Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is the Day celebrated world wide to tribute the most important personality in life of any person the “MOTHER”.  Flowers are the best gift to tribute your mothers for what they have done for you throughout your whole life and in fact the best source for you too to express all your heart felt feelings for her. There is so much that we just can’t express too our mother but yes choosing the right flowers over mother’s Day will deliver all our feelings perfectly to our mother. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates all around the world although each day we should be thanking our mothers but we just do not bother to do that and do not get time out to thank her so this day particularly makes it possible to express that no matter how busy or far we are from her we still love her and respect her a lot.mothersday gifts 150x150 Mothers Day

The best flowers that can express one’s feeling to his or her mother are:

  • White Carnations- beauty, innocence
  • Aster – Charming variety
  • Tulips (Red) – A declaration of love
  • Lilly (White) – Sweetness
  • Zinnia (Magenta) – Thoughts of love for those not present
  • Chrysanthemum (Red) – I love you
  • Daisy – Innocence and the sharing of sentiment; reciprocation of love
  • Stock- Lasting beauty
  • Myrtle – Love
  • Iris – Faith, Courage, Wisdom, Admiration, Hope
  • Bluebells – everlasting love
  • Forget-me-nots – faithful love
  • Moss – unusual, but it symbolizes maternal love
  • Orchid – Refinement, luxurious beauty
  • Roses (Red & White together) – Warmth of heart
  • Snapdragons – Trust, hope, conviction
  • Freesia – Sweetness, Friendship, and trust.
  • Orange blossom – eternal love
  • Snapdragons (or Antirrhinum) – a gracious lady;
  • Stock – lasting beauty;

The mother that you plan to gift these beautiful flowers could be yourmothers day cake gift 150x150 Mothers Daymother, grandmother, mother-in-law or even the mother of your children. Usually husbands do not gift their wives over Mother’s Day but they should do so because they should be thanking their wives for all what they do for their children and how they help them through all the things good or bad that usually fathers fail to do. If it is so much that you want to say to that special lady either you mother or any other women in this relation you can go for getting a bunch of flowers made of most of the above mentioned flowers.

Forget the Distance Mothers Day Gift Is a Must

Can you ever find an excuse to neglect the Mother’s Day? You should get some gift delivered to your mother no matter how far she is from you. No matter if the physical distance between you and your mother is hundreds or thousands of miles even than you must be sending gift to your mother. For giving a gift to your mother on the Mother’s Day doesn’t need you to see your mother. You can send her gift or just simply some beautiful flowers even being far from her and that is definitely going to make her even more happy than if you would have given her being near to her. This gesture of yours of sending flowers to her from a place so far will make her realize and cherish that how loving and considerate her child is. Today nothing is impossible so the statement impossible itself says I am possible has turned true and now you can get the freshest flowers delivered to your mother from a distant place very easily to greet her and thank her on Mother’s Day.Mothers day flowers gift 150x150 Forget the Distance Mothers Day Gift Is a Must

Flowers are chosen and supposed to be the best gift for Mother’s Day because every one knows that nothing can deliver the human feelings and emotions any better than flowers. Flowers have all the capability to express all the love that one holds in his or her heart for the recipient of flowers. Send your mom the flowers and make her realize that she holds the most special place in your hear and that she will always remain in your heart because of what she did for you through out your whole life. Several flower delivery sites offer online flower deliveries and specially arranged floral arrangements for Mother’s Day that let you really say out everything that your hold in your heart for your mother. Among the floral arrangements you will find several floral arrangements prepared in different ways to display so you may choose the one that you think will be liked most by mom. If she likes to keep the flower by her bed side than go for a smaller and delicate one, if she likes to display her flowers in kitchen window or in the living area than you can go for a larger one.Mothers day gift cokkie 150x150 Forget the Distance Mothers Day Gift Is a Must

Make it a great surprise for your mom and do one thing, call her in the morning of Mother’s Day and greet her for this special day. Definitely she’ll believe that this call is all what you are offering her on this Mother’s Day to greet her. Later get the flowers delivered in the middle of the day and that will be a great surprise for her that you can go through any trouble or whatever to make this day even more special for her.

Happy flower sending to your Mother!!!!

Flowers and Intensity of Love

It is now very commonly known by the people that every flower delivers a message in it self when we gift them to someone. But mostly people do not know about the meanings of most flowers as widely it is considered that rose is the flower that has all the strength to express the feeling of love. The expression of love through flowers is possible with other flowers than roses too. Every flower that sends a message about love expresses the different level of intensity of love.

  • AnemoneAnemone 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

This flower depicts the dying love. Simply when someone wants to mourn the death of love in a relationship the flower will perfectly deliver their feelings.

  • Bluebell

Bluebell delivers the message of constancy and everlasting love.
Express you never ending love for your sweet heart through this flower.

  • ButtercupButtercup 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

Childishness is depicted through the Buttercup flower.

  • Carnation

You can Gift Carnations to a loved one when you want to deliver the message like; betrothal, love and fertility.

  • DaisyDaisy 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

Express your feeling that your love is innocent and modest by sending Daisies to your beloved.

  • Forget-me-nots

True love and remembrance can be expressed through these flowers that say a lot by their name.

  • FoxgloveFoxglove 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

When someone wants to tell their partner that they are no more sincere to them or they have become insincere than gift them the flowers foxglove.

  • Heather

Heather is believed to have protective power so when you want to wish good luck to your darling present them this flower.

  • HollyhockHoneysuckle 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

Fertility and fruitfulness can be expressed through Hollyhocks.

  • Honeysuckle

When you want to convince your beloved that you are devoted to him or her send the honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is the best flower to express the feelings of devoted love.

  • IrisIris 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

When you want to send a good news or message to a loved one send the Irises.

  • Lily

When you want to tell your love that your feelings for them are innocent and pure or you find innocence or purity in your loved one than gift the lilies.

  • Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley 150x150 Flowers and Intensity of Love

Return to happiness is the message delivered through the flower Lily of the Valley.

  • Moss

Now mothers if you want to express your love use the flower moss as it is symbolic to   maternal love.

Flowers & Birth

birth month flowers 150x150 Flowers & BirthFlowers are loved to be received by people on every occasion and especially when it’s their Birthday. As birthdays are the most personal event of any one’s life, and that moment that day is only for the person born over the date. As there are stones and zodiac signs attached to all the birth months and dates and people prefer using them that way especially the stones, the same way flowers are associated to zodiac signs and birth months. So gifting the birth month flowers or the flowers associated to zodiac signs is definitely a much cherishing gift to be received.

Zodiac Signs Dates Flowers Pictures
Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18 Daffodil and Primrose daffodil 150x150 Flowers & Birthprimrose flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Pisces Feb 19-Mar 20 Freesia and Cineraria Cineraria 150x150 Flowers & BirthFreesia flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Aries Mar 21-Apr 20 Tulip and Calceolaria mix tulips 150x150 Flowers & BirthCalceolaria 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Taurus Apr 21-May 20 Iris and Hydrangea Hydrangea 150x150 Flowers & BirthIris Flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Gemini May 21-Jun 20 Alstroemeria and Geranium geranium 150x150 Flowers & BirthAlstroemeria flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Cancer Jun 21-Jul 21 Rose and Gloxinia Gloxinia 150x150 Flowers & Birthroses 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Leo Jul 22-Aug 21 Carnation and Begonia carnations 150x150 Flowers & Birthbegonia flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Virgo Aug 22-Sep 22 Gladiolus and Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum flower 150x150 Flowers & BirthGladiolus 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Libra Sep 23-Oct 22 Dahlia and Cyclamen Cyclamen 150x150 Flowers & Birthdahlia flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21 Gerbera and African Violet african violet 150x150 Flowers & Birthgerbera 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 20 Anemone and Azalea Azalea flowers 150x150 Flowers & BirthAnemone 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Capricorn Dec 21-Jan 19 Chrysanthemum and Poinsettia poinsettia 150x150 Flowers & Birthchrysanthemum 150x150 Flowers & Birth

Month Flower Birthstones Pictures
January Carnation (fascination) Garnet carnation floral 150x150 Flowers & Birth
February Violet (virtue) Amethyst VIOLET flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
March Jonquil (desire for affection returned) Aquamarine Jonquil 150x150 Flowers & Birth
April Sweet Pea (blissful pleasure) Diamond sweetpea flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
May Lily of the Valley (“You have made my life complete.”) Emerald Lily of the Valley flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
June Rose (love) Pearl Rose love 150x150 Flowers & Birth
July Larkspur (fickleness) Ruby Larkspur floral 150x150 Flowers & Birth
August Gladiolus Peridot gladiolus flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
September Aster (symbol of love) Sapphire Aster symbol of love 150x150 Flowers & Birth
October Calendula Opal Calendula 150x150 Flowers & Birth
November Chrysanthemum (wonderful friend) Topaz Chrysanthemum wonderful friend 150x150 Flowers & Birth
December Narcissus (“Stay as sweet as you are.”) Turquoise White narcissus 150x150 Flowers & Birth