Roses: for love, friendship or appreciation

There’s something extra special about roses; and they have long been the symbol of love and romance, but their meaning is much deeper.
In Christianity, the history of roses dates as far back as ancient Rome when they were used to symbolise devotion to Venus, the goddess; and they were then later linked to the Virgin Mary (and led to the creation of the rosary for prayer). In the Islam and Sufism religions, the beauty of the rose provokes the song of the nightingale; and also refers to the Sufi master Jilani, known as “the Rose of Baghdad”.
Throughout the world, Catalonians use the rose to celebrate Saint George’s Day, or “lover’s day”; while in England the rose is actually the national flower with a history dating back to the English civil wars back in the 15th Century – so much so that these were later called the War of the Roses. The Rugby Union team and association in England have the rose as part of their emblem. And in the United States of America, the rose was adopted as the national floral emblem in the 1980s.
So much history… but did you also know the colour of roses have a special meaning?
Before choosing which rose to give your loved one, friend or foe; make sure you read the following guide so you know exactly what colour to choose to suit your special occasion:
RED is the ideal rose to choose if you want to show someone you TRULY love them. Red also represents beauty, courage, respect and is great for a “job well done” (though you should probably be wary who you give it to as they might think you’re in love with them – ie. you might not want to wish an employee a job well done with a red rose).
YELLOW roses represent friendship and can be given to cheer someone up, or as a Get Well Soon gift. They are also good for new beginnings, “welcome back”, to show someone you care – and if it has a red tip, it means you are falling in love.
LAVENDER roses are a colour for enchantment and love at first sight; and it is also the colour of royalty.
PINK roses represent grace and elegance and are ideal to show someone you are falling for the them; also good to say thank you as they are great symbols of gratitude and appreciation. They also represent gentleness and admiration and light pink is good for joy and happiness.
WHITE roses are a symbol of true love and ideal for brides for the wedding day – they represent purity, unity, happy love and virtue. They are also an ideal sympathy rose for a loved one lost. They also stand for “I am worthy of you”, youthfulness and reverence.
ORANGE roses represent desire and passion and are a bridge between friendship (yellow roses) and true love (red roses). They are also good to tell someone you are proud of their achievements.
BLACK is the colour to choose if you want to wish someone a final farewell after they have passed away.
Added bonus: Did you know the number of roses you give you someone also has meaning?
Give one rose and you are telling them you are completely devoted; two roses when entwined together is a wonderful way to propose; while three roses represents a shared love.
If you give someone six roses this signifies a need to be loved and infatuation; 10 roses means you believe your love is ideal; 11 roses means you are very deeply loved.
If you give 12 roses, you’re saying “please be mine”; and if you receive 13 roses –this could mean you have a secret admirer … or it could mean you just want to be friends. Give 15 roses to tell someone you are sorry; 24 roses to shout out your love; and 40 roses if you want them to be yours for life.
Regardless of the colour you choose, the meaning behind it, and the number you give – there’s no doubt roses are a wonderful way to tell someone you care and with specialist
florists Melbourne or send flowers to Brunei as you know you’re giving a gift that is powerful and beautiful.

“Thinking Of you” Flowers….

“Thinking Of you” Flowers….
It is said by many that love should not be shown as it means show-off of your feelings, but this saying is not true for all cases. At times, showing love becomes highly important to your girlfriend without which she might not understand your love only. There are many ways of showing your love and at times showing with mere words can also be tried. But if you want to depict your feelings only then saying them merely by words is not a good way at all. The best way to depict your feelings is through flowers bouquet that you would send to your loved one.
Flowers are the best way to express your feelings
Expression of love can be done many kinds of gifts such as chocolates, clothes, balloons, etc, but out of all these ways the best one is always that of flowers. Flowers have a different language of love in them that you want to reach your loved one. Thus, whenever you feel that you want to tell them that you are thinking of them, then sending flower bouquets is the best option. In this way, your feelings would also reach them, and your girlfriend would like it also.
Another reason why flowers are considered as the best gift is their purity. People do morning walks in gardens only because of flower and their purity. Walking in the gardens with flowers all around adds another type of energy in the living beings that is difficult to find anywhere else. Clothes and other goods are also given as gifts to express your feelings, but they would not do the wonders like that of a flower.
What types of flowers are best for such an occasion?
1. A Bouquet of pink roses- To express your feeling of love the flower that is used mostly, is rose Online Flower delivery of red rose’s acts as an emblem of love, but gifting them to express your thought is not a necessary thing. In order to express your thoughts with that particular person you can give pink roses also. There are baby pink roses as well as dark pink ones that fall into the category of thinking of you flowers.
2. Multicolored dahlias- Showing your thoughts and love is not only for your girlfriend, but also for others like your mother. Mothers should always come first in our life and thus at times it is very important to depict them your feelings. You can show your mother that you care for her through a flower bouquet of multi-colored dahlias. Dahlias are flowers inferior to roses according to many, but in actual it is not like that. Dahlias come in more colors than roses, and a flower bouquet of multi colors does not look bad at all even.
3. Different flowers in one set- rsz be sweet bouquet get well 1067334 600x600 150x150 Thinking Of you Flowers....rsz basket of love birthday flowers 100056 600x600 150x150 Thinking Of you Flowers....rsz a radiant romance anniversary 1067427 600x600 150x150 Thinking Of you Flowers....Gifting flowers of a single type is what many of us do, but gifting a bouquet that gives the appearance of the garden looks highly unique and different. Thus you can send flowers online in a gift box with all the flowers that give an appearance of a garden bouquet.

Making Cut Flowers Last Long

Flowers are like a vibrant life inspirations when they are around bringing on all the positive impacts on your moods and thus on the work that you will do whole day. When ever we prepare floral arrangements our self by picking up flowers from our gardens or when we get it as a gift from someone,cut rose 150x150 Making Cut Flowers Last Long in both ways they mean so much. Sometimes it’s as a gift that we get flowers while for many of the flower lovers it is a part of routine to get a bunch of flowers from the floral section whenever they go to grocery shops. Floral arrangements displayed at homes not only admired by you but also by the people who come to your place. Whenever the cut flowers are gifted or bought by one his or her self the very first thing that comes to mind is about preserving the flowers for longer period of time so they can just keep refreshing themselves and keep realizing how much the person who gifted these flowers love them.

  • Take some cool water but definitely not the freezing one and pour it into a clean vase in which you plan to keep your flowers in. Now take the pack of the commercial floral preservative that you got and add a small amount of it into the water and mix it properly in water either through your hands or with something else about which you can be sure that it would distribute the contents properly in water. If you have bought the flowers from flower stores after coming to home fill your sink with warm water and place the stems immediately into the sink.
  • Now be a little fast and put the cut stems into the vase with prepared solution immediately. Don’t wait till you are done with all keep putting each stem in vase that you are done with. Cut all the leaves that falls under the top of vase so they just do not remain soaked in water of vase because this will promote development of bacteria in the water and will reduce the flower’s life. Place your flower at a place that is away from direct sunlight or cold or warm breezes.
  • Change the water in your flowers every two days so that you can avoid formation of bacteria that may reduce the life of your flowers.

P.S. (You can prepare your homemade preserver and flowers food by taking two teaspoons full of sugar, half teaspoon of chlorine bleach, and one fourth teaspoon of alum. Well there is an alternate too if you do not have alum with you, you can add two table spoon of white vinegar too to the mixture.)

Tips for Drying Flowers – Method 3

Dry Flowers1 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 3Here is the third and last blog for the series of methods for drying flowers. Now you all have an open choice as to which method you find easiest and most suitable to dry out your flowers. It is always great to dry flowers and secure them for long as mostly we have great memories attached to those flowers. But keep one thing in mind, if you want to dry flowers don’t wait for your fresh flower to wilt or droop you need to start the drying process with the fresh flowers. Before you start drying keep one thing in your mind that you’ll need to remove any withered or damaged petals off the flower.

Drying Flowers Using Microwave:

Drying Flower 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 3If you like dry flowers but you just don’t have the patience enough to wait for till that long than you have a way out and that is drying your flowers through microwave. Drying flowers through microwave is a fast and effective way. It is a little difficult to dry flowers through microwave because than you need to be a little careful as the results may be not as desirable as they can be through air drying. All that works in microwave drying is the try and experience. The more experience you have the more will be your expertise to choose the right time for drying your flowers. When you dry your flowers in microwave you need to be more careful in selecting the flowers. They should be at their prime else they may turn out to be ugly brown in color. Drying in microwave is done with the drying agents. Place a layer of half inch in the box and then place the Dry Flower 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 3flower in it covering it than again with the drying agent. Place the flower in the microwave and do keep a small bowl of water beside the flower in microwave. After every minute or a half you will need to rotate the flower. Almost all the flowers get dried perfectly within 3 minutes but sometimes a rose may take about three and a half minutes. Keep checking your flowers for if they have dried every time you rotate them. When you think your flower is done and cooked well take it out of the microwave but do not remove it immediately from the drying agent. Let it rest and settle for few hours. Again experimenting will make you get to know better that how long any of the flowers is needed to be left in the drying agent. This time can be any where from 8 hours to about 24 hours.

Tips for Drying Flowers – Method 2

dry flowers1 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 2Drying flowers is fun and something that makes us keep feeling the pleasure of the love and care that we receive through flowers for long. First blog of this series have already reached you and here is the other method for you through which you can dry out your flowers.

Drying Flowers Using Drying Agents:

In first blog we got to know how to dry flowers in air. Now the method that you can use to dry flowers is through drying agents. Yes there are numerous materials that are used as drying agents for flowers. Mostly the flat type of flowers like pansies or daisies is best when it comes to drying through these methods. Drying agents that are used for drying flowers are silica gel, sand,dried flowers2 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 2fresh kitty litter and white cornmeal and borax mixture. Among all the drying agents silica gel is believed to be the most effective one. Drying flowers through drying agent would need you to have a dish or tray that is deep enough. In the dish lay an inch high layer of your drying agent. If you have flat flowers like daisies or pansies you can place them facing down in the drying agent and later pouring the drying agent over the flowers. If you have the flowers that have multiple layers of petals than you should place them facing upright in the dish or box whatever you are using. This way you can pour in the drying agent on to the flower making sure that it is completely covered with the agent. For drying flowers using drying agents you need to keep intact the stem of flower at least a half inch long. After you have completely covered your flowers with dryingdrying flower 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 2 agent keep them in the safe area or to accelerate the drying process and making it get done in short time you can use the microwave too. Check a flower for the dryness and if you find them even a little soft cover the flowers back and let them dry until they turn out to be dry completely and feels like paper. When your flowers have dried and you want to store them, wrap them carefully in a sheet of paper or newspaper and put them in a box. You can keep the box in your garage or store room. While you store flowers be careful of rodents or insects. You can use mothballs as a precautionary measure to remain saved from the problem.

Still there is another method left for you before you go for drying flowers, so you can choose the one of your choice that you find the easiest. Keep coming and checking around for the third and last part of this series.

Tips for Drying Flowers – Method 1

drying flowers 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 1People do like to keep the flowers for long with them. Sometimes these flowers are bought by us ourselves and sometimes they remind us of great happy moments as gifted by the very special people in our life over different occasions. Drying flowers and than using them in arrangements and other things help us in saving the flowers for years and helping us in remembering all those golden moments. There are majorly three different ways used to dry flowers. Here is how you can save your flowers too for years.

Air Drying:

dry flowers 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 1

Air drying is the most commonly adopted method by people to dry out flowers. This one is really simple too. Just cut the flowers right after the dew is gone and remove all the foliage off the stems. After you have removed the foliage either hang each flower upside down with the bottom of stem tied to a nail or any thing else with the string. You can either hang each flower separately or form a bunch and hang it after tying it. Keep one thing in mind that hang the flowers always upside down so the petals and flowers head remain straight and doesn’t appear like the drooping ones when kept in vases. If you want to dry only the flower heads than place them on a sheet of paper or news paper. It is very important to provide flowers with appropriate environment for drying. Dry your flowers always in cool dark place because keeping them in sunlight would cause the flowers to fade out. Humidity, temperature, air flow are all the factors over which the time needed for drying the flowers depends over. It may take from 24 hours up to a week for drying flowers depending on their type too. Whatever you do or however you dry your flowers out they should feel like paper when dried and no more soft. After you have dried your flowers keep them out of reach of dried and forced airflow. This may cause the dried flowers to brittle and shatter. To remove the dust off your dried flowers you can use the soft brush or the hair dryer at the lowest possible setting.

Drying Flowers 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 1

If you want to store your dried flowers than wrap them in the newspaper and place them in the cardboard box. When you store keep one thing in mind that they should remain out of dry or damp air reach. The temperature of storage place will not matter but the air is an extremely important factor.

This is the first method how you can dry up your flowers. Keep checking for the other methods to be shared shortly….. Till than have fun drying your flowers.

Drying flower tips and facts. Find out how to make your flowers last longer!

How to Care Roses

Roses are the prettiest flowers to have around. It is always great and feelsfancy rose 150x150 How to Care Rosessuperb if we get cut flowers and they are roses. Once either we buy the roses as cut flowers ourselves or receive it from a loved one as a token of love in any case we want those flowers to keep refreshing and pleasing us for as long as they can. For keeping your flowers fresh for long and increasing their vase life you will need to take a little care of them.

Caring For Arranged Roses:

  • If you receive the roses that are already arranged than locate them at a cool location at a place where they are not vulnerable to the direct sunlight or air vents.roses bouquet 150x150 How to Care Roses
  • Each day keep checking the water level and when found less add warm water to maintain the water level required.
  • Keep checking your arrangement thoroughly each day and remove any dying foliage or flowers.
  • You will need to cut the bottom of stem every 3 to 4 days so you can ensure the water uptake by the stem up to the flower. Remember one thing that always cut the stem at 45 degrees angle and not straight because in that case it may rest straight at the bottom of vase.

Caring For Boxed Roses:

  • When you receive the boxed roses you need to immediately unpackroses box 150x150 How to Care Rosesthem.
  • Now take a flower container assuring that it is clean and than add warm water and flowers preservative to it.
  • Now check if the guard petals that are the outer most petals are bruised or damaged. If you find them damaged remove them. These are called the guard petals because they are to secure the inner petals of flowers.
  • Now according to your flowers container size remove the foliage off the stems that you think may fall below the water line.
  • Now cut your flower stems at bottom at an angle keeping them under the water.
  • Now display your flowers at any place where you want.
  • When your flowers are ready for display and in the later days take care of the flowers the same way as explained above for arranged roses.

Drying Flowers with Desiccant

Drying Flowers1 150x150 Drying Flowers with DesiccantPeople often love to dry their flowers so they may save them as the memory of good times or sometimes just because they love the beauty brought by the dry flowers arrangements. There are number of ways through which flowers are being dried mostly many people prefer using some material that can absorb the moisture from the flowers making them get dried. Borax powder, fine sand, silica gel, cornmeal and all other such materials used in drying flowers are basically the desiccants that help in drying flowers quickly. The best amongst all is silica gel because it has the shortest drying time and also helps in retaining the color of flower. There are many silica gels available that change their color to indicate that flowers are dried. Whatever the material used the basic method of drying is same and is explained here under.

Dry Flowers 150x150 Drying Flowers with Desiccant

  • Choose the best quality flowers that are not damaged anyway. Till the time you keep your flowers before drying keep stems in water so they do not wilt.
  • You can remove the stems off the flowers if you want and can add the floral wires to support your flower heads.
  • Now choose the container that you want to use for drawing your flowers and fill it about an inch high with the desiccant of your choice. If you are using silica gel than, be sure that you use the airtight lidded container because silica gel absorb moisture from air.

dried flowers1 150x150 Drying Flowers with Desiccant

  • Now arrange your flowers over the desiccant in any position you want upright, downward or sideways, just take care that they should not bend or flop because that’s how they will appear after drying.
  • Preserving same type of flowers together at same time will make the drying time same. Do not let your flowers overlap each other while arranging on desiccant.
  • Now cover all flowers with the desiccant by gently sprinkling it over flowers. Tap the container softly and sprinkle the desiccant again if any part of flower becomes visible. Use toothpick or any other such tool to reposition your flowers if needed. Cover the container with lid if using silica gel.
  • Softly tilt the container and try to check the petal of flower if they have dried or still soft. If they are soft more time is needed for drying if papery than they have dried.
  • When all your flowers have dried and you want to remove them tilt your container gently to make desiccant fall away and than remove the flowers from the container gently.

Water Appropriate for Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh

valentine flower1 150x150 Water Appropriate for Keeping Cut Flowers FreshFlowers remain fresh and retain their beauty when remain intact to their plants. If it is that you want to bring their beauty indoors within your homes than you need to provide them with some pampering in order to maintain their freshness for longer period of time. In this the main role is played by the water actually so you need to maintain the water levels and temperatures if you want to keep your flowers fresh.

  • When you collect the cut flowers you need to take care that the flowers should not get damage. Better keep them in an open basket or roll them in a protective paper.
  • valentine flowers 150x150 Water Appropriate for Keeping Cut Flowers FreshYou should always try to keep the time minimum that flowers have to bear out of the water so it will be great if you prepare your vase in advance before cutting or collecting your flowers. Take care that the vase should have to be rinsed completely and very well so that no bacteria from previous floral arrangement may harm your current flowers.
  • When you put the water in the vase for the first time for your flowers it is preferred that it should be warm around 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit as recommended by various research institutes. This allows flowers to absorb the greater amount of water quickly. Let the water cool down to room temperature itself.
  • valentine day flower 150x150 Water Appropriate for Keeping Cut Flowers FreshNow cut the stem end a little so you may again allow your flowers to absorb water in a better way assuring that there are no air bubbles in the stem to stop the water flow to the flower head. You may also cut the stem keeping it under the water but that is not a very important step to undertake. If you can put the flower quickly in your vase without allowing air to block it again than it is perfectly fine.
  • Remove any greenery or leaves that may fall below the water levels in your vase as they may inflate the formation of bacteria in water.
  • You should use flower preservatives to keep your flowers fresh and healthy as they have the source that provides the energy to the flowers. There are misconceptions like adding aspirin or penny to the water would secure your flowers, this will not help at all.
  • Do not keep your cut flowers under direct sunlight or near the breezes. Moreover change the water in your vase every second day to avoid any bacterial formation in water.

Press Drying Flowers Saving Their Color

flowers dried 150x150 Press Drying Flowers Saving Their ColorPressing the flowers allows us to preserve our favorite garden flowers or the flowers that we get in floral arrangements. Pressing flowers is actually liked more because it helps in retaining the color of flowers and they do not fade out because of the fast drying method adopted in press drying. Pansies and daisies are the flat flowers and works best when this method of drying is being used. Through pressing the excessive moisture is drawn out quickly from the flowers and this does not let the flowers take too long time in drying that cause the flowers to fade out.

  • Take a sheet of card board and lay it down. Now cover the cardboard by laying news paper of non glossy paper sheet over it.dry flower 150x150 Press Drying Flowers Saving Their Color
  • Now arrange all your flowers over the sheets of news paper or paper whatever you have chosen. Remember to keep a distance of an inch or two between each flower and do not let any one flower overlap the other.
  • Once you are done with arranging your flowers cover them all with the newspapers or non glossy paper sheet and after covering with paper put the other piece of cardboard over the papers.
  • Now take a plywood sheet or wood board and put it over your stack of flowers, papers and cardboard. Now for pressing process the additional weight is needed to be applied for this use the bricks and lay some overDrying Flowers 150x150 Press Drying Flowers Saving Their Color the wood board or plywood sheet.
  • You will need to replace the sheets of paper or newspaper whatever you used every one or two days. But be very careful while all this process so you do not damage your flowers and very carefully replace back the cardboard, wood board and bricks the same way as done in first time.
  • Now check your flowers if they are almost completely dried take them out. Use a clean sheet of paper and spread it in a dry room now lay all your flowers over it and let them dry completely for one to three more days. Be careful, the room that you use for drying should be out of direct sunlight else your flowers will fade out.

Do not let the flowers be in sunlight even when you are putting them for pressing procedure and use the fully blossomed flowers for this drying purpose and later you may use them for paper making or in any other crafting projects.