Advantages OF Using Organic Fertilizers

organic fertilizers Advantages OF Using Organic FertilizersOrganic fertilizers are generally now preferred throughout the whole world now both by professional farmers and gardeners and those doing on individual level too. Organic fertilizers are supposed to be healthier than as compared to their counterpart chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are made from decaying animals and plants matter. Organic fertilizers provide with better results because they create the effect same as the soil of some fertile piece of land. This is because all the fertility of soil naturally depends on the decayed matters of plants and animals and so the same are the organic fertilizers.

There are numerous benefits that can be derived by using organic fertilizers, they help in production of large fruits and more flowers, increases the immunity of plants towards pests and diseases and help plants in surviving in periods of winter and drought and through organic fertilizer the condition of soil is also improved that helps in better growth of plants. So many advantages are there of using organic fertilizers that can not be counted actually else than the major ones the very few named above. Here some advantages of organic fertilizers are briefly discussed telling how it actually works.

Increased Plant Productivity:
A very major advantage and the foremost one is the increase in the productivity of plant. Actually the organic fertilizers provide the plant with the nutrients necessary for being productive. Phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium are the vital nutrients provided by organic fertilizers to the plants. These nutrients allow plants to grow larger fruits and flowers and not only the quality but the quantity of flowers and fruits also increases.

Increased Plants Toughness:
The providence of all the nutrients to plants makes them tougher. The cell walls grow thicker because the proper amount of potassium is being provided to them. This helps plants n becoming stronger against diseases and pests. While the proper amount of phosphorus provided helps plants to survive well in winters and droughts because they utilize water efficiently cause of it.

Better Soil:
Organic fertilizers are suitable for all types of soil. The looser soil like sand is held together better with the help of stronger root system due to the presence of nitrogen. The plants grow stronger and erosion process is slowed down in this way. While on the other hand they people who have the harder and denser form of soil known as clay also become a little loosened helping the gardener to work easily with the soil and this causes the soil to become more oxygenated which help plants in better photosynthesis process.

Consistency in Growth:
Organic fertilizers’ nutrients are released gradually and slowly but consistently. That is the reason that causes the plants to remain healthier for longer period of time because the plants keep on getting the required amounts of nutrients the whole season and even afterwards. The high blooming of plants in presence of organic fertilizers is never followed by dormancy of plant.

Money Saving:

You can easily make the organic fertilizer free of cost at your home too. Just gather the yard and food waste at a place and let it sit for as long as it takes for completely breaking down. It is cheaper in another sense too that as it takes longer time in breaking down of organic fertilizers so you need to use it less often than if using any other fertilizer because the nutrient release system of organic fertilizers is very efficient.

Facts Regarding Organic Fertilizers

organic fertilizer Facts Regarding Organic FertilizersWhat organic fertilizer is the first thing that many people need to know about? There are a number of misconceptions and myths related to the organic fertilizers. This is the fertilizer that is being derived from animals or vegetables. This is a nutrient mixture for your soil that is being added to support the growing plants. There are several reasons and factors that force the planters to add the organic produce to their soil for their plants. The identification of organic fertilizer is first of all the products it is made on that are animals or plants while the main function of it is to provide the plants with the required nitrogen to the growing plants. When bone meal is added it additionally provides the organic fertilizer with calcium, phosphate and magnesium.

There are several benefits associated with the use of organic fertilizers. The organic fertilizers have a very smart system of slow release of nutrients and so many of the nutrients are not wasted due to this. This means the product’s efficiency level is really high that a little of its amount can do a lot for your plants. If used in a proper way much of the fertilizer can be saved from being wasted to run off into the waterways. Animal compost and plants by products constitute a large percentage of an organic fertilizer. Usually, the animal and plants by products are composted and dried in order to be used. However, the application of these organic fertilizers is sometimes dry and on other times done in liquid forms.

There are different types of organic fertilizers some of which are used before the seeding and other during the growth time of plants. There is also a type called “green manure” or “green fertilizer” that includes the weeds or cover crops that are repeatedly plowed under. This is being done in order to provide nitrogen to the planters and control the growth of weeds. The process is called “stale seedbed cultivation”. Soybeans are one of the products used often as cover crops to prepare the green manure to plow under. Another product that can provide with a complete pack of nutrients to plants is the peanut meal. Yes, as the dry foods are rich in nutrients for humans so they will work the same for the plants providing all nutrients through peanut meals.

The significance of use of organic nutrients is to make you crops grow well and sustainable mainly concentrating over reducing the use and need of chemical controls. There are some supportive of companion strategies adopted with these like inter plantation and using disease resistant in order to provide a long lasting growth and conditions to agriculture. There is also at sometimes the need of adding synthetic materials to the organic composts so a general concept that all the organic fertilizers are completely natural is wrong. They often contain the synthetic and chemical materials that are permitted by the agricultural departments of the native countries. Organic fertilizers produced are made to meet the needs of all different types of soils so it is important to get your soil tested before applying any of the organic fertilizer available.