Drying Real Flowers

dried real flowers 150x150 Drying Real FlowersAs fresh flowers bring beauty, aesthetic, colors, life and fragrance to your home they carry a disadvantage with them and that is they can not last for long. The pleasure brought by flowers and obtained by people is really very short period if you keep real flowers as cut flowers. Well it is impossible to hold the splendid fragrance of the flowers but you can surely preserve he beauty of these flowers by drying them and saving them with you for years to increase the beauty of your home and décor.

•    Collect or cut your fresh flowers making sure that the stems are no shorter than six to eight inches in length.dry flowers 150x150 Drying Real Flowers

•    Inspect each bloom that you have collected keenly for any bugs. Now remove any dead petals and move away any loose leaves among your blooms.

•    Now make a bunch of flowers that you collected for drying and tie a string that is about six inches long around the bottom of the stems. Tie them tightly and in a way that they are all held together.

•    Now hang flowers upside-down using the string. Always hang flowers for dry real flowers 150x150 Drying Real Flowersdrying in a cool dry place and out of direct sun light.

•    Do not remove flowers down or untie the string any before than two to three weeks. It normally takes 2 to 3 weeks for flowers to air dry, so wait till this much time at least and even after that check your flowers properly for being fully dried before you take them out.

Dry out all the flowers that are given to you by someone and this way you can save your memories of a special day for a very long period of time.

Growing Flowers

Growing Flowers 300x192 Growing FlowersFlower admirers have always cultivated flowers either for their decorative beauty or for the sheer love of gardening. The Presence of flowers in our homes adds delicateness and richness to the atmosphere. Flowers start arising from buds just like twigs, and the basic floral parts (sepal, petal, stamen, and carpel) are actually greatly modified leaves. Flowers are found in a number of combinations of colors, sizes, forms, and anatomical arrangements. Here some background information is provided for growing flowers.

Growing flowers is a hobby that demands true dedication, time, energy and most important love for flowers. To see your garden ever green use many different types of plants that blossom during different seasons. Proper planning, preparation, care and maintenance ensure a healthy flower bed. Here are few tips you need to start growing flowers:

Choose the right spot:
First of all it is important to plan the place at which you are going to grow the flowers. A place with fertile and well drained soil that is also easily illuminated with sunlight can be an ideal location for growing flowers. But don’t forget to leave some shaded areas in your garden too for some plants that need partial shaded areas like Meadow anemone. Also save your flowers from strong winds that can damage the whole foliage. Secondly the place should be far from pollution, as it can affect the growth of your flowers.

Add compost:
Good compost is a vital ingredient for successful gardening. Regular fertilizing of flowers by loosening their soil and adding manure where they are planted provides essential nutrients to the flowers, helps in preventing them from various diseases and results in healthy growing flowers.

Mulch properly:
Plants that are mulched properly are good at retaining moisture, controlling the soil temperature and preventing weed growth. Considerably mulching provides larger and an energetic foliage.

Water regularly:
Water is a vital element required for healthy growth of plants and flowers. But over-watering or less-watering may result in the deceasing of plant. So, before growing flowers in a garden firstly make yourself aware of the watering requirements of every particular plant in your garden and try to provide water to every plant according to its requirements to obtain a mass of better blooms. Watering also depends on the weather–if it is hot or cool, if it is dry or rainy, if it is calm or windy, water according to it.

Design Your Garden:
In growing flowers designing also matter. So design your garden in such a way that it compliments your flower collection. It is good to space the plants according to their mature size. Besides this Crowded plants suffer in health and quality of blooms Plant flowers at a considerable distance to let them grow and survive comfortably for even plants need some space. Placing a flower bed under a tall tree provides shade for the flowers to live. Some flowers perform best in forming the border of the garden specially the slow growing ones. Majority of flowers need well-drained soil to boom vigorously. Lastly using a colour theme or planting wild flowers gives your garden a unique touch.