Getting Rid of Caterpillars in Vegetable Garden

Getting Rid of Caterpillars1 300x225 Getting Rid of Caterpillars in Vegetable GardenPests and diseases are just like nightmare for the entire gardeners who work hard to make their gardens look beautiful with flowers or who work hard to grow vegetables to have the crunchiest and juiciest ones to enjoy the meal that they will get from their own grown vegetables. And no doubt else than being fresh the happiness that one feels while eating the self grown vegetables is something like what we feel after getting a big achievement.

So among all pests sometimes especially in vegetable gardens many gardeners find caterpillar that are frustrating enough. They really turn your leave to look like French cheese having holes everywhere around. They even make holes in your vegetables and make them useless for you. There are many chemicals commercially available in markets that will easily get you free of these critters but the problem is that they will harm the friendly bugs too and moreover after spraying those chemicals your vegetables will no more remain consumable. So here are some alternative methods for you to get rid of the caterpillars.

First Method:
First method that you may adopt to get rid of caterpillars is that you may hand pick the insects yourself. You will definitely like to do this while wearing gloves. This practice can be successful at the early stages of caterpillar infestation. When you pick a caterpillar keep the bucket with a mix of water and detergent soap with you ad drop caterpillar into it and they will be killed. You can also use these caterpillars as your birds or chicken feed.

Second Method:
There is a specially designed crop-cover fabric available in markets to cover the crops. This cloth is designed in a way that allows light and moisture to pass through to the plants. If you have controlled your caterpillar infestation by handpicking than you can use this cloth in order o stop moths from laying eggs on your plants. Or for a precautionary measure always keep your crops covered since the beginning of gardening season.

Third Method:
You can also go for buying the friendly insects of garden like ladybugs and trichogramma wasps. These two insects are caterpillar predators and will help in reduction of caterpillar population on your vegetables.

Fourth Method:
Use natural deterrent sprays as another way to keep caterpillars from eating your plats and vegetables. You can spray the garlic spray or the red pepper spray. Recopies to make sprays are easily available. Caterpillars actually do not like the taste of garlic and pepper so they avoid eating those plants that are secured with these sprays.
These are all the ecologically sensitive methods and in no way will harm the friendly insects of your gardens and neither will destroy your vegetables in any way that they do not remain suitable for eating.