Black Spot Disease of Plants

Black spot 300x224 Black Spot Disease of PlantsMany people like to grow flowering plants in their gardens so it appears beautiful and lovely decorating the exteriors of your home like you work hard for the interiors. Gardeners usually love to do gardening and like taking care of their plants. For almost all the gardeners their plants are like their kids and a new flower on a plant gives them happiness like an achievement of one of their children. But during all these goody things even the worst do occur. This happens when there is an attack of any disease or when animals ruin the plants. Fungal diseases are very common among the plants especially in areas that have humid or rainy climate. Among all the fungal diseases black spot is a very common occurring one in such climate condition areas and attack roses plants a lot. It is thought to be as one of the most devastating disease for the plants.

Warning Signs:

The warning sign of this disease is very obvious and prominent; there will start to appear black spots on the leaves of roses as rose plants are supposed to be the most common victims. These come as circular black patches and the edges are usually irregularly. Soon they cause all the plant to wilt and start shedding it leaves that all turn dead.

This disease is caused due to fungus diplocarpon rosae. The fungus actually survives the winter season by growing in dead plants and than later on splashes to healthy plants during the rain storms and thus causing the disease to spread fast and more.


Black spot disease is highly killing for the plants as it starts from the plant’s stalk and eventually rose to cover the whole plant lastly causing the plant to die of it.

There are not much of treatments yet discovered to cater with this disease in the plants. You need to spray your plant regularly with fungicidal or you can apply wettable sulfur as these two appears to be the only two treatments up till now for black spot disease in the plants. Well the most effective method to be discovered and thought is to remove the suffering plant in order to save the other healthy plants because the disease quickly moves on to the new target as soon as it makes a plant to die.

As it is generally said for humans too that prevention is better than cure so the same is the matter with plants. It is better to take care that your plants does not catch this infection or disease instead of taking steps later or controlling the disease. The experience gardeners and commercial growers advise that taking care of good hygienic condition of your garden will keep your plants saved from this disease. Destroying the effected plants and than removing all the debris dead leaves and other dead parts of plants off the ground will definitely save your plants from suffering from this fungal disease.