Flowers And Occasions

Flowers And Occasions 150x150 Flowers And OccasionsSince ever flowers have been believed to be the best gift for all occasions and events. Flowers are used not only to express happiness but all the human feeling can be expressed easily through flowers and that is the reason why one can see flowers in a wedding and on someone’s death too. Ancient Greeks lined out a complete language of flowers and since than it became easier to choose flowers to gift someone. Still there are many people who are not aware of the fact very well and do not consider the message that is delivered by a particular flower. Here is a small guide for all of you as to which flowers may be gifted over different occasions or events.


Weddings flower 150x150 Flowers And OccasionsFor wedding in decorations, for bridal bouquets and for gifting the traditional flowers used are:

  • Roses
  • Dahlias
  • Sunflowers
  • Tulips
  • Orchids
  • Peonies

Wedding Anniversaries Flowers 150x150 Flowers And OccasionsWedding Anniversaries:

  • 1st Wedding Anniversary        Carnations/ Pansies
  • 2nd Wedding Anniversary       Cosmos
  • 3rd Wedding Anniversary        Fuchsias
  • 4th Wedding Anniversary      Geraniums
  • 5th Wedding Anniversary        Daisies
  • 6th Wedding Anniversary      Calla Lilies
  • 7th Wedding Anniversary      Jack-in-the-pulpit
  • 8th Wedding Anniversary        Clematis
  • 9th Wedding Anniversary       Poppies
  • 10th Wedding Anniversary     Daffodils
  • 11th Wedding Anniversary     Morning Glory
  • 12th Wedding Anniversary     Peonies
  • 13th Wedding Anniversary      Hollyhocks
  • 14th Wedding Anniversary      Dahlias
  • 15th Wedding Anniversary      Roses
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary       Day Lilies
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary       Iris
  • 28th Wedding Anniversary       Orchids
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary       Sweet peas
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary       Nasturtiums
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary       Violets

Easter Flowers 150x150 Flowers And Occasions

Easter Flowers:

Easter is the occasion celebrated widely all around the world by the Christians. The flowers that are gifted over Easter are:

  • Easter Lilies
  • Pussy Willow
  • All red Flowers (Germany)

Birthday Flowers:

Birthday Flowers 150x150 Flowers And OccasionsIt is best if you know the favorite flower of the person whose birthday it is but if you don’t than birth month flowers are perfect choice.

  • January                                                Carnations
  • February                                              Iris, Violet
  • March                                                  Daffodils
  • April                                                    Daisy, Peonies
  • May                                                     Lily, Lily of the Valley
  • June                                                     Rose
  • July                                                      Delphinium
  • August                                                            Dahlia, Gladiolus
  • September                                           Aster, Forget-me-not
  • October                                               Calendula (Marigold)
  • November                                           Chrysanthemum
  • December                                            Poinsettia, Holly, Narcissus, Paperwhite

Funeral Flowers 150x150 Flowers And Occasions

Funeral Flowers:

Funerals are the occasions when you want to deliver your condolences so mostly all around the world light and subdued colors of flowers are chosen for floral arrangements. Traditionally following flowers are used widely over funerals:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Carnations
  • Roses
  • White Lilies
  • Pink Lilies
  • Yellow Lilies

Special Flowers for Special Occasions

Whether its an occasion like, birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, or just a moment that you want to make special for your loved ones for no reason and just cause to tell them that you miss them and they mean a lot to you, sending flowers would definitely add to the excitement and happiness that would be enjoyed by your loved one in that special moment. Here are some advices for floral arrangement on birthday 150x150 Special Flowers for Special Occasionshow you should be presenting or sending flowers to your loved ones over different occasions and events.

If it s a birthday get a floral arrangement that include gerberas and oriental lilies, as these flowers will make up a vivid and bright collection of flowers for the birthday girl or boy. You may add personal touch to it by adding the flowers in color that is liked by the person celebrating his or her birthday. If you want to add more excitement and freshness with your flowers, add up some balloons to it.
new born baby flower 150x150 Special Flowers for Special Occasions
If you have a couple in your friends or relatives who just had a baby so to celebrate the birth of this new born you can get a beautiful floral arrangement. The appropriate flowers are chrysanthemums, irises, lilies, gerberas and spray roses to be used in these floral arrangement that celebrate the new arrival and its excitement. /you may accompany a cuddly stuffed toy with it that would be part of the very first toys collection for the baby.

When someone around you has achieved the greatest day of their lives that is White lily with Yellow Gerbera and Roses arrangement 150x150 Special Flowers for Special Occasionsgraduation do celebrate and show them too that you are proud of them gerberas, roses and lilies in yellow and effervescent pinks are best to be usedin the floral arrangement prepared for this purpose.

There are times in one’s life when they want to say sorry and apologize to their loved ones for their mistakes and just saying sorry isn’t working than you should definitely go for sending a beautiful bunch of oriental lilies in bold orange and vibrant pinks. If you want to make it more striking than use orchids with purple and greens in contrast. This is something that will definitely going to make them say, I forgive!!!!
care flowers 150x150 Special Flowers for Special Occasions
The best time to show your concern is when a dear one of your loses someone close to them show your concern and care to them by sending flowers in light pastel colors like pink, whites and crème and use flowers like lilies, roses or orchids. These soft colors will surely deliver the message that you care for them and you can feel the loss and pain they are facing.

Funeral Flowers

flowers funeral Funeral FlowersFlowers can deliver each and every emotion- this is a statement to which all of the people in this world would agree completely. Definitely there is nothing like flowers that can be suitable for all type of events, occasions, celebrations or tragedies in human life. People gift each other flowers on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and on other day to day happenings like graduation, missing you, new born, Mothers Day etc. The most difficult time it is when you have to condole some one for loosing a very dear one of their. In this situation too nothing will work out better than flowers but still in this case you definitely need to be very vigilant regarding the selection of flowers and the colors used. Death in the family is a very sour moment in everyone’s life. Nobody can explain feelings in words so in such a situation the best friend who can relief some pain are the colorful and pleasant flowers.

Funeral Flowers Funeral FlowersIt has been proved in researches that flowers do affect humans emotionally and spiritually so sending flowers at such a sad moment to a friend facing this loss will help you in soothing their minds and bring sense of peace and serenity. For this it is better for you to consult an expert florist who will provide you with the correct information and advice regarding as to which flowers you should use and what colors should be included in the floral arrangement that you want to send to the suffering family.

The various flower arrangements can be used for sending condolences like wreaths, sheaf’s, caskets and sprays. The florist can also suggest you the flower type and arrangement to be given depending on the closeness and relations with the deceased and the family. The flowers has to be sent in proper time in case of death as the funeral home need to arrange the flowers appropriately before everyone starts extending their condolence. Flowers are the best way to pay respect to the deceased. The flowers can be taken tot the church too where the funeral of the deceased would held.

A small piece of advice for those who are not the residents of Asia and got into contact with Asians by any means should always remember that mostly the South East Asians do not have trend of sending and receiving flowers over deaths in their culture. So just be a little considerate and think before you leap.

Flowers and Religion

For a long time Flowers have been an important symbolic part of many different religious cultures and spiritual beliefs. Throughout history, across the globe flowers are known to have different religious meanings in different cultures. They decorate temples, churches and altars. Let’s take a look at some organized religions and the flowers that are associated with them.

Islam:vases of flowers 300x300 Flowers and Religion
There is no particular flower that Muslims associate with their religion the beauty of each flower is a symbol of God’s spirit. Mostly in Islam the flowers are seen to have been used in funerals and marriages. In Islamic culture, roses and other flowers are often seen as symbols of the Kingdom of Allah. Thus, the Taj Mahal’s allusion to Paradise can be seen in the motif of flowers carved on the funerary chambers of the tomb. Accompanied by fruit or bunches of grapes, the vases of flowers express the abundance that awaits the faithful in Paradise.

Roses are used to signify both male beauty and the blood of Mohammed P.B.U.H, as well as his two sons. The rose of Baghdad symbolizes the law, the path and knowledge, of Allah.

Among the most spectacular of the gardens of Islamic civilization were the Moorish ones of Alhamra in Southern Spain, whose scale can be gleaned to the present day.madona lily 300x237 Flowers and Religion

For the early Christians, flowers were associated with decadent pagans. During the Middle Ages, the Christians appreciated the beauty of nature and regarded this as proof of God’s existence and now flowers are used in many different Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter. The white Madonna lily (Lilium candidum) is associated with the Virgin Mary and symbolizes purity. Another flower pomegranate symbolizes the resurrection and the hope of eternal life in Christianity.

In Hinduism throughout all ages and countries, flowers regarded as the Hindu worship flower 300x225 Flowers and Religionglorious creations of the Divinity and have been used in worship and portrayals of their gods and goddesses .The very name of the Hindu worship ritual, puja, can be translated as “the flower act.”

It is an interesting fact in Hinduism that particular flowers are associated with particular deities in Hinduism. For example, in worshiping Siva red china roses are essential; for Vishnu, white flowers ; for Lakshmi lotuses; and so on. It seems clear that seasonal flowers have been selected to be the special varieties to be offered to the deities at their major celebrations. The sanctity of lotuses is clear as it is often mentioned in Hindu scriptures, with one of the earliest mentions being in the Rig Veda. The most common Meta physical analogy is that humans should strive to be like the lotus flower, striving to stand above the mud and be untouched by sin and attachments. The mythological stories suggest that Brahma, the creator, was born of the lotus issuing from the navel of Vishnu. Hindus from early times lotus flower 300x225 Flowers and Religionbelieved that the excessive growth of certain flowers warns of certain misfortune which will befall mankind.

The main flower that is associated with the Buddhist religion is the lotus which represents spirituality and mental purity and symbolizes the Buddha. It is believed by Buddhists that wherever he stepped, a Lotus flower sprang up. The fact that the lotus flower rises pure from the muddy water and opens to the sun signifies the progress of the soul toward eventual enlightenment.