Making Cut Flowers Last Long

Flowers are like a vibrant life inspirations when they are around bringing on all the positive impacts on your moods and thus on the work that you will do whole day. When ever we prepare floral arrangements our self by picking up flowers from our gardens or when we get it as a gift from someone,cut rose 150x150 Making Cut Flowers Last Long in both ways they mean so much. Sometimes it’s as a gift that we get flowers while for many of the flower lovers it is a part of routine to get a bunch of flowers from the floral section whenever they go to grocery shops. Floral arrangements displayed at homes not only admired by you but also by the people who come to your place. Whenever the cut flowers are gifted or bought by one his or her self the very first thing that comes to mind is about preserving the flowers for longer period of time so they can just keep refreshing themselves and keep realizing how much the person who gifted these flowers love them.

  • Take some cool water but definitely not the freezing one and pour it into a clean vase in which you plan to keep your flowers in. Now take the pack of the commercial floral preservative that you got and add a small amount of it into the water and mix it properly in water either through your hands or with something else about which you can be sure that it would distribute the contents properly in water. If you have bought the flowers from flower stores after coming to home fill your sink with warm water and place the stems immediately into the sink.
  • Now be a little fast and put the cut stems into the vase with prepared solution immediately. Don’t wait till you are done with all keep putting each stem in vase that you are done with. Cut all the leaves that falls under the top of vase so they just do not remain soaked in water of vase because this will promote development of bacteria in the water and will reduce the flower’s life. Place your flower at a place that is away from direct sunlight or cold or warm breezes.
  • Change the water in your flowers every two days so that you can avoid formation of bacteria that may reduce the life of your flowers.

P.S. (You can prepare your homemade preserver and flowers food by taking two teaspoons full of sugar, half teaspoon of chlorine bleach, and one fourth teaspoon of alum. Well there is an alternate too if you do not have alum with you, you can add two table spoon of white vinegar too to the mixture.)

Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning

top ten flowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their MeaningThe feelings of love and care can not be expressed any better with anything else than flowers. Cut flowers are widely loved by people all around the world and so are given as gift too. Due to the general likeness of flowers they are supposed to be the best present given over any occasion or even when there is no occasion. It is always great to receive or send or gift someone the flowers. Flowers actually express the love of our loved ones for us. Here is the list of top ten cut flowers bought all around the world and what they actually mean.

  1. 1. Roses
  • Red Rose Sincere love, Courage, Passion, Love you.roses 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning
  • Pink Rose Grace, Elegance, Joyfulness, Sweetness (all by soft pink) Admiration (medium  pink),  Appreciation (deep pink)
  • White Rose Purity, True love, Innocence, Worthiness, Honor, Reverence
  • Yellow Rose Symbol of Joy & Friendship, Delight, Welcome, Happiness, Caring
  • Peach Rose Miss You, Thanks, Gratitude, Modesty, Sincerity, Appreciation
  • Orange Rose     Enthusiasm, Desire, Excitement, Passion
  • Lavender Rose  Enchantment, Love at First Sight
  1. 2. CarnationCarnation 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning
  • Carnation (in general) Bonds of affection; health and energy; fascination; woman love
  • Carnation (pink) – I’ll never forget you
  • Carnation (purple) – Capriciousness; whimsical; changeable
  • Carnation (red) – My heart aches for you; admiration
  • Carnation (solid color) -Yes
  • Carnation (striped)- No; refusal; sorry I can’t be with you; wish I could be with you
  • Chrysanthemum 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their MeaningCarnation (white) -Sweet and lovely; innocence; pure love; woman’s good luck gift
  • Carnation (yellow) – Rejection; disdain
  1. 3. Chrysanthemum
  • Chrysanthemum (in general) – Cheerfulness; You’re a wonderful friend
  • Chrysanthemum (red) – I love
  • Chrysanthemum (white) – Truth
  • Chrysanthemum (yellow) -Slighted love
  1. lily flowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning4. Lily
  • Lily (general) – Keeps unwanted visitors away
  • Lily (calia) – Beauty
  • Lily (day) – Coquetry
  • Lily (eucharis) – Maiden charms
  • Lily (orange) – Hatred
  • Lily (tiger) – Wealth; pride
  • Lily (white) – Virginity; purity; majesty; it’s heavenly to be with you
  • Lily (yellow) – I’m walking on air; false and gay
  • Lily of the valley – sweetness; return to happiness; humilitybulb flowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning
  1. 5. Bulb Flowers
  • Daffodil Respect
  • Tulip(general) – Fame,charity; perfect lover
  • Tulip(red) – Believe me; declaration of love
  • Tulip(variegated) – Beautiful eyes
  • Tulip(yellow) – Hopeless love
  1. Sunflowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning6. Sunflowers
  • Sunflower – Loyalty; wishes
  1. 7. Alstroemeria
  • Friendship; Devotion
  1. 8. Gladiolus
  • babys breath flowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their MeaningGladiolus – Love at first sight
  1. 9. Baby’s Breath
  • Everlasting Love

10. Orchid

  • Orchid – Love; beauty; refinement; beautiful lady; Chinese symbol for many children
  • Orchid (cattleya) – Mature charm

Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in Water

flowers in water 150x150 Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in WaterFlowers appear best and live longest if are kept intact to their plants. But if it is about bringing the beauty within homes and using them as cut flowers than you necessarily need to take some precautions and take special care in order to make them last longer to beautify your home and the environment within.

•    If you are collecting flowers from a place that is far from where you need to put them and they are needed to be transported than roll them in a layer of protective paper or if you are picking them from within your garden than you can handle them carefully and use a bucket to keep them.fresh flowers water 150x150 Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in Water

•    Now take care of one thing that keep the time as short as possible of flowers that they remain without water. So it is better to keep your vase ready before you go for picking the flowers. Rinse the vase properly and use diluted bleach in order to be sure that it contains no bacteria.

•    First water supplied to the flowers is suggested to be warm up to around 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows flowers to absorb more water quickly and allow the water to cool down on its own. Change water every 2 fresh flowers in water 150x150 Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in Waterdays and re cut the bottoms of stems in order to avoid congestion or blockage in vessels.

•    Remove any greenery and leaves off the stem that may lie under water before you place your stems in vase. Every time when you cut your stems at bottom place them immediately into vase in clean water so you can avoid air from blocking out the stems from absorbing the water.

•    Floral preservative are a great idea to lengthen the vase live of your flowers because they provide both with source of energy to flowers and flowers in water vase 150x150 Ways of Putting Fresh Flowers in Waterrestrict the formation of bacteria in water. You can use a very little amount of chlorine bleach and sugar in place of flower preservative.

•    Keep your cut flowers always out of direct sunlight. You can keep them near window to provide the indirect light to your flowers but cut flowers can not sustain the harshness of direct sun light.

The Famous Cut Flowers

Flowers are a great source of gifting and emotions expression for humans. Nothing else can appear so beautiful and yet delivers the human feelings so well that nothing is felt to leave unsaid. This is the beauty of flowers that each flower and its each color hold a different meaning which helps in conveying the perfectly accurate message to our loved ones, the way we want. Its not just about gifting flowers to other but it should become a normal practice for us to gift flowers to ourselves too. Having flowers around us make us feel fresher and more active with positive effects on moods. This all help us in carrying out our daily routine in a much better way.

Roses:roses 300x203 The Famous Cut Flowers
Rose as known by all is the most famous flower whether in form of cut flower or accounted generally among the flowering plants. As a cut flower no flower is demanded more than rose in any part of the world. Each color of rose delivers a different message, love, friendship, innocence and even the number of red roses given counts as different numbers deliver different message. Red roses are demanded most all over the world on the Valentines Day.

Carnation:carnation cut flower 300x196 The Famous Cut Flowers
When it comes to budgeting your bouquets and floral arrangements you should go for adding Carnations. Carnations are widely used in corsages and boutonnières as they are a versatile cut flower. Carnations are also found in many different colors and they are easy to be dyed or sprayed with color.

Bulb Flowers:
There are daffodils, freesia and tulips that top the bulb cut flowers list. These Bulb Flowers 300x224 The Famous Cut Flowersflowers are usually available in spring and the most popular colors of Tulips as cut flower at these times are red, yellow, bi-colored, pink, purple, orange and white. Red tulips are also the second to red roses when it comes to expressing the true love. Red Tulips are also greatly demanded over Valentines or for bouquets ad floral arrangements that are meant for love of the giver.

sunflowers The Famous Cut Flowers
What about making a friend’s day or your mom or sister’s day? Sunflowers are happy face flowers of summer and fall. Sunflowers that we usually see are different than those used in floral arrangement because sunflowers grown as cut flowers are smaller in size and varies in shades from pale yellow to deep gold with brown.

Alstroemeria:Alstroemeria cut flowers 267x300 The Famous Cut Flowers
This flower in itself is not a very beautiful one instead this is used as filler in bouquets and floral arrangements in conjunction with other flowers. It is also made part of floral arrangement because it is a long lasting flower having longer vase life. Alstroemeria comes in shades of pink, yellow, purple and red and is often multicolored.


CUT FLOWERS 300x267 CUT FLOWERSCut flowers can be any flowers that are cut off the plants and are cleaned for any thorns and are ready to be used in fresh flower arrangements. Cut flowers are available at flower shops with florists or can be obtained from gardens too from your self grown flowering plants. Cut flowers are used as gifts for as each of them deliver a different message. Sometimes these flowers are presented as single flower or in bunch form as bouquets. Rose is the most popular cut flower. Carnations, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums also have a huge demand in the Cut Flower market. Tulips, Gladioli, Lilies, Alstroemeria, Anthuriums etc., are also popular with the flower lovers.

There are certain parameters for figuring out good cut flowers.

1.    The flower should be appealing and beautiful.
2.    Flower should be sweetly fragrant.
3.    A cut flower should have long stem.
4.    Flower should have extended vase life.

Caring for Cut Flowers and keeping them fresh is undeniably a science in itself. The first step towards making Cut Flowers last longer is to make sure that they are quickly placed in water to prevent them from wilting. Cut stems should be placed in water immediately, as air rapidly moves into the water-conducting tissues and plugs the cells. This is the reason for which when we get cut flowers that have been out of water for some hours are needed to be cut a little at the bottom so the blockage caused by air does not block the water from reaching flower. Cut flowers should always be placed at a cool place for hour or two because flowers lose less water. Moreover to increase the vase life of cut flowers there is a process called hardening needs to be done with freshly cut flowers; that is, placing them in water at temperature of 110 degree Fahrenheit with preservatives added to it.

Germany is the world’s largest market for Cut Flower imports, and the Netherlands is the world’s leading exporter of Cut Flowers.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer

Make Flowers Last Longer 300x187 How to Make Flowers Last LongerMake Flower Last Longer 300x200 How to Make Flowers Last LongerFresh flowers look beautiful and smell wonderful. However, some flower bouquets seem to wilt overnight. But there are ways you can make your flowers last longer and enhance the length of their beauty and aroma.
Instructions to Follow:

1.    When choosing flowers, select flowers that are not fully bloomed yet. You can watch flowers open later that are still in bud. Yellow, spotted or drooping leaves are signs of age.

2.    It is important to place fresh flowers in a clean vase. Dirt and dust often causes bacterial growth. To avoid it you can use a flower preservative that is easily available in garden centers or supermarkets. At home you can use use a capful of household bleach in the water as an alternative. After using a preservative you are required to change the water only about twice a week otherwise replace the water in the vase at least every three to four days as Stale water can cause flowers to wilt and die.

3.    Place each flower with special care and avoid overcrowding them as this can squash and bruise the petals. This is also done to allow enough air to flowers last longer 250x300 How to Make Flowers Last Longercirculate between each flower.

4.    It is better to remove the leaves that are below the waterline. If the leaves are submerged in the water they will promote bacterial microbial growth that may limit water uptake and ultimately cause the flowers to die.

5.    If you have bought the flowers there must be some food with it provided by the florist. You need to feed them every three days. It would benefit them tremendously if you follow the mixing directions on the flower food packet properly.

6.    To add some more days to the flowers’ life you can simply keep the flowers for four to five hours in water, preferably overnight before arranging. This is called conditioning. It allows the stems to fill up with water and the flowers to look fresh.

7.    The best time to pick flowers is early morning or late evening. Sugar reserves in the stems are at their highest in these moments. Never pick flowers in the noon time when the heat of the sun lowers the water content in the stems and lessens the duration of their being fresh. If you are picking flowers on a rainy day when they are wet shake them gently before putting in a vase in order to remove the excess water. Too much water can damage flowers – specially the delicately petalled ones.

8.    If somehow you are unable to place flowers in water, it is wise to place them in a strong plastic bag with some water in the base. Secure the bag with a rubber band. You can also wrap flowers in a damp newspaper.

Tips & Warnings:
●    A 45degree angle cut helps the stem of the flower to better access the water.
●    Don’t place the vase near a fruit bowl, the natural ripening gas that fruits emit will rot the flowers very quickly.
●    Always keep the flowers in a cool room. Avoid them from heat of direct sun. It is also a mistake to keep fresh flowers near a heating source as this cause the water in the vase to evaporate quickly.

Making flowers last longer adds to your enjoyment of them, and prevents them from wilting and a fast decay.