Making Cut Flowers Last Long

Flowers are like a vibrant life inspirations when they are around bringing on all the positive impacts on your moods and thus on the work that you will do whole day. When ever we prepare floral arrangements our self by picking up flowers from our gardens or when we get it as a gift from someone,cut rose 150x150 Making Cut Flowers Last Long in both ways they mean so much. Sometimes it’s as a gift that we get flowers while for many of the flower lovers it is a part of routine to get a bunch of flowers from the floral section whenever they go to grocery shops. Floral arrangements displayed at homes not only admired by you but also by the people who come to your place. Whenever the cut flowers are gifted or bought by one his or her self the very first thing that comes to mind is about preserving the flowers for longer period of time so they can just keep refreshing themselves and keep realizing how much the person who gifted these flowers love them.

  • Take some cool water but definitely not the freezing one and pour it into a clean vase in which you plan to keep your flowers in. Now take the pack of the commercial floral preservative that you got and add a small amount of it into the water and mix it properly in water either through your hands or with something else about which you can be sure that it would distribute the contents properly in water. If you have bought the flowers from flower stores after coming to home fill your sink with warm water and place the stems immediately into the sink.
  • Now be a little fast and put the cut stems into the vase with prepared solution immediately. Don’t wait till you are done with all keep putting each stem in vase that you are done with. Cut all the leaves that falls under the top of vase so they just do not remain soaked in water of vase because this will promote development of bacteria in the water and will reduce the flower’s life. Place your flower at a place that is away from direct sunlight or cold or warm breezes.
  • Change the water in your flowers every two days so that you can avoid formation of bacteria that may reduce the life of your flowers.

P.S. (You can prepare your homemade preserver and flowers food by taking two teaspoons full of sugar, half teaspoon of chlorine bleach, and one fourth teaspoon of alum. Well there is an alternate too if you do not have alum with you, you can add two table spoon of white vinegar too to the mixture.)

Cutting Flower Stems with Knife

Cutting Flower Stems with Knife Cutting Flower Stems with KnifeWhen people love to grow flowers in their gardens working hard over plants they off course like to see those flowers arranged beautifully in vases inside their homes too. If you really want to bring those colors in your home than choose for the most bright and vibrant colored blossoms at the peak time of blossoming in your garden. Once you have cut those flowers off the plant and brought them indoors now you need to take more care of them and handle them with care so they may last for longer time to cherish you.

1.    When you go out to cut the flowers take a bucket full of warm water with you and as soon as you cut the flowers immediately place them in the bucket. Keep the bucket near to you and out of direct sunlight when you are out.

2.    You should always cut flowers off your plants at early time of the day. Choose the flowers for cutting that have just started to bloom and are very fresh in perfect condition. You can use the normal utility knife to cut them off and as you cut drop them in the bucket of water with you. Cut the flower from just above the crown. As soon as you finish cutting take the flowers inside your home immediately.

Cutting Flower 300x212 Cutting Flower Stems with Knife3.    Now fill the vase with slight warm water and add a pack of floral preservative to it and mix it well in water.

4.    Take arm water in a bowl or fill your sink with the water and now take each stem of flower in your hand keep it under the water and while keeping it there slice about an inch the bottom of stem quickly at an angle of 45 degrees and quickly place the stem in vase. You may cut more of stem if you want shorter length. Do cut any leaves if they are below the water level in the vase.

5.    You will have to pull up the stem straight from the bowl or sink so the water keep dripping so the inside of stem remains saved from air. And than immediately drop in the vase which is already filled with water and flower preservative solution.

6.    Now you will have to place your flowers away from direct sunlight or any other source of dry heat. Keep changing and adding the water to vase every other day with addition of floral preservative to avoid bacterial development.

7.    Whenever you make a new solution in your vase follow the same step of cutting about an inch of flower stem from bottom keeping it under the water. This helps in delivery of food and nutrients up to the bloom through the stem easily increasing the life of cut flowers.