Caring Outdoor Plants at Night When Temperature Drops

Caring Outdoor Plants 300x224 Caring Outdoor Plants at Night When Temperature DropsSummers can not be believed to be started any before than the 21st of June because before that the drop in temperature at night should be of no surprise. This drop of temperature at nights often damages the outdoor plants. You may take certain steps to save your out door plants even the plants in your garden if you want to increase the time period of growing season of your plants. Remember one thing always preparation in advance is the key to success in gardening. Whether it’s about planning to prepare the new plants in spring or saving the plants from cold weather at nights. Prepare in advance and see your plants safe and secure from all weather extremities. You may take the following measures when you want to save your out door plants from temperature drop at nights.

1. Gather some old sheets and blankets of your home and reserve them for your plants. Everyday before the sun set just cover your plants and shrubs with these sheets and blankets this will allow the heat absorbed by the plants to remain under the cover. Moreover when plants are open in colder nights the water in the leaves freezes and the reaction is same as if you will leave the soda can for long in the freezer.

Collect some cans and boxes for your plants. You can buy some 5 gallon buckets and use them to cover each of the plant individually like that of rose or tomatoes. Coffee boxes and ice-cream tubs can also be used for smaller plants.

3. You can fix some garden stakes at the corners of your flower and vegetable beds. At night you may attach the sheets of black plastic to these stakes higher enough that they remain above the top of the plants and so a whole big area can be secured with one thing.

4. Remove the covers from the plants either very early in the morning before the sun heat directly starts to fall over those plants or remove once the direct light goes over the covered areas because exposing plants suddenly to extreme heat will damage them.

5. Freshly planted vegetable garden can be covered with newspapers too. First cover the whole area with the single layer of newspapers and than you may increase the number of layers by as much number as you feel appropriate.

These are the steps that you may take in order to save your plants from the cold weather at nights. All the methods are easy to adapt and very cheap so you may choose any of these with which you find yourself more comfortable and take care of your plants and don’t forget to prepare for it in advance.