Basic Flower Garden Suggestions

Basic Flower Garden 300x199 Basic Flower Garden SuggestionsFlower gardens are definitely the biggest desire of any gardening lover. To have one of their own is something that gardeners would always love to but there is a general concept that is difficult to mange the flowering plants. There are some really easy to grow plants too that makes it easy for plant growers to grow and maintain flowering plants in their gardens. It is nice to keep the garden simple and easy that doe not take much of efforts yet appears to be very elegant and beautiful. These suggestions for making simple gardens that hold flowering plants are a great piece of advice for all the new gardeners just starting to plan out a garden of their own.

Drought Gardens: Flower Garden 206x300 Basic Flower Garden Suggestions
Drought gardens are really easy and fun to make because they hardly need any efforts or hard work. Drought tolerant plants are a blessing because planting those means you don’t need to take stress about watering than regularly or worrying about the heat in hot weather. They can easily survive without even a little effect even if you forget to water them and can stand high heat levels too. Among this category falls the cactus so go for some flowering cactus plants and annuals such as vinca and salvia.

Wildflower Garden:
Wildflower gardens are also great to grow and require almost no maintenance. Actually the wildflowers are also called the native flowers that are these are the plants that locally grow in your area and the climate is perfect for their growth. When growing these plants in your garden during the blooming season you need not to worry about any maintain ace and yet your garden will be all filled with beautiful flowers this is because the climatically these plants grow better  with such requirements.

Rain Garden:
Rain gardens are designed in the depression or low lying areas of your garden. They are designed to actually take the advantage of rain water naturally because as it will rain this area will accumulate the water and one will not need to keep up with the watering schedule. In Rain gardens it is preferable to plant seedling instead f seeds because your seeds may flow to the steepest point of your garden if it rained before your seeds have sprouted out. Try planting marsh or bog plants in those low lying parts of your yards that grow better with extra moisture because usually those parts of yards will remain wet all the time.

Vine Gardens:
Vine gardens are best to be grown when the gardener have small space. When the area of the yard or garden is small it is best to grow vines because they do not take up space horizontally and in fact grow vertically so mostly it’s the surface area that people have less but no problem with heights. Morning glory is a perfect example of flowering vines. Moreover almost all of the varieties of vine plants grow six feet or even higher.

Gardening Flowers: Tips and Ideas

Gardening Flowers 300x199 Gardening Flowers: Tips and Ideas“In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful.”
–Abram L. Urban

Garden is a place in a home which the gardener design with the plants to make it a dreamland. A garden lush green space filled with all colors of nature and beauty of flowers is something that can take the tiredness off the man after the whole day of hard work. And definitely for the one who works in the garden and spent time making all of those flowers grow feels like being rewarded with the biggest thing in the world when his plants are blooming. It doesn’t matter for plant lovers as to what is the size of plot available to them for gardening they can just grow the maximum of plants arranged beautifully even in the smallest space. Gardening flowers adds the beauty to the surroundings of your home too. Here are some tips and ideas for you to make your gardens appear even more beautiful than ever.

Long Term Gardening:
If you want to plant such type of plants that will remain for longer periods of time in your garden and you does not need to work over your garden again and again then go for perennial flowers because they tend to live and keep flowering for at least 2 years and even up to ten years time period? So if you are planning perennial flowers work hard once and than see your garden flourishing and blooming for years. These plants also provide you with more plants that they produce so you may use them on other beds without any further expenses. There is one drawback with these perennial flowers that in their first year they mostly do not produce flower but just grow. So you can make a mix of perennial and annual flowers plantation on your beds for making a combination of flowers and long lasting flowering plants both.

Instant Flowering:
You like to see your garden all flowering every year than for you the best choice are the annual flowers. These grow and bloom for one season only for all those who like to keep changing the outer looks of their houses and want to appear their lawn differently every time annul plants are the best choice. You can get seeds or the plants both from the local gardening stores with plants you have an ease because they already have a flower or two on them so you can choose easily as which plant you want and than you can just arrange the rainbow of colors in your garden to soothe your eyes.

Space to Grow:
Control your urge of planting so many plants if you have a small space by putting plants so close to each other. Always provide your plants with enough room to grow properly so that they may flourish well. For making your garden appear more filled you can use other means like you can use hanging baskets and containers by putting some beams in your lawn and than hanging those containers with it and putting more plants in those containers.

Tips for Gardening Spring Flowers

Gardening Spring Flower 300x225 Tips for Gardening Spring FlowersSpring Flowers 300x199 Tips for Gardening Spring FlowersSpring is the season when you see colors and flowers all around with soothing warmth in the environment due to a little higher temperature that feels like heaven after the freezing cold winters. In spring there are flowers on roadsides and every where even at the places where no work has been done in order to grow flowers. Now just think if this season is so favorable to plants that they start blooming even if not taken care of than what scenic beauty it will be when you work a little hard in your lawn or yard to prepare it for the season of spring.

Well if planned properly and before time you may experience wonders in form of flowers in your garden that would not only make you feel awesome but also make people get inspired with the beauty you have spread all around with your hard work. For growing flowers you need some prior planning like as preparing the soil and choosing the right time for sowing the seeds. Well if you buy the plants from some store you don’t need to start working that early but still hard work is definitely required.

Here are some steps you would need to take in order to keep up all your gardening work on time when preparing for an all bloomed garden in springs.

1.    The very first thing you need to do id to plan our about where you want to have flowers in your garden. Now scatter them all around so that when the flowers bloom at different times of spring they can be seen in all of the area instead of planting one type of flowers at one side this will appear like each part of your lawn or garden having flowers at a particular time and than abandoned. Scattering will make it appear like flowers growing all around through out the whole season.

2.    You will need to plant spring bulb flowers in the falls a year before. These plants need proper time to grow so the whole winters they will get time for proper growth. If you live in warmer part of your country you may wait till end of fall but still they require more time.

3.    Mix some fresh top soil in your garden soil once the last frost is over in springs and than plant the new annual flowers so the foliage is not damaged.

4.    You will have to keep watering plants to keep the soil damp when there is no rain. Plant food and fertilizers can also be added in order to make the plants grow healthier and stronger. Many of the bulbs need phosphorus fertilizer to be sprinkled over the soil. Do that according to the instruction over the packet for how much quantity to be used.

5.    Cut out the stems of plants that clump together to give a thinner look to the plant. Moreover you can snip off the blooms that are withered so the food and energy produced by plant is not wasted unnecessarily. This encourages new growth too and let the bulbs attaches to the flowers that later dry up into seeds and fall around that grow the next spring for you.