Flowers and Intensity of Love

It is now very commonly known by the people that every flower delivers a message in it self when we gift them to someone. But mostly people do not know about the meanings of most flowers as widely it is considered that rose is the flower that has all the strength to express the feeling of love. The expression of love through flowers is possible with other flowers than roses too. Every flower that sends a message about love expresses the different level of intensity of love.

  • AnemoneAnemone 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

This flower depicts the dying love. Simply when someone wants to mourn the death of love in a relationship the flower will perfectly deliver their feelings.

  • Bluebell

Bluebell delivers the message of constancy and everlasting love.
Express you never ending love for your sweet heart through this flower.

  • ButtercupButtercup 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

Childishness is depicted through the Buttercup flower.

  • Carnation

You can Gift Carnations to a loved one when you want to deliver the message like; betrothal, love and fertility.

  • DaisyDaisy 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

Express your feeling that your love is innocent and modest by sending Daisies to your beloved.

  • Forget-me-nots

True love and remembrance can be expressed through these flowers that say a lot by their name.

  • FoxgloveFoxglove 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

When someone wants to tell their partner that they are no more sincere to them or they have become insincere than gift them the flowers foxglove.

  • Heather

Heather is believed to have protective power so when you want to wish good luck to your darling present them this flower.

  • HollyhockHoneysuckle 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

Fertility and fruitfulness can be expressed through Hollyhocks.

  • Honeysuckle

When you want to convince your beloved that you are devoted to him or her send the honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is the best flower to express the feelings of devoted love.

  • IrisIris 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

When you want to send a good news or message to a loved one send the Irises.

  • Lily

When you want to tell your love that your feelings for them are innocent and pure or you find innocence or purity in your loved one than gift the lilies.

  • Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

Return to happiness is the message delivered through the flower Lily of the Valley.

  • Moss

Now mothers if you want to express your love use the flower moss as it is symbolic to   maternal love.