Apologies and Hatred Expressed Through Flowers

It happens sometimes that we hurt our loved ones and than it becomes really difficult to express our guilt to apologize to them in such a time of need flowers can do the job greatly. For apologizing you do not certainly need a flower saying “I am Sorry” straightly but few flowers that may be saying good things to the recipient or the love message from you can work equally. There are hundreds of species of roses in the world and a great number of them can do the job for you.

Austrian Rose You are all that is lovely
Black Rose Foreshadow of death
Bridal Rose Happiness
Cabbage Rose Ambassador of love
Carolina Rose Love is dangerous
Christmas Rose Relieve my anxiety
Cinnamon Rose Without pretension
Coral Rose Desire
Dark crimson Rose Mourning
Dark pink Rose Thankfulness
Deep red Rose Shame
Garland or crown Rose Beware of virtue
Hibiscus Rose Delicate, beauty
Lavender Rose Enchantment
Orange Rose Fascination
Pale pink Rose Grace, joy
Peach Rose Immortality, modesty
Pink Rose Perfect happiness
Red Rose I love you
Tea Rose I’ll remember always
Thorn less Rose Love at first sight
White and red mixed Rose Unity
White Rose innocence and purity
Yellow Rose Jealousy
Rosebud red Rose Pure and lovely

When it is about expressing hatred or any of your negative expressions and you just do not find the way out to say it clearly too to any one, than find the flowers as the solution. There are flowers that can deliver your message of hatred and anger.

Basil I hate you
Begonia beware
Oleander caution
Peony anger
Primrose (evening) inconsistency
Snapdragon falsehood, deception
Carnation (yellow) disappointment, rejection