Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is the Day celebrated world wide to tribute the most important personality in life of any person the “MOTHER”.  Flowers are the best gift to tribute your mothers for what they have done for you throughout your whole life and in fact the best source for you too to express all your heart felt feelings for her. There is so much that we just can’t express too our mother but yes choosing the right flowers over mother’s Day will deliver all our feelings perfectly to our mother. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates all around the world although each day we should be thanking our mothers but we just do not bother to do that and do not get time out to thank her so this day particularly makes it possible to express that no matter how busy or far we are from her we still love her and respect her a lot.mothersday gifts 150x150 Mothers Day

The best flowers that can express one’s feeling to his or her mother are:

  • White Carnations- beauty, innocence
  • Aster – Charming variety
  • Tulips (Red) – A declaration of love
  • Lilly (White) – Sweetness
  • Zinnia (Magenta) – Thoughts of love for those not present
  • Chrysanthemum (Red) – I love you
  • Daisy – Innocence and the sharing of sentiment; reciprocation of love
  • Stock- Lasting beauty
  • Myrtle – Love
  • Iris – Faith, Courage, Wisdom, Admiration, Hope
  • Bluebells – everlasting love
  • Forget-me-nots – faithful love
  • Moss – unusual, but it symbolizes maternal love
  • Orchid – Refinement, luxurious beauty
  • Roses (Red & White together) – Warmth of heart
  • Snapdragons – Trust, hope, conviction
  • Freesia – Sweetness, Friendship, and trust.
  • Orange blossom – eternal love
  • Snapdragons (or Antirrhinum) – a gracious lady;
  • Stock – lasting beauty;

The mother that you plan to gift these beautiful flowers could be yourmothers day cake gift 150x150 Mothers Daymother, grandmother, mother-in-law or even the mother of your children. Usually husbands do not gift their wives over Mother’s Day but they should do so because they should be thanking their wives for all what they do for their children and how they help them through all the things good or bad that usually fathers fail to do. If it is so much that you want to say to that special lady either you mother or any other women in this relation you can go for getting a bunch of flowers made of most of the above mentioned flowers.

Flowers & Birth

birth month flowers 150x150 Flowers & BirthFlowers are loved to be received by people on every occasion and especially when it’s their Birthday. As birthdays are the most personal event of any one’s life, and that moment that day is only for the person born over the date. As there are stones and zodiac signs attached to all the birth months and dates and people prefer using them that way especially the stones, the same way flowers are associated to zodiac signs and birth months. So gifting the birth month flowers or the flowers associated to zodiac signs is definitely a much cherishing gift to be received.

Zodiac Signs Dates Flowers Pictures
Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18 Daffodil and Primrose daffodil 150x150 Flowers & Birthprimrose flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Pisces Feb 19-Mar 20 Freesia and Cineraria Cineraria 150x150 Flowers & BirthFreesia flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Aries Mar 21-Apr 20 Tulip and Calceolaria mix tulips 150x150 Flowers & BirthCalceolaria 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Taurus Apr 21-May 20 Iris and Hydrangea Hydrangea 150x150 Flowers & BirthIris Flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Gemini May 21-Jun 20 Alstroemeria and Geranium geranium 150x150 Flowers & BirthAlstroemeria flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Cancer Jun 21-Jul 21 Rose and Gloxinia Gloxinia 150x150 Flowers & Birthroses 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Leo Jul 22-Aug 21 Carnation and Begonia carnations 150x150 Flowers & Birthbegonia flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Virgo Aug 22-Sep 22 Gladiolus and Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum flower 150x150 Flowers & BirthGladiolus 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Libra Sep 23-Oct 22 Dahlia and Cyclamen Cyclamen 150x150 Flowers & Birthdahlia flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21 Gerbera and African Violet african violet 150x150 Flowers & Birthgerbera 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 20 Anemone and Azalea Azalea flowers 150x150 Flowers & BirthAnemone 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Capricorn Dec 21-Jan 19 Chrysanthemum and Poinsettia poinsettia 150x150 Flowers & Birthchrysanthemum 150x150 Flowers & Birth

Month Flower Birthstones Pictures
January Carnation (fascination) Garnet carnation floral 150x150 Flowers & Birth
February Violet (virtue) Amethyst VIOLET flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
March Jonquil (desire for affection returned) Aquamarine Jonquil 150x150 Flowers & Birth
April Sweet Pea (blissful pleasure) Diamond sweetpea flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
May Lily of the Valley (“You have made my life complete.”) Emerald Lily of the Valley flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
June Rose (love) Pearl Rose love 150x150 Flowers & Birth
July Larkspur (fickleness) Ruby Larkspur floral 150x150 Flowers & Birth
August Gladiolus Peridot gladiolus flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
September Aster (symbol of love) Sapphire Aster symbol of love 150x150 Flowers & Birth
October Calendula Opal Calendula 150x150 Flowers & Birth
November Chrysanthemum (wonderful friend) Topaz Chrysanthemum wonderful friend 150x150 Flowers & Birth
December Narcissus (“Stay as sweet as you are.”) Turquoise White narcissus 150x150 Flowers & Birth

Think FRESH When Sending Flowers

FRESH Sending Flowers 300x237 Think FRESH When Sending FlowersWhenever its time for sending floral gifts be it an online floral delivery to a far away place or the one that you hand over yourself the consumers always go towards relying over the florists around. With the increase in trend of ending flowers over different occasion the demand for expert florists creating the unique and beautiful floral arrangements is also increasing. Now as flowers gifting has become common flowers fresh 300x225 Think FRESH When Sending Flowersso the floral arrangement gifted to anyone should appear unique and fresh somehow, although flowers even if presented in a simple bunch form would provide pleasure but beautiful presentation of flowers would definitely increase the level of happiness and joy felt by the receiver on getting this beautiful gift. Now this FRESH will actually tell you how to make it happen.

F Finding a florist: Your first job is to find a florist for yourself who should work for you for all events and occasions and who is reliable enough. If you don’t have one already or you want to find a much better one you may consult your friends and family for it as if they may know some great florists that are reliable.

R Research over available flowers: You yourself should be some what aware to the flowers, their names and types. Believe me its so simple much easier than remembering about different gemstones and this will help you in giving tips to your florist too as what may be liked by you or a friend to whom you want to send flowers.

E Evoking emotions: As it is known commonly that flowers change the mood of people when they receive flowers so you may evoke the feelings of a friend, someone in family or your love better by sending them the flowers that they like. You may take help of your florist using the flowers of the receiver’s choice to get your message delivered.

S Sending a surprise: Why just wait for some reason to send flowers to our loved ones when we know that sending flowers to them just because you wanted to ad you love them will make them much more happier and surprised. So send flowers to your loved ones even when there is no reason because that’s the time when the biggest impact can be made.

H Have confidence as you sent best gift in form of flowers: Through researches it was proved more firmly that flowers are the best gifts to be sent and best gifts for the receiver too. It is found that 92 percent f women do remember when they last received the flowers while 97% of men and women do remember that on what occasion or to whom they last sent the flowers. So used the most forceful source of delivering your emotions to loved ones and create an impact of yours as a thoughtful and sophisticated person.