Get to Know Roses

Roses are one of the most famous flowers in the world and are liked by almost every single person on this earth. How roses have been associated to the world and lives of people since very long is really interesting. There are some really astonishing and interesting facts and information related to the roses and their presence in the world. Let’s explore some:

  • According to the fossil evidence and carbonadoing the clue is that roses at least go back as far as 35 million years ago.
  • There are over 100 species of roses on the planet today. The majority of these species are native to the continent of Asia.
  • There are over 15,000 different types of rose species throughout the world.
  • Shakespeare referred to roses over fifty times in his works.
  • The term “rose” has French, Latin and, Greek origins.
  • The fruit of the rose plant is a berry-like structure called a rose-hip.
  • Do you know that rose hips have more vitamin C in them than any other fruit or vegetable?
  • Mythology says that roses grew thorns when Cupid accidentally shot an arrow into a rose garden.
  • A true blue colored rose does not exists and is considered the “holy grail” amongst rose breeders.
  • Roses have also been used in herbal and folk medicine. Some species are used to treat stomach discomfort and are being investigated for being able to control or limit cancer growth.
  • The crew that was with Columbus picked a rose branch out of the ocean on October 11 of 1942. This was a signal that land must be nearby. And amazingly the very next day America was discovered.
  • The oldest rose in the world is over one thousand years old. It can be found growing on the wall of Hildesheim Cathedral, which is located in Germany.
  • The largest rose ever bred was a pink rose measuring approximately 33 inches in diameter.
  • California is cited as growing about 60 percent of the America’s reserve of roses within a green house setting.
  • The beautiful rose is the national flower of the United States.
  • The rose family also includes pears, apples, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, and almonds.
  • Roses are valued for their romantic symbolism but their blooms are also edible. It has the flavors of green apples and strawberries.

Flowers & Birth

birth month flowers 150x150 Flowers & BirthFlowers are loved to be received by people on every occasion and especially when it’s their Birthday. As birthdays are the most personal event of any one’s life, and that moment that day is only for the person born over the date. As there are stones and zodiac signs attached to all the birth months and dates and people prefer using them that way especially the stones, the same way flowers are associated to zodiac signs and birth months. So gifting the birth month flowers or the flowers associated to zodiac signs is definitely a much cherishing gift to be received.

Zodiac Signs Dates Flowers Pictures
Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18 Daffodil and Primrose daffodil 150x150 Flowers & Birthprimrose flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Pisces Feb 19-Mar 20 Freesia and Cineraria Cineraria 150x150 Flowers & BirthFreesia flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Aries Mar 21-Apr 20 Tulip and Calceolaria mix tulips 150x150 Flowers & BirthCalceolaria 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Taurus Apr 21-May 20 Iris and Hydrangea Hydrangea 150x150 Flowers & BirthIris Flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Gemini May 21-Jun 20 Alstroemeria and Geranium geranium 150x150 Flowers & BirthAlstroemeria flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Cancer Jun 21-Jul 21 Rose and Gloxinia Gloxinia 150x150 Flowers & Birthroses 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Leo Jul 22-Aug 21 Carnation and Begonia carnations 150x150 Flowers & Birthbegonia flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Virgo Aug 22-Sep 22 Gladiolus and Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum flower 150x150 Flowers & BirthGladiolus 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Libra Sep 23-Oct 22 Dahlia and Cyclamen Cyclamen 150x150 Flowers & Birthdahlia flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21 Gerbera and African Violet african violet 150x150 Flowers & Birthgerbera 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 20 Anemone and Azalea Azalea flowers 150x150 Flowers & BirthAnemone 150x150 Flowers & Birth
Capricorn Dec 21-Jan 19 Chrysanthemum and Poinsettia poinsettia 150x150 Flowers & Birthchrysanthemum 150x150 Flowers & Birth

Month Flower Birthstones Pictures
January Carnation (fascination) Garnet carnation floral 150x150 Flowers & Birth
February Violet (virtue) Amethyst VIOLET flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
March Jonquil (desire for affection returned) Aquamarine Jonquil 150x150 Flowers & Birth
April Sweet Pea (blissful pleasure) Diamond sweetpea flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
May Lily of the Valley (“You have made my life complete.”) Emerald Lily of the Valley flowers 150x150 Flowers & Birth
June Rose (love) Pearl Rose love 150x150 Flowers & Birth
July Larkspur (fickleness) Ruby Larkspur floral 150x150 Flowers & Birth
August Gladiolus Peridot gladiolus flower 150x150 Flowers & Birth
September Aster (symbol of love) Sapphire Aster symbol of love 150x150 Flowers & Birth
October Calendula Opal Calendula 150x150 Flowers & Birth
November Chrysanthemum (wonderful friend) Topaz Chrysanthemum wonderful friend 150x150 Flowers & Birth
December Narcissus (“Stay as sweet as you are.”) Turquoise White narcissus 150x150 Flowers & Birth