Plants That Repel Cats

Plants That Repel Cats 300x236 Plants That Repel CatsPlanters always remain at risk of different insects, diseases and animals. In fact the gardens and the planting areas of those gardeners are at stake due to all these factors because they all play the same role that is ruining your efforts for making a beautiful garden. Just imagine a beautiful lawn with lush green grass that appears to be so soothing and as soon as you start to explore it you find it dug at different places that ruin the whole effect of the beautiful grass or the plants and flowers are chewed. This is a great shock actually for the gardener because sometimes their garden is just ruined this way in one night by moles, rabbits and cats.

cat plants 300x238 Plants That Repel CatsThe ground digging problem comes from both moles and cats. The cats’ somehow just love to dig the ground from every where around and spoil all your efforts made to give our garden the soothing look with the green tempting grass.  There are different ways to stop animals like rabbits and moles to use fences and other things but it just fails in case of cats. No matter how high fence you’ve plotted the cats will eventually climb and jump over it. Scattering citrus peels is also hectic because for how many days you can scatter them every two or three days?  Here are some easy and long lasting ways for you to keep cats out of your gardens that is to plant those plants in your garden that repel cats. These plants include the following.

Scaredy Cat Plant:
This plant is an annual plant that lies under the half-hardy category of plants and possesses the flowers that are pale blue in color and grow from July t September. It is preferable to grow it in full sun and if proper fertile soil is provided to the plant it will reach to height of 18 inches. You can create a boundary in surroundings of your garden with this plant so they will keep cats away from entering your property.

This plant belongs to Perennial group of plants that is this is the type that remains for years. This plant grows woody as it becomes older. Cats actually do not care about the smell of the plant but they just don’t like to walk through these plants if they have to in order to reach your garden. These plants are known to be very famous for repelling cats. You can even scatter some dry leaves of this plant in potted plants and containers to keep cats away from them too.

Bergamot plant again belongs to Perennial category of plants and is the same herb of which Bergamot tea is being made. Its oils are volatile and keeps not only cats but dogs away too from your gardens. So the plant itself has the same capability too. These plants usually have red flowers and grow up to almost two feet in height.

Plant any of these or all of the plants around your garden and see the long lasting magical effect of keeping cats away.