire way of keeping your expenses down significantly. All you have to do is gather few flowers, filler, sparkle and other desired elements of your choice and then arrange them in order of your particular wish. You can also experiment multiple times with the order of arrangement until your bouquet looks good enough to be presented as a gift.
6. Order online: Bouquets ordered online are relatively less expensive compared to the ones from your local market florists. Often e-commerce sites provide discounts on such items on multiple occasions in a year. You may have to search a bit until you find the one matching your budget and colour range. Additionally, it also comes with proper packing thus saving you from the hassle of packaging it elegantly.
7. Ask for help: If being creative is your concern, you can always ask your closed ones to help you out. Alternatively, you can take help from people who have a similar experience.
8. Use artificial Flowers: Real, fresh flowers are expensive. You can opt for artificial ones. Even though they may not appeal equivalent to the real flowers, they do look very much authentic and when combined with few decorative items, are very much a perfect replacement for the real flowers in the bouquet.
9. Use second-hand decor items: Second-hand floral arrangements are cheap and can be easily purchased. Many florists provide it or you can also ask from friends or acquaintances who got recently married.
10. Buy In season flowers: They are healthy alternatives to seasonal flowers which are costly. Fresh and vibrant in season flowers are much better choice than out of expensive season flowers. Long hours of shipping and inhospitable environment alter their appearance.Apart from that, they have to be ordered quite early to reach on time.
11.Choose a venue needing less floral arrangement: When looking for a place, it’s a good idea to opt for the one, which already has flowers in abundance along with the natural scenery.That will require less expenditure on flowers for decoration.

How to choose Special Flowers Online?

Flowers form an integral part of gift bouquets during festive and special occasions. It is a confusing task to select the flowers for occasional since there are so many options in the market. Therefore choose them carefully in different color combinations so that they look beautiful as well as amazing. This article is about occasional flowers online and their selection procedure.

  • One must use large flower as the primary attraction of the bouquet because it will help you to provide a perfect shape to special gift. In addition secondary flowers can be selected for their decorative purposes. They are generally small and impart varying textures to the overall combination. Fillers such as corsages can be added to make the bouquet glossier in appearance. It is said that flowers create an instant impression on the people with their amazing appearances. Therefore, make sure that boutique looks natural with greenery and versatility in the form of crimson red as well as yellow flowers.
  • Focal flowers include varieties like roses, lilies, hydrangeas and many more.  As far as colors are concerned, select the ones that are able to complement different ambiance. One should bear in mind that flower are natural plants and may vary in color due to the change in weather seasons.
  • While ordering occasional flowers online, get them customized as per your desires and preferences. Individuals have different tastes; hence the bouquet of flowers will also display varying colors.
  • Sometime too many factors such a size, shape and color might overwhelm a person, therefore one can select a combination with flowers belonging to the same category. For instance, many people tend to gift sunflower during special occasion because it is bright and instills positivity in the minds of bride and bride groom.
  • In order to be more innovative, browse through the magazines with information about different flowers online. You can also conduct a tour of the city garden and get new ideas on how to design an eye catchy occasional bouquet. Sometimes combination of rose and lily can do wonders by making the gift look more attractive.
  • Another parameter used in choosing appropriate flowers online is the budget. Although there are different varieties of flowers available in the market, some of them are quite expensive for a majority of people. Therefore, it is important to consult the florist for further suggestions. Moreover, it is important to be creative if the budget is already decided.
  • Florists can advise the customers on how to select the cost effective flowers with soul stirring fragrance and appearance. If expensive flowers are purchased, they should be used for the bridal banquet.
  • While designing the bouquet, mix and match flowers as far as the imagination goes. It will enhance the appearance of the gift and make special occasion memorable.
  • If you are on a tight budget, do not incorporate non seasonal flowers into the collection as they might be expensive when compared to the seasonal ones. For example spring and summer flowers can be ideal choices because they exhibit vibrant colors.
  • It is important to choose an appropriate style for the packing of the flowers. The simplest way is to create a basket where all varieties are amalgamated together. Innovative designs include the creation of a natural bracelet studded with attractive flowers that could be used by the bride.
  • Location of the flowers in different occasion plays a very important role in the selection process. Bridal bouquet rose will be expensive however the one for the church or altar might not be as pricey. One can also purchase fresh petals for creating a natural carpet during outdoor occasion session.

To know more about ordering occasional flowers online and to inquire of flower delivery services, please attach with us flowers online 150x150 How to choose Special Flowers Online?Flowers online 150x150 How to choose Special Flowers Online? or follow us on Facebook.

“Thinking Of you” Flowers….

“Thinking Of you” Flowers….
It is said by many that love should not be shown as it means show-off of your feelings, but this saying is not true for all cases. At times, showing love becomes highly important to your girlfriend without which she might not understand your love only. There are many ways of showing your love and at times showing with mere words can also be tried. But if you want to depict your feelings only then saying them merely by words is not a good way at all. The best way to depict your feelings is through flowers bouquet that you would send to your loved one.
Flowers are the best way to express your feelings
Expression of love can be done many kinds of gifts such as chocolates, clothes, balloons, etc, but out of all these ways the best one is always that of flowers. Flowers have a different language of love in them that you want to reach your loved one. Thus, whenever you feel that you want to tell them that you are thinking of them, then sending flower bouquets is the best option. In this way, your feelings would also reach them, and your girlfriend would like it also.
Another reason why flowers are considered as the best gift is their purity. People do morning walks in gardens only because of flower and their purity. Walking in the gardens with flowers all around adds another type of energy in the living beings that is difficult to find anywhere else. Clothes and other goods are also given as gifts to express your feelings, but they would not do the wonders like that of a flower.
What types of flowers are best for such an occasion?
1. A Bouquet of pink roses- To express your feeling of love the flower that is used mostly, is rose Online Flower delivery of red rose’s acts as an emblem of love, but gifting them to express your thought is not a necessary thing. In order to express your thoughts with that particular person you can give pink roses also. There are baby pink roses as well as dark pink ones that fall into the category of thinking of you flowers.
2. Multicolored dahlias- Showing your thoughts and love is not only for your girlfriend, but also for others like your mother. Mothers should always come first in our life and thus at times it is very important to depict them your feelings. You can show your mother that you care for her through a flower bouquet of multi-colored dahlias. Dahlias are flowers inferior to roses according to many, but in actual it is not like that. Dahlias come in more colors than roses, and a flower bouquet of multi colors does not look bad at all even.
3. Different flowers in one set- rsz be sweet bouquet get well 1067334 600x600 150x150 Thinking Of you Flowers....rsz basket of love birthday flowers 100056 600x600 150x150 Thinking Of you Flowers....rsz a radiant romance anniversary 1067427 600x600 150x150 Thinking Of you Flowers....Gifting flowers of a single type is what many of us do, but gifting a bouquet that gives the appearance of the garden looks highly unique and different. Thus you can send flowers online in a gift box with all the flowers that give an appearance of a garden bouquet.

Online Flower Deliveries Round the World

Flowers mean a lot to most of the people the world as they actually serve as a source to expressing their love and deep heart feelings for their loved ones. Send Flowers and flowers gift to express your true feelings towards your loved ones. Flowers are such a blessing from God to all the people that there is no single emotion of us that cannot be expressed through flowers either it’s about expressing happiness or grief; flowers have the strength to deliver the right message and that too perfectly even better the way we can. Flower gifts are best one amongst all gifts and this is a common believe all around the world. Online florists and online florists shop entry in the world of internet turned out to be the true blessing for people living in different parts of the world as something like sending flowers to a destined place that was believed to be an impossibility was made a matter of few clicks or minutes.Tulips With Love 150x150 Online Flower Deliveries Round the World

Online Florist or Online florist shop provide the flower delivery services in different parts of world by creating network of local florists that help in delivering fresh flowers. Flower delivery is made with the help of these local florists and that is how the same day flowers delivery is also offered by the online florists and online florists shop. The flowers are being delivered using the services of local florists by the online florist and online florist shop and that is how they manage it to offer cheap flower delivery and cheap flowers delivery. Flower delivery service is great in itself and that too with added advantages like same day flower delivery and cheapest flowers delivery make it the best option to send flowers to loved ones living far away.

Send flowers through online flower delivery portals like FlowersNext.com and many others to your loved ones to any country in the world no matter from which place you order the cheapest flower delivery will be offered to you so you may make it a great day for your loved ones. You can send roses if you want to express your love for recipient, send lilies if you want to send message of innocence or purity or if it is a wedding out there of a loved one of your, send carnations when you want to express fascination and divine love or if it’s a loved one’s birthday in January as it is birth month flower for January. Send Orchids if you want your feelings like love, refinement and a complement of rare beauty to be delivered to her specially, Send Tulips to tell that you are a perfect lover!!! You can send roses, send tulips, send orchids, send carnations or even send lilies to express your deep heart feelings in a way that recipient would never forget and rejoice the moments throughout their whole life.Red Poinsettia 150x150 Online Flower Deliveries Round the World

Online flowers delivery has done it all for all those who live far away from their loved ones. Now they can become part of all celebrations and happy moments by getting flowers delivery as same day flowers delivery or cheap flowers delivery. Send flowers to your loved ones living far from you and they will be so happy on getting to know that no matter how far you are from them they are in your heart and you remember all the special days of their lives. In addition to flower gifts and flowers gift there are other items also that are offered by online florists for delivery with cheap flower delivery and same day flower delivery like cakes, chocolates, stuff toys and more.

Send roses, send tulips, send orchids, send carnations or send lilies through online florists or online florist shop and be sure that this is the best gift that your dear one is getting over this special day of their life either its wedding, birthday or an anniversary or any other moment of happiness like on becoming parents or getting promoted. Same day flowers delivery allow you to get flower delivery done on time even if you remembered it at the last moment. There are times when a person goes through the bad phase and this is the time when support of loved ones is needed by the effected one most so don’t feel helpless on being far from them simply send flower gifts and they’ll express the sympathy and your care and concern for them on your behalf and they’ll feel better on getting this gesture of support from you in this tough time.Colourful Gift 150x150 Online Flower Deliveries Round the World

Online flowers delivery service by online florists shop is a great opportunity for all to avail which helps one in remaining close to his or her loved ones and dear ones forgetting all the physical distances. Look out for the online florist shop that you may trust over like www.FlowersNext.com and benefit from the expertise of online florists in floristry. These online florists are making it possible for people to get the cheapest flowers delivery done to make their loved ones feel special. Send flower to a loved one and even if you choose a single flower like a rose to send flower gift to him or her it would mean a lot while you would be able to avail the cheapest flower delivery utilizing the online flower delivery service of any trustable online florist.

Online florists at online florists’ shop of FlowersNext.com have all the expertise and talent to create the wonders for your loved ones. Send flowers through online florist and avail the services of best florist in world that you may even not have been able to do sometime even while sending flower gifts directly or while giving yourself. Now you can send roses, send orchids, send lilies, send carnations or send tulips to your loved ones for making it even a greater day for them if it is a special day of their life or you may even send the flowers gift to a loved for even no reason and just making that day special to them; cause of these beautiful flower gifts sent by you. Cheap flower delivery is definitely a worth availing opportunity to send flowers to different parts of world. Experience sending flower gifts to faraway places now because that is something which was impossible few years back and now the easiest one to do.

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All About Mothers Day

History of Mother’s Day:History of Mothers Day 150x150 All About Mothers Day

Strangely but yes, the origin of Mother’s day dates back to the time of Greeks and Romans. Although the Mother’s Day celebrated today all around the world is believed to get its roots from the start of official Mother’s Day celebration in USA but it is said that much before than that in history the Mothering Sunday was celebrated in UK. Today the Mother’s Day that is celebrated doesn’t hold the history of even being 100 years old. Today around 46 different countries in world celebrate Mother’s Day although on different dates. This day is really an opportunity for all to honor their mother’s. The idea of official celebration of Mothers day in US was first suggested by Julia Ward Howe in 1872 while Anna Jarvis is recognized as the Founder of Mothers Day in US. Anna Jarvis although never married or had no children yet she is called the Mother of Mother’s Day.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day?How to Celebrate Mother Day 150x150 All About Mothers Day

Mother’s day is generally celebrated round the globe in some countries by offering special prayers in churches for mothers. While children and fathers at home treat their mother and mother of their children with a great breakfast in bed making it a day off for the mother who strives for the betterment of her kids and husband round the year. Mother’s Day flowers and cards are also something essentially associated to Mother’s Day now and as a token of love and honor from children to their mothers. Although the commercialism factor has increased a lot with this day but still the feelings true for the mothers behind everything could be found.

Flowers Gift For Mother’s Day:Flowers Gift For Mother’s Day 150x150 All About Mothers Day

For Mother’s day to get the flowers here’s idea for you as to which flowers you can choose to gift to your mothers.

  1. Mixed bouquets
  2. Carnations
  3. Daffodils
  4. Roses
  5. Tulips
  6. Freesia
  7. Pot chrysanthemums
  8. Iris
  9. Lily
  10. Foliage plants

If your mother loves plants and like to keep them or have a little practical approach then go for gifting her some potted plant that may remain with her for years as a expression of your love over the Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Messages & Quotes:Mothers Day Quotes1 150x150 All About Mothers Day

Sometimes we really do not get how to say all those things that we want to say to our mothers. This day celebrated to honor mothers is a great opportunity to express all these feelings. Here are few messages and quotes that you may use to honor your mother.

  1. Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.
  2. Men are what their mothers made them. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  3. The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. (Honore de Balzac)
  4. That best academy, a mother’s knee. (James Russell Lowell)
  5. If there was a day for each thing you have given to me as a mother, it would be Mother’s Day every day. Thanks for always helping me each moment in my life… and today it is you! You’re the best! Thanks for all you do.
  6. Mom, you’re the best. Happy Mother’s Day.
  7. Thank you for always being there, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Make this mother’s day as special for your mother as special she made each day of your life.

Suitable Flowers For Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is now approaching fast and there are still so many people who are still indecisive about what to get for their mother or for mother’s in their life. The people who are still indecisive my sincere advice to them is to choose the flowers as gift for all the pretty ladies who are mothers over this auspicious day of paying tribute and honoring the mothers. But here again comes the problem as most of the people do not know that what flowers are appropriate for gifting on this occasion. This situation can arise may be just because we never bothered to get to know about our mother’s favorite flower or just because we want to make it an extra ordinary arrangement of flowers for this beloved women in our life.bouquet for mothers day 150x150 Suitable Flowers For Mothers Day

If you want to keep it simple and traditional than carnations and roses are the perfect for the special mother. While except these if you want to put in some thoughtful and caring message into your flowers you may add up mums and daisies which are welcoming and down to earth flowers. Gerbera Daises can bring up a whole array of colors to the life and room of the mother to whom you plan to gift this floral arrangement prepared with gerbera daisies in multi shades. Tuberoses and tulips are also another good option because they are really elegant one specially if chosen in white color. Many mums are generally believed to like these flowers. And if you want to make it a really long lasting gift for your mother; than go for buying a potted flowering plant. This is going to work out perfect if the mother in your life to whom you are gifting the plant is the one who is more practical.blended flower bouquet for mothers day 150x150 Suitable Flowers For Mothers Day

Now consider the color of flowers too that what they would actually mean when you’ll send them to the recipient because if you are choosing roses its perfectly fine but the color that you choose will matter a lot because if you’ll give red roses to your wife who is mother of your kids than it will work perfectly but red roses bouquet for mother would be a little too overly romantic. It’s good that you choose light pastel color roses like pink and yellow for your own mother or grandmother. You may add up beautiful crème or yellow carnations too in this rose’s floral arrangement. You may take advice from your florist for most suitable flower for each mother in your life but if you do not get the opportunity generally choose the lighter shades for your mother and darker romantic colors for your spouse.beautiful Flowers For mother 150x150 Suitable Flowers For Mothers Day

For getting flowers delivered to mothers in your life you won’t need to work out much. Loads of online and local florists may make it easy for you. Just be sure to order the floral delivery by 3rd week of April for sure shot on time delivery.

Picking Perfect Mothers Day Flowers

Be it your mother, grandmother or mother of your children; sending flowers to them on mothers day expresses that how much you respect and love them for all what they do for you. But the biggest problem lies with choosing the perfect floral arrangement for that very special lady because there are so many flowers, plants and blooms to choose from. Solve this challenge of yours by figuring it out that whether the lady you have to give flowers to is a traditional one or the modern lady. Here are some advices for you according to your type of lady and these can definitely going to make feel delighted and happy any type of mom.Traditional Mothers day flowers 150x150 Picking Perfect Mothers Day Flowers

Traditional Mothers:

Very few people know that the traditional mother’s day flower was carnation. This custom started long back in 1908 when a daughter decided to wear her mother’s favorite flower as a token of tribute from her to her mother and to honor mothers all around the world. Finally in 1914 first time officially the national Mother’s Day was celebrated in America. Now if your mother or grand mother or the mother of your children is a traditional woman; than go for getting a huge bunch of colorful carnations or you may also get a bunch of any spring flowers including the carnations. Moreover as Carnations as cut flowers last for long so she will definitely keep enjoying it for long. For making it a wider choice for you, you can also go for getting a bouquet of your mother’s favorite flowers too. Like if your mom is passionate about any particular flower get a big bouquet of that particular flower for her while if the lady is one who wants the flowers that look and smell equally great than bouquets of freesia, lavender, carnations, roses or oriental lilies will work great.

Modern Mothers:Modern Mothers day flower 150x150 Picking Perfect Mothers Day Flowers

If the Mother you are planning to send flowers to is modern than the traditional one than the floral arrangement reflecting her up to date life style would work great. Like mostly the modern women are more practical so instead of send a cut flower arrangement that would last for few days you can send the potted blooming plant of gardenia, yellow rose or pink calla lily. So here is another kid for your mom to nurture as this is the job they are best at and they can very easily make it grow and bloom for long with just a little care. You may add up any other gift like massage kit or a spa basket with flowers that truly represents the way of modern mothers to relax.

There is one simple straight thing; whether the mom you are sending the gift and flowers is a traditional one, modern or a little of both the thing that actually matters is that whatever is sent to her is sent by you and this is the gesture of love and care from you.

What You Want Your Flowers to Say On Mothers Day

You know when the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day started? It was started way back in 1600’s in England when there was a holiday that was named the Mothering Sunday that was celebrated on forth Sunday of Lent. In America mother’s day celebration started from the year 1872 but started to be celebrated widely only after 1907. Carnations are since ever believed to be the flowers associated with mother’s day specially as in 1907 and 1908 the churches started to gift mothers the Carnations over the Mother’s Day. Carnation was chosen to be given to mothers because it actually sends the message of all the good qualities of a mother like endurance, purity and sweetness. Even the color of Carnation is specified for as those whose mothers are alive should wear red Carnations while those who have lost their mothers should wear white Carnations. In Europe still the Mother’s Day is called the Mothering Day.Mothers Day 300x300 What You Want Your Flowers to Say On Mothers Day

Here is the list of some flowers that are most appropriate for mother’s day and are gifted widely:

  • Aster – Charming variety
  • Chrysanthemum (Red) – I love you
  • Daisy – Innocence and the sharing of sentiment; reciprocation of love
  • Stock- Lasting beauty
  • Myrtle – Love
  • Orchid – Refinement, luxurious beauty
  • Roses (Red & White together) – Warmth of heart
  • Snapdragons – Trust, hope, conviction
  • Tulips (Red) – A declaration of love
  • Lilly (White) – Sweetness
  • Zinnia (Magenta) – Thoughts of love for those not present
  • Freesia – Sweetness, Friendship, and trust.
  • Iris – Faith, Courage, Wisdom, Admiration, Hope
  • Bluebells – everlasting love
  • Forget-me-nots – faithful love
  • Moss – unusual, but it symbolizes maternal love
  • Orange blossom – eternal love
  • Snapdragons (or Antirrhinum) – a gracious lady;
  • Stock – lasting beauty;

Selecting Flowers for Mothers Day Brunch

When you plan to have a brunch with your mother on this very special day celebrated specially to tribute mothers and you want to get flowers for that you definitely need to take in consideration the few things. flowers for mothers 150x150 Selecting Flowers for Mothers Day BrunchIt is obvious that whatever flowers you’ll buy for the brunch will be displayed on the table no matter it is at home or some where at a restaurant. In both cases the flowers chosen should be the ones that would not hinder in the conversation. There are few flowers that are perfect for displaying on the table for the special Mother’s Day brunch.

  1. It is always great to choose the sharp and vibrant colors over mother’s day to make it even more lively until and unless your mom has asked you for something subtle and soft like white roses or lilies. It is great that Mother’s Day is the time when all the spring and summer flowers are peeking out so you can get a good range of bright and wildly colored flowers.
  2. You can buy or order online Gerbera Daisies, mums, tulips or roses because these are the brightest flowers available very easily around the Mother’s Day. Buying these flowers is possible even for those who have the limited budget as these flowers are available in abundance so they are found at cheaper price as compared to other flowers.
  3. If you are creating a floral arrangement yourself in a vase or if it is that you have ordered a floral arrangement online but as a token of tribute from you, you want to add a touch of yours in the flowers you can get some greenery fillers so when you arrange your flowers in short vase you can put in the fillers like baby’s breath as much as you want. A little greenery tucked in a touch of yours very own will make it even more special for your mother as she can more strongly feel the love of yours towards her as she could see and feel you efforts in everything you do for her over this brunch especially for her.

If you wan to order flowers through an online florist try to book an order in advance and well ahead although many floral delivery sites like flowers2world offer same day deliveries but still as the time is when there is a lot of rush and too many orders you may fail to get the opportunity for getting your flowers delivered to your mom on the right time.

More and More About Flowers

There is no limit to the flowers that are found in this world and so are the huge number of interesting things about them. We often look around us and find such beautiful flowers that mesmerize us through their colors and beauty but there are many things that we just can not observe by just looking at them and these little things also hold capability to astonish humans for what a world exists within a flower. Here are some interesting information collected from the flowers world.beautiful flowers 150x150 More and More About Flowers

●     Crossbreeding was common in the 18th century when Luther Burbank successfully crossed an oxeye field daisy with a Japanese daisy to produce the Shasta daisy, which is not a daisy but in fact it is a chrysanthemum.

●     Roses are valued for their romantic symbolism but their blooms are also edible and have the flavors of green apples and strawberries.

●     Women prefer pastel colored roses, men on the other hand prefer red.

●     There are over 15,000 species of roses cultivated across the world.

●     Americans bought more than 1.2 BILLION fresh cut roses in the year 1996. That’s 4.67 roses for every man, woman, and child nationwide.

●     The rose family also includes pears, apples, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, and almonds.

●     Tulips have a brief lifespan of only three to seven days.More and More About Flowers 150x150 More and More About Flowers

●     Lilies are presumed to have originated from the Far East and are one of the oldest plants known.

●     Bamboo plants have the ability to flower every few years and when they do, the flowers of the same species bloom at exactly the same time.

●     There are over 400,000 different species of flowers covering the planet.

●     A bouquet of a dozen Wolffia blooms would comfortably fit on the head of a pin.

●     To Greeks, an orchid is a symbol of virility. To the Chinese the word orchid means love.

●     The names given to flowers date back many years and are some of the first words of spoken language.

●     Tulip bulbs can be used in place of onions for cooking.

●     There are more than 800 genera of orchids with around 50,000 species.

●     Chrysanthemums are one of the few flowers that can be cultivated bonsai style.

●     In Malta, chrysanthemums are associated with funerals, so they find it unlucky to keep the flower indoors.

●     Amazingly, Tulips can continue to grow as much as an inch per day after being cut.