Drying Real Flowers

dried real flowers 150x150 Drying Real FlowersAs fresh flowers bring beauty, aesthetic, colors, life and fragrance to your home they carry a disadvantage with them and that is they can not last for long. The pleasure brought by flowers and obtained by people is really very short period if you keep real flowers as cut flowers. Well it is impossible to hold the splendid fragrance of the flowers but you can surely preserve he beauty of these flowers by drying them and saving them with you for years to increase the beauty of your home and décor.

•    Collect or cut your fresh flowers making sure that the stems are no shorter than six to eight inches in length.dry flowers 150x150 Drying Real Flowers

•    Inspect each bloom that you have collected keenly for any bugs. Now remove any dead petals and move away any loose leaves among your blooms.

•    Now make a bunch of flowers that you collected for drying and tie a string that is about six inches long around the bottom of the stems. Tie them tightly and in a way that they are all held together.

•    Now hang flowers upside-down using the string. Always hang flowers for dry real flowers 150x150 Drying Real Flowersdrying in a cool dry place and out of direct sun light.

•    Do not remove flowers down or untie the string any before than two to three weeks. It normally takes 2 to 3 weeks for flowers to air dry, so wait till this much time at least and even after that check your flowers properly for being fully dried before you take them out.

Dry out all the flowers that are given to you by someone and this way you can save your memories of a special day for a very long period of time.

Drying Peony Flowers

drying peony flowers1 150x150 Drying Peony FlowersPeonies are the beautiful flowers that are 6 to 8 inches wide and are found in red, pink or white colors. Peony are beautiful flowers to grow in gardens and equally beautiful to place indoors. You can dry these beautiful flowers up to save them for longer period of time. There is one common method to dry flowers and that is air drying while here I’ll provide you with the same to dry your peony flowers so you may secure the beautiful flowers that you got from a loved one in gift too.

1.    Cut your peony flowers only in mid morning before the late morning sun make the flowers open up fully. The blooms best for drying are the ones that are not fully opened. Peony flowers2 150x150 Drying Peony Flowers

2.    Cut the stems about six inch long and remove all the leaves off the stalk. Take 4 to 6 flowers in bunch and tie them with a rubber band at the bottom of the stems.

3.    Now hang your flowers upside down in a cool dark room. This can be a place like basement or a closet. The process of drying will take one to two weeks. You will need to loop a piece of twine in rubber band and hang it on a nail or hanger.

4.    Check your flowers after a week about drying. The drying period depends Dry peony Flowers2 150x150 Drying Peony Flowerson weather too as in winters because atmosphere is drier so flowers dry quickly while in summers as it’s more humid so it takes time in the drying process.

5.    Now carefully remove the flowers off the hanger or nail and carefully cut the rubber band.

6.    Now your dry flowers are ready to add beauty to your home for long period of time. Either put them in a vase or tie them up to form a bunch to keep over a shelf.

Keeping Dried Flowers

dried flowers 257x300 Keeping Dried FlowersIf you want to add some natural touch to floral arrangements, wreaths or framed art you should use dried flowers. There is great variety of flowers available that you can dry up like the ones that you pick up from your garden or those that you buy from the florist. Fresh flowers have a very short life and it can not be extended more than a limited time like your flowers may remain fresh for a week or 10 days hardly and that too if you take all steps to keep them fresh for longer time using flower food and preservative. If you want to keep dried flowers safe for longer period of time, than you would need to secure them against moisture, light and air. You need to take following steps in order to stop these factors from shortening your dry flowers’ life.

1.    Always keep your dried flowers at a place where the sun light does not fall or that is not near to any air vent or drafts. Even if you have framed flowers you still need to keep them away from artificial light falling over the frame as well as sunlight. Because as the light will fall on frame the reflection will cause the flowers to fade out.
2.    Before you place your dried flowers in a floral arrangement or frame treat them with preservative. Spray it with aerosol lacquer or you can get dry flowers preservative from florist. You will need to follow the directions completely that are given over label and than use the lacquer or preservative. And do not arrange the flowers until and unless the spray has dried completely.
3.    Keep your arrangements out of reach of children and pets. Especially the cats love to play and chew the dry flowers.
4.    Always clean your dried flowers with soft brush like soft make up brush. And clean it with light hand too; you should not apply pressure on leaves and petals.
5.    If your dry flowers are not to be used right now, than store those in a plastic bag or in air tight jar. If stored than bag than keep the bag in some cool dry place until you use them.

Dried Flowers

Everything in this world is mortal. It is a universal truth. Who else can know this fact better than humans? But, still humans always wish about some things if they could last forever, if they could never die. Perhaps this thought drove the humans to think and learn about preserving the things. Humans ultimately achieved the task of preserving certain things, though dead, in a “looking alive” form. Now many different things from insects to flowers are being preserved.

Drying flowers is a simple and inexpensive way to preserve the memories of a gift or a special day and enjoy long after that time has passed. The basic rule for drying is to eliminate the moisture in the flower without rotting it. Dried flowers offer a typical and unique style of decoration. Some basic information about flower drying methods is written below.

Drying Methods:
There are various methods to dry flowers depending upon the type, nature and condition of flowers. Usually, the drying process will take approximately 2 weeks. However, the time may vary according to the moisture content of the flowers, and weather conditions including temperature and humidity.

Before drying flowers, one must know that the selection of flowers is very important as some flowers just work better than others. Cut flowers which are slightly immature, with the bud not fully open, since the flower will continue to open even after cutting. In most cases, the petals get dropped while drying a fully open flower. Always harvest your selected flowers in late morning, just after the dew has evaporated.

Air Drying:
Air drying is the simplest method for flower drying. For best results, dry the flowers in a dark room with proper ventilation. For bunch drying, gathered flower stems are wrapped tightly with a rubber band and hung upside down from the ceiling with a hook or string, in order to avoid stem bending due to heavy top.

Drying with Silica Gel:
Silica gel is used for accelerating the drying process particularly with flowers having high moisture content or fragile flowers, for example Anemones, Daisies, Pansies, and Zinnias. Silica gel is actually granular and is easily available at any craft store. Spread a 1 inch thick layer of silica gel on the bottom of a shallow, airtight plastic or glass container. Space your flower heads on top of that layer. Then gently cover the flowers with another 1 inch layer of silica gel and let the container sealed for 3-5 days.

Microwave Drying:
The above-said silica gel drying process can be further accelerated by placing the container with flowers and gel inside a microwave for about 3 minutes. Then let the container cool for approximately 20 minutes. Now open the container and check that the flowers are dried completely before removing.

Oven Drying:
Put a single layer of flowers on a cookie sheet with a wire rack. Place it in a preheat oven with 180F temperature and allow the flowers to heat for several hours while keeping the oven door open during the complete process in order to allow the moisture to escape. Let the flower remain on the wire rack overnight to eliminate any remaining moisture.