Top Five Cut Flowers

roses 300x203 Top Five Cut FlowersFlowers put in a gasp of living to any decoration, whether a bouquet of joyful daffodils on the kitchen table, a spray of orchids in a stylish lobby or a single rosebud in a bedside vase. This and all the beauty can be brought to the interiors of any home or place by adding flower to it. Basically you can just any flower off your garden and bring them in your home for bringing the nature within your place but still there are some variety of flowers that are liked and suit better for keeping as cut flowers as compared to other flowers. These are the flowers that are usually used by florists too and liked generally more by people.carnation 300x300 Top Five Cut Flowers

1.    Roses:

Roses are the first and most commonly used flower as cut flowers. Roses come in numerous different colors like red, yellow, orange, pink, lavender and some come in shaded colors too like one shade on the inner side of the petals while the outer side having some other shade. Roses are widely used in floral arrangements and bouquets.

2.    Carnation:lily 300x240 Top Five Cut Flowers

After roses there come the carnations as one of the most widely used flowers. These are perennial type of flowers and are mostly used in making carnages, boutonnières and in low budgeted flower bouquets and other types of floral arrangements. Carnations are also available in many colors except the true blue and are easy to be dyed and painted with any color.

3.    Lily:chrysanthemum 300x225 Top Five Cut Flowers

There are many different types of lilies from Asiatic lilies to Oriental ones. Lilies are very commonly used over Easter as potted plant but do hold a great importance as cut flower too. Mostly the trumpet shaped Easter lily is used as cut flower.

4.    Chrysanthemum:Orchid 300x200 Top Five Cut Flowers

These flowers are found in many colors like yellow, orange, burgundy, white and purple. They are supposed to be very long lasting and are found in huge variety of shapes and sizes.

5.    Orchid:

Orchids are used very much in the wedding for over all decoration in churches and wedding halls as well as in the bridal bouquets. Orchids have gained much popularity as a cut flower because usually each stem of it have around up to 20 blooms and they last for more than a week easily and even longer if properly taken care of.

Here was the list of top five flowers that are being currently used most commonly as cut flowers. Some other flowers to name with that are majorly used as cut flowers are bulb flowers, sunflowers, Alstroemeria, Gladiolus and Gypsophilia.

What Flowers Mean?

Flowers Meaning 234x300 What Flowers Mean?Flowers have a universal language that let the messages be delivered from one person to another without any language barriers. Every flower in itself holds a very different meaning and delivers a different message from your side. There’s nothing that can remain unsaid when flowers are your language and messenger. Is it your love for some one that you want to express or a sorry that you want to reach some one everything can be done simply by sending flowers. All you need to do in this regard is that you should know what each flower and color of flower mean for delivering the very right message from your side.

For choosing the right flowers for the situation you are currently going through we have the solution here. Check out the list and find out which flower would deliver your feelings exactly. Very firstly, listed down here are all those flowers that some how deliver the message of love or are related to it.

Aster simply and clearly means “Love”. Baby’s Breath is another flower that tells your love that you carry an every lasting love for them. White Carnation means “pure love”. Red Chrysanthemum says “I Love You”. Gardenia tells that you are a secret “lover”. Gladiolus tells your love that you fell in love with them at first sight. And above all the best one commonly known way to express your love for someone is giving red rose. While White rose means that you hold Eternal love for the receiver in your heart. Red Tulip is a declaration of Love from you while yellow tulips are for hopeless love.

Next important relation in one’s life is friendship and there are many flowers for sending different messages to your friends too. Alstroemeria tells your friends or a love that you are “devoted” to them. Yellow rose in itself is a sign of “friendship” and used most commonly on Valentines Day to send to friends. While the Zinnia is the flower that says there are “thoughts of absent friends”. Send this flower to your friends who are far and out of contact for long and make them realize that they still make an important part of your life.

There are numerous flowers in white color that depict purity and innocence. White Carnations, White lily and white rose all send the same message of purity and innocence. Some other flowers to represent distinct feelings are:

Cactus – Endurance
cactus 150x150 What Flowers Mean?


•    Pink – I’ll never forget you
•    Purple – Whimsical, changeable

carnation 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

•    Red – My heart aches for you, Admiration
•    Yellow – Rejection, Disdain
•    Solid Color – Yes
•    Striped – No


chrysanthemum 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

•    White – Truth
•    Yellow – Slighted love

Daffodil – Respect, Unrequited love

daffodil flower 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

– Delicate beauty

Hibiscus 150x150 What Flowers Mean?


•    Blue – Constancy
•    Purple – I’m sorry, Please forgive me

•    Red or Pink – Play Hyacinth general 150x150 What Flowers Mean?
•    White – Loveliness, I’ll pray for you
•    Yellow – Jealousy

Iris – Faith, Hope, Wisdom and Valor

Iris Flower 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Lavender – Devotion


lily 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

•    Calla – Beauty
•    Day – Coquetry
•    Eucharis – Maidenly charms
•    Orange – Hatred
•    Tiger – Wealth, PrideLavender 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Lily of the Valley – Return to happiness

Poinsettia – Be of good cheerpoinsettia 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Statice – Lasting beautylily of the valley1 150x150 What Flowers Mean?
Statice 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Sunflower – Loyalty
sunflowers 150x150 What Flowers Mean?

Violet 150x150 What Flowers Mean?
•    Blue – Faithfulness
•    White – Let’s take a change on happiness

There’s nothing and there’s no feeling that you name and it can not be expressed through flowers. So stop fighting with the right words, choose right flowers for best result.