Press Drying Flowers Saving Their Color

flowers dried 150x150 Press Drying Flowers Saving Their ColorPressing the flowers allows us to preserve our favorite garden flowers or the flowers that we get in floral arrangements. Pressing flowers is actually liked more because it helps in retaining the color of flowers and they do not fade out because of the fast drying method adopted in press drying. Pansies and daisies are the flat flowers and works best when this method of drying is being used. Through pressing the excessive moisture is drawn out quickly from the flowers and this does not let the flowers take too long time in drying that cause the flowers to fade out.

  • Take a sheet of card board and lay it down. Now cover the cardboard by laying news paper of non glossy paper sheet over it.dry flower 150x150 Press Drying Flowers Saving Their Color
  • Now arrange all your flowers over the sheets of news paper or paper whatever you have chosen. Remember to keep a distance of an inch or two between each flower and do not let any one flower overlap the other.
  • Once you are done with arranging your flowers cover them all with the newspapers or non glossy paper sheet and after covering with paper put the other piece of cardboard over the papers.
  • Now take a plywood sheet or wood board and put it over your stack of flowers, papers and cardboard. Now for pressing process the additional weight is needed to be applied for this use the bricks and lay some overDrying Flowers 150x150 Press Drying Flowers Saving Their Color the wood board or plywood sheet.
  • You will need to replace the sheets of paper or newspaper whatever you used every one or two days. But be very careful while all this process so you do not damage your flowers and very carefully replace back the cardboard, wood board and bricks the same way as done in first time.
  • Now check your flowers if they are almost completely dried take them out. Use a clean sheet of paper and spread it in a dry room now lay all your flowers over it and let them dry completely for one to three more days. Be careful, the room that you use for drying should be out of direct sunlight else your flowers will fade out.

Do not let the flowers be in sunlight even when you are putting them for pressing procedure and use the fully blossomed flowers for this drying purpose and later you may use them for paper making or in any other crafting projects.