Tips for Drying Flowers – Method 3

Dry Flowers1 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 3Here is the third and last blog for the series of methods for drying flowers. Now you all have an open choice as to which method you find easiest and most suitable to dry out your flowers. It is always great to dry flowers and secure them for long as mostly we have great memories attached to those flowers. But keep one thing in mind, if you want to dry flowers don’t wait for your fresh flower to wilt or droop you need to start the drying process with the fresh flowers. Before you start drying keep one thing in your mind that you’ll need to remove any withered or damaged petals off the flower.

Drying Flowers Using Microwave:

Drying Flower 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 3If you like dry flowers but you just don’t have the patience enough to wait for till that long than you have a way out and that is drying your flowers through microwave. Drying flowers through microwave is a fast and effective way. It is a little difficult to dry flowers through microwave because than you need to be a little careful as the results may be not as desirable as they can be through air drying. All that works in microwave drying is the try and experience. The more experience you have the more will be your expertise to choose the right time for drying your flowers. When you dry your flowers in microwave you need to be more careful in selecting the flowers. They should be at their prime else they may turn out to be ugly brown in color. Drying in microwave is done with the drying agents. Place a layer of half inch in the box and then place the Dry Flower 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 3flower in it covering it than again with the drying agent. Place the flower in the microwave and do keep a small bowl of water beside the flower in microwave. After every minute or a half you will need to rotate the flower. Almost all the flowers get dried perfectly within 3 minutes but sometimes a rose may take about three and a half minutes. Keep checking your flowers for if they have dried every time you rotate them. When you think your flower is done and cooked well take it out of the microwave but do not remove it immediately from the drying agent. Let it rest and settle for few hours. Again experimenting will make you get to know better that how long any of the flowers is needed to be left in the drying agent. This time can be any where from 8 hours to about 24 hours.

Tips for Drying Flowers – Method 2

dry flowers1 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 2Drying flowers is fun and something that makes us keep feeling the pleasure of the love and care that we receive through flowers for long. First blog of this series have already reached you and here is the other method for you through which you can dry out your flowers.

Drying Flowers Using Drying Agents:

In first blog we got to know how to dry flowers in air. Now the method that you can use to dry flowers is through drying agents. Yes there are numerous materials that are used as drying agents for flowers. Mostly the flat type of flowers like pansies or daisies is best when it comes to drying through these methods. Drying agents that are used for drying flowers are silica gel, sand,dried flowers2 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 2fresh kitty litter and white cornmeal and borax mixture. Among all the drying agents silica gel is believed to be the most effective one. Drying flowers through drying agent would need you to have a dish or tray that is deep enough. In the dish lay an inch high layer of your drying agent. If you have flat flowers like daisies or pansies you can place them facing down in the drying agent and later pouring the drying agent over the flowers. If you have the flowers that have multiple layers of petals than you should place them facing upright in the dish or box whatever you are using. This way you can pour in the drying agent on to the flower making sure that it is completely covered with the agent. For drying flowers using drying agents you need to keep intact the stem of flower at least a half inch long. After you have completely covered your flowers with dryingdrying flower 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 2 agent keep them in the safe area or to accelerate the drying process and making it get done in short time you can use the microwave too. Check a flower for the dryness and if you find them even a little soft cover the flowers back and let them dry until they turn out to be dry completely and feels like paper. When your flowers have dried and you want to store them, wrap them carefully in a sheet of paper or newspaper and put them in a box. You can keep the box in your garage or store room. While you store flowers be careful of rodents or insects. You can use mothballs as a precautionary measure to remain saved from the problem.

Still there is another method left for you before you go for drying flowers, so you can choose the one of your choice that you find the easiest. Keep coming and checking around for the third and last part of this series.

Tips for Drying Flowers – Method 1

drying flowers 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 1People do like to keep the flowers for long with them. Sometimes these flowers are bought by us ourselves and sometimes they remind us of great happy moments as gifted by the very special people in our life over different occasions. Drying flowers and than using them in arrangements and other things help us in saving the flowers for years and helping us in remembering all those golden moments. There are majorly three different ways used to dry flowers. Here is how you can save your flowers too for years.

Air Drying:

dry flowers 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 1

Air drying is the most commonly adopted method by people to dry out flowers. This one is really simple too. Just cut the flowers right after the dew is gone and remove all the foliage off the stems. After you have removed the foliage either hang each flower upside down with the bottom of stem tied to a nail or any thing else with the string. You can either hang each flower separately or form a bunch and hang it after tying it. Keep one thing in mind that hang the flowers always upside down so the petals and flowers head remain straight and doesn’t appear like the drooping ones when kept in vases. If you want to dry only the flower heads than place them on a sheet of paper or news paper. It is very important to provide flowers with appropriate environment for drying. Dry your flowers always in cool dark place because keeping them in sunlight would cause the flowers to fade out. Humidity, temperature, air flow are all the factors over which the time needed for drying the flowers depends over. It may take from 24 hours up to a week for drying flowers depending on their type too. Whatever you do or however you dry your flowers out they should feel like paper when dried and no more soft. After you have dried your flowers keep them out of reach of dried and forced airflow. This may cause the dried flowers to brittle and shatter. To remove the dust off your dried flowers you can use the soft brush or the hair dryer at the lowest possible setting.

Drying Flowers 150x150 Tips for Drying Flowers   Method 1

If you want to store your dried flowers than wrap them in the newspaper and place them in the cardboard box. When you store keep one thing in mind that they should remain out of dry or damp air reach. The temperature of storage place will not matter but the air is an extremely important factor.

This is the first method how you can dry up your flowers. Keep checking for the other methods to be shared shortly….. Till than have fun drying your flowers.

Drying flower tips and facts. Find out how to make your flowers last longer!

Arranging A Dozen of Lovely Roses

arranging Lovely Roses 300x199 Arranging A Dozen of Lovely RosesRoses are the most liked flowers of the world. Although each and every flower is beautiful and have class in its own way yet, roses are just too exceptional to be compared to any other flowers. It is always great to have roses in your floral arrangements and including them in your daily life or using them on some occasions for décor definitely bring about a great impact. Now if you have a dozen of roses that are not going to make a huge floral arrangement but preparing it artistically can make you able to create an everlasting impact. You may arrange them with the greenery and this will surely provide you with an impacting floral arrangement that would Roses arrangemnt 257x300 Arranging A Dozen of Lovely Rosessuit any décor or event.

1.    Firstly, take a flower vase and fill it with warm water and mix in it one pack of flower food. If you don’t have the flower food and preservatives obtained from the florists, you may use sugar and chlorine bleach for the same purpose.
2.    Now take the fern branches to use as greenery in your floral arrangement. Lay these ferns around the perimeter of your vase to create a foundational layer and a circle of ferns in vase.
3.    Now its time to prepare your roses to be kept in the vase. Take each of your rose flower stem and keep it under the runner water from tap and cut the stem at bottom at an angle of 45 degrees. Do this process with all the roses and remove all the leaves off the stem that may lie under the water level in vase. Now set each rose in the vase as soon as you finish this process with your flowers.
4.    Arrange the roses that you fix in vase in a way that they form a round over the foundational layer of ferns. You may add more greenery after the roses tier in centre too to make it look more filled.

No matter how few flowers you have, you may always create wonders by just being a little creative and artistic.

Seven Soul-Stimulating Energies Achieved By Floral Arrangements

Seven Soul Stimulating 264x300 Seven Soul Stimulating Energies Achieved By Floral ArrangementsA concept of soul-stimulating energies was introduced to all the flower lovers and that how the floral arrangements can act as Vitamin F for you. The function performed by Vitamin F is proved to be performed by floral arrangements equally. The seven soul-stimulating energies are gratitude, wellness, inspiration and motivation, love and romance, new beginnings, serenity and prosperity. Now learn how to just make the first three of these energies gratitude, wellness, inspiration and motivation evolve in your home and other indoor places to provide you with an environment satisfying all the needs of the above mentioned emotions in a human.

Gratitude: A feeling that reminds us to remain Thankful to God for all the blessings in our life

Suitable Colors: Go for a low clustered arrangement using all shade of pink this will make you appear more receptive to other by opening you heart. For this the flowers that I would suggest are Ranunculus, Alstroemeria, tulips, spray roses.
Container Style: Use glass vase of any size as it is transparent so it depicts openness.
In Home: If you are creating this arrangement to place this at your home than the right place to put it is nightstand, dresser or kitchen because in that case you will be able to thank for the blessings both at the start and end of the day.

Wellness: Inducing balanced feelings of mind, body and spirit.

Colors: Use yellow as the primary color for this emotion, as yellow represents the sun, life force and health. Mix the yellow flowers with the green that’s the healing energy of nature and white reflecting serenity. Flowers to be used are Gerbera, carnations, solidago, hydrangea (white or green), callas, pompons, chrysanthemums.
Container style: Go for bamboo, wood or terra-cotta made vase that’s either oval or round in shape. The material and shape both will represent the earth’s element.
In Home: The best place in home to locate this floral arrangement is a living room or family room because this will enhance the environment of your space for relaxation and meditation.

Inspiration & Motivation: Reconstruction of energy with infusion of soul

Colors: Red is the color to be chosen as it characterizes motivation, power, courage and fame. You can add emotions of enthusiasm and liveliness by adding range and fuchsia colors with red. Suggested flowers for this particular soul-stimulating energy arrangement are Roses, callas, Asiatic lilies, snapdragons and hypericum.
Container style: A tall vase will be suitable for this floral arrangement either mirrored or metal one. This will encourage inspiration depiction through this floral arrangement. While the mirrors boost positive energies and bring good luck.
In Home: Any place in home particular a workplace or office within home is the right place for locating this type of floral arrangement so anyone can feel encouraged wishing to reach the stars and live the life to fullest.

Bring these three soul-stimulating forces to your home and wait for the next four to some up……

Basic Designs in Making Floral Arrangements

Basic Designs in Floral Arrangements 274x300 Basic Designs in Making Floral ArrangementsThere is no doubt that flowers are the prettiest creation of God on this earth but their beauty is further enhanced when they are being arranged perfectly by an expert florist who just arrange the flowers with him in a way that from each and every angle their beauty appears to be doubled. Floristry is the talent named for arranging flowers into form of floral bouquets baskets and in any other way that we proudly present to our loved ones as a token of love and care from our self. There are different styles, types and principles of flower arrangement and so are the 3 different basic designs of making any floral arrangement. These are line Arrangement of flowers, Mass arrangement of flowers and Line-Mass arrangement of flowers. Now any floral arrangement that is prepared is based on any one of these three basic designs or those derived from these.

Line Arrangement of Flowers:
Designs poised principally of line material have a least number of flowers and foliage based in the main area. The open form accentuates the beauty of the Line Arrangement of Flowers Basic Designs in Making Floral Arrangementsplant material. A bare branch, a piece of ornamental wood or a pine branch creates a well-defined line design. The adding up of a few flowers and leaves is all that is required to accomplish a striking effect.

Mass Arrangement of Flowers:
Bursting, flowing and proportioned, a munificent blend of flowers arranged in an ornamented china vase depicts the typical mass design so evocative of Victorian lavishness and elegance. Mass designs are generally created in triangular, oval, circular or fan shapes.

Line-Mass Arrangement of Flowers:
Line-mass designs take up the use of accumulation for a larger sense of depth. Plant material is placed to structure an organized outline and massed to create a central area with gradual changes from line at the fringe of the arrangement to mass within the central axis. Line-mass designs have an open form with proportioned or irregular balance.

Types of Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements 300x300 Types of Floral ArrangementsFloral arrangements are important part of millions of peoples’ life everyday in the world. There is no other thing that is common as gift than flowers. Flowers have universal language so are used throughout the whole world for every occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversaries, religious celebrations or even over deaths and sad moments. Flowers arrangements are made based on different principles to make them appear nicer and balanced. There are different styles adopted too by the florists that define their lines for work. All the three styles oriental, traditional and modern are so different from each other that you see a huge variety of work with flowers, twigs and leaves done by experts.

The type of floral arrangements can be divided into four categories. These are categorized on the basis of the different ways in which flowers are being arranged by the florists using their expertise.

Floral Bouquets:Floral Bouquets 300x178 Types of Floral Arrangements
Floral bouquets are the simplest form of all floral arrangements. As compared to other types of floral arrangements, bouquets are easier to assemble too because of no much involvement for lines and other consideration in order to make it more presentable. The most famous flowers used in bouquets are Roses, carnations, daisies and tube roses. The simplest of all and yet this most common form of floral arrangement is the most liked one too as many people who are simple and wants their message to remain simple and straight use this type of floral arrangements to deliver their feelings.

Floral Baskets:Floral Baskets 300x256 Types of Floral Arrangements
Floral baskets are another form of floral arrangements that are really popular with people especially for gifting purposes. Different types of baskets in different sizes are being used while preparing these arrangements. Choice of flowers is also made taking in consideration the size of basket. Sometimes these baskets are arranged so beautifully that they do not only contain flowers but also chocolates and fruits. These special baskets are prepared on occasions and gifted particularly on events like Christmas, Mothers day and many other local events in each of the country in world. While these flower baskets are very famous for presenting over formal dinner invitations too and sometimes on casual ones also. In many countries its part of ethics and culture than when some one invites you for a dinner or a meal flower wreaths 300x300 Types of Floral Arrangementsover their place you take some floral or fruit baskets with you as a token of thanks from you over their courtesy for inviting you.

Floral Wreaths:
The wreaths are the form of floral arrangements that are formed in circular garland type shape and is all made up of flowers and foliage. It’s simply more of looks like a wheel that is being made of flowers stems and leaves. These floral wreaths are basically meant for honoring or celebration. These Floral wreaths are widely used over funerals for honoring the deceased and often given as welcome gift to guests invited over dinner on occasions like Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. These wreaths basically appear to be a very beautiful form of floral arrangement specially when made with white flowers for funerals.

Styles of Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangement and flower designing is an art that have its root long back in history and in countries like China and Japan this art is being adopted as religious practice too. Flower arrangement is no more an art that is limited to occasions, this art have traveled into daily lives in homes and offices. It is widely accepted that the ambience and effect that flowers create over human feelings and freshness is key to a better performance through out the whole day. The brightness and addition of colors to work place and home brings out a fresher feeling hence making one more active for the whole day long.

As the art of flower arrangements developed there were different styles of flower making that were invented in order to make them more exquisite and breath taking. The natural beauty and the artistic abilities of humans were combined in different forms to bring up the wonders. The broadly divided three known styles of floral arrangements are:

Oriental Flower Arrangements:
Oriental flower arrangements are actually those under which the Chinese and Japanese form of flower arrangements fall. The very famous form of Japanese floral arrangements Ikebana is also a type of oriental flower arrangement. InOriental Flower Arrangements 150x150 Styles of Flower Arrangementsthis flower type of flower arrangement the main emphasis is over Lines. These actually focus over the appearance of arrangement. The negative spaces, floral forms and textures all are paid a great attention when it comes to the linear style of oriental flower arrangements.

The Ikebana style is a little different as it emphasize on the lines of leaves and twigs instead of flowers. The container in which the floral arrangement is prepared is another important part of Ikebana type of flower arrangements.

Modern Flower Arrangements:Modern Flower Arrangements 150x150 Styles of Flower Arrangements
The modern flower arrangement is more of a free style of flower arrangement. In this type of flower arrangement there are no particular lines over which the florist design the arrangement in fact it is on the wish of florist as to how he wants to arrange the flowers. No traditional style of flowers arrangement is adopted for modern flower arrangements. There are different accessories used in modern flower arrangements and considerable emphasis is over the containers like in oriental form of flower arrangements.

Use of geometric motifs and geometric themes is often adopted by the florists making the people realize the philosophies and intervention of geometry into our daily lives.

Traditional Flower Arrangements:Traditional Flower Arrangements 150x150 Styles of Flower Arrangements
Traditional floral arrangements are actually the Western flower arrangements or you can say that it is another name for it. This is the common style seen all around the world with all the florists. The traditional floral arrangements contain numerous bright cut flowers. This type of flower arrangement does not cater to many accessories in fact usually contain no accessories at all. The only accessory that you may find in these flower arrangements is vases.

The above defines all flower arrangement types are widely practiced all around the world with high class experts working in each category and creating such wonders that can mesmerize any one for hours.