All About Mothers Day

History of Mother’s Day:History of Mothers Day 150x150 All About Mothers Day

Strangely but yes, the origin of Mother’s day dates back to the time of Greeks and Romans. Although the Mother’s Day celebrated today all around the world is believed to get its roots from the start of official Mother’s Day celebration in USA but it is said that much before than that in history the Mothering Sunday was celebrated in UK. Today the Mother’s Day that is celebrated doesn’t hold the history of even being 100 years old. Today around 46 different countries in world celebrate Mother’s Day although on different dates. This day is really an opportunity for all to honor their mother’s. The idea of official celebration of Mothers day in US was first suggested by Julia Ward Howe in 1872 while Anna Jarvis is recognized as the Founder of Mothers Day in US. Anna Jarvis although never married or had no children yet she is called the Mother of Mother’s Day.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day?How to Celebrate Mother Day 150x150 All About Mothers Day

Mother’s day is generally celebrated round the globe in some countries by offering special prayers in churches for mothers. While children and fathers at home treat their mother and mother of their children with a great breakfast in bed making it a day off for the mother who strives for the betterment of her kids and husband round the year. Mother’s Day flowers and cards are also something essentially associated to Mother’s Day now and as a token of love and honor from children to their mothers. Although the commercialism factor has increased a lot with this day but still the feelings true for the mothers behind everything could be found.

Flowers Gift For Mother’s Day:Flowers Gift For Mother’s Day 150x150 All About Mothers Day

For Mother’s day to get the flowers here’s idea for you as to which flowers you can choose to gift to your mothers.

  1. Mixed bouquets
  2. Carnations
  3. Daffodils
  4. Roses
  5. Tulips
  6. Freesia
  7. Pot chrysanthemums
  8. Iris
  9. Lily
  10. Foliage plants

If your mother loves plants and like to keep them or have a little practical approach then go for gifting her some potted plant that may remain with her for years as a expression of your love over the Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Messages & Quotes:Mothers Day Quotes1 150x150 All About Mothers Day

Sometimes we really do not get how to say all those things that we want to say to our mothers. This day celebrated to honor mothers is a great opportunity to express all these feelings. Here are few messages and quotes that you may use to honor your mother.

  1. Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.
  2. Men are what their mothers made them. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  3. The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. (Honore de Balzac)
  4. That best academy, a mother’s knee. (James Russell Lowell)
  5. If there was a day for each thing you have given to me as a mother, it would be Mother’s Day every day. Thanks for always helping me each moment in my life… and today it is you! You’re the best! Thanks for all you do.
  6. Mom, you’re the best. Happy Mother’s Day.
  7. Thank you for always being there, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Make this mother’s day as special for your mother as special she made each day of your life.


white lilies 150x150 LiliesLily is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and is widely used in the floral arrangements as cut flower. There is a huge variety found all over the world for lilies in different colors and shapes. Lilies basically belong to the Asia but is now found and cultivated in all parts of the world. Its regal attractiveness, rich bloom and magnificent scent have fascinated the hearts of many, making the lily flower almost as popular as the rose.

Types of Lily Flowers:

Lily flowers are found in numerous colors and each of them brings out a different meaning to the world of human emotions.

white lily 150x150 LiliesWhite Lily:

White lilies are pure flowers symbolizing virginity, as in the Christian history the white lilies are a symbol of Virgin Mary herself. White lily is the most opted flower amongst all of the brides on their wedding.  White lilies symbolize purity, virginity, youth and majesty.

Red Lily:

Red Lily 150x150 LiliesRed lilies are graceful and striking flowers. They arouse feelings of passionate love and desire. Red lilies are special flowers to enjoy on special occasions. Red lilies stand for the best feeling in whole world; nothing else than “love”. Red lilies are a symbol of warmth and desire.

Pink Lily

Pink Lily 150x150 LiliesThe most famous pink lily in the world is the Stargazer lily, because it has the strength to express every feeling you can think of from delight to admiration and compassion.  Pink lilies represent wealth and prosperity, but are considered as a symbol of adolescence and acceptance, as well. The appearance of lilies may guide our thoughts to feelings of hope and aspirations.

Purple Lily

purple lily 150x150 LiliesPurple lilies are a hybrid between regal trumpet lilies and Asiatic Lily; purple lilies are found in a variety called Purple Prince.  Purple lilies are a symbol of royalty. As the lily symbolizes the innocence, beauty and purity so mixing it with the royal color will make it even greater presentation of royalty.

Orange Lily

Orange Lily 150x150 LiliesOrange lilies are used for an extensive range of events like weddings, funerals, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgivings, and birthdays. Orange lilies are also called fire lilies and do not hold a loving meaning. These flowers when gifted to any one deliver the message of hatred or death of recipient. The orange lily does not stand for joy and happiness; it stands for lesser nice feelings and meanings.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily1 150x150 LiliesTiger lily is basically specie of orange and black lily. They are also known as leopard lilies. They are a deep shade of orange, with black spots on the blooms. Tiger lily is often used in bridal bouquets too. Tiger lilies symbolize wealth, pride and prosperity.

Black Lily

Black Lily 150x150 LiliesThe most popular varieties of black lilies are; “Black Spider” Asiatic lily in black and white, black-red “Black Beauty” lily variety and “Black Jack” lily.  Black lilies are mysterious flowers. Black Lily has a charisma in it that has all the strength to captivate the human eye. Black lilies are symbol of death. It is also considered that black lilies are a symbol of lies.

Flowers K to P

flower list 150x150 Flowers K to PHere comes the continuity to the first blog regarding the flowers and their meanings. Keep checking out the hugest list of flowers and their meanings coming up for you so you get a life time guide for expressing each of your emotion to any one. Find with which flower you can express your love, inspiration, unlikeness, joy, sadness and all other feelings to any one without saying it out yourself. Let the flowers be your language.

Kingcup Desire for riches Kingcup flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Kennedia Intellectual beauty Kennedia flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Laburnum Forsaken; pensive beauty Laburnum flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Larkspur (pink) Fickleness; levity Larkspur pink flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Laurel (mountain) Ambition; glory Laurel mountain 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lavender Devotion, love Lavender flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lemon Zest Lemon flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lemon Balm Brings love Lemon Balm 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lemon Blossom Fidelity in love; I promise to be true Lemon Blossom1 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lemon verbena Attracts opposite sex Lemon verbena 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lilac First love Lilac flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lilac (purple) First emotions of love Lilac purple 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lilac (white) Youthful innocence Lilac white 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lily (general) Purity Lily general 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lily (calla) Beauty Lily calla 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lily (day) Coquetry, Chinese emblem for mother Lily day 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lily (eucharis) Maidenly charms Lily eucharis 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lily (orange) Hatred Lily orange 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lily (tiger) Wealth; pride, prosperity Lily tiger 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lily (white) Virginity; purity; majesty; it’s heavenly to be with you Lily white 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lily (yellow) I’m walking on air; Lily yellow 150x150 Flowers K to P
Lily of the valley sweetness; return to happiness; humility; perfect purity, tears of the Virgin Mary lily of the valley flowers 143x150 Flowers K to P
Magnolia Sweetness; beauty; love of nature; nobility; dignity; splendid beauty Magnolia flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Magnolia (Chinese) Love of nature Magnolia Chinese 150x150 Flowers K to P
Mallow Delicate beauty, sweetness Mallow flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Marigold Comforts the heart; sacred affection, caress, sorrow Marigold flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Michaelmas Daisy Afterthought; farewell Michaelmas Daisy flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Milk Vetch Your presence softens my pain Milk Vetch flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Mimosa Sensitivity, secret love Mimosa flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Mint Protection from illness; warmth of feeling; virtue Mint flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Mistletoe Kiss me; affection; I surmount difficulties; sacred plant of India, magic plant of the Druids Mistletoe flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Moss Maternal love; charity Moss flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Motherwort Secret love Motherwort flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Moonwort/Honesty Forgetfulness Moonwort Honesty flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Mouse-Ear Chickweed Simplicity Mouse Ear Chickweed flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Mugwort/Wormwood Tranquility, happiness Mugwort Wormwood flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Mullein Good nature Mullein flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Myrrh Gladness Myrrh flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Myrtle Love; love in absence; remembrance; Hebrew emblem of marriag Myrtle flowers1 150x150 Flowers K to P
Narcissus Egotism; formality; stay as sweet as you are; you love yourself too well; self-esteem Narcissus flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Nasturtium Conquest; victory in battle; maternal love; charity; patriotism Nasturtium flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Nightshade Truth Nightshade flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Nuts Stupidity Nuts flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Oak leaves Bravery Oak leaves 150x150 Flowers K to P
Olive Branch Peace Olive Branch flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Orange Generosity Orange flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Orange Blossom Wisdom; purity; eternal love; your purity equals your loveliness Orange Blossom flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Orchid Love; beauty; refinement; you flatter me, Thoughtfulness Orchid flowers1 150x150 Flowers K to P
Orchid (Cattleya) Mature charm Orchid Cattleya flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Pansy Thoughts (you occupy my thoughts); love, merriment Pansy flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Peach blossom Longevity; I am your captive Peach blossom flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Peony Shame; bashfulness; anger; indignation Peony flowers3 150x150 Flowers K to P
Peppermint Warmth of feelings, cordiality peppermint flower 150x150 Flowers K to P
Periwinkle (blue) Early friendship Periwinkle blue 150x150 Flowers K to P
Periwinkle (white) Pleasures of memory Periwinkle white 150x150 Flowers K to P
Persicaria Restoration Persicaria flower 150x150 Flowers K to P
Pine Hope; pity Pine flower 150x150 Flowers K to P
Pink Boldness, pure affection Pink flower 150x150 Flowers K to P
Poinsettia Be of good cheer Poinsettia flower 150x150 Flowers K to P
Poppy (general) Eternal sleep; oblivion; imagination; extravagance Poppy general 150x150 Flowers K to P
Poppy (red) Pleasure; fantastic extravagance Poppy red 150x150 Flowers K to P
Poppy (white) Consolation; sleep Poppy white 150x150 Flowers K to P
Poppy (yellow) Wealth; success Poppy yellow 150x150 Flowers K to P
Primrose I can’t live without you; early youth; young love Primrose flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P
Prince’s feather Unfading love Princes feather flowers 150x150 Flowers K to P

Keep looking out for the more flowers and their meanings. Till than cheers!!!!!!


casablanca lily 150x150 LiliesLilies are one of the most gorgeous and graceful summer-blooming flowers. Lilies belong to the Lilium genus which contains more than 100 species. Lilies offer a vast variety of sizes, colors and shapes, and are commonly available all across the globe, particularly in the northern hemisphere.
Lilies are thought to be the oldest cultivated ornamental flowers, having existed in gardens 3000 years ago. The lily became the symbol of chastity and virtue with the advance of Christianity. The Easter lily symbolizes Virgin Mary.

Lily and Flower Language:
easter lily 150x150 LiliesLily is symbolically used to express purity and refined beauty. However, different colors and types can convey different meanings. For example, white lily symbolizes modesty and virginity, orange lily symbolizes passion, yellow lily symbolizes gaiety, lily of the valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart.

Popularity of Lily:
The imperial beauty and the distinct variety that can symbolize very special expressions make Lily the most popular flowers for gifting purposes. In fact, Lilies are ranked as the fourth most popular flowers in the world, while the second most popular flowers in the UK. Stargazer and Cassablanca lily bouquets and lily bulbs as well as potted lily plants are popular floral gifts.

cala lily 150x150 LiliesWhat are True Lilies?
There are many types of flowers which are considered as “Lilies”. However, many of them, for example day lily, water lily, arum lily actually belong to other flowering plants groups. True Lilies feature fleshy scales without protective outer coating, and they are never dormant.

Varieties in Lily:
Lily offers a vast variety of flowers, amongst which only groups like Asiatics and Orientals are the most popular and widely grown flowers. Asiatic Lilies feature small flowers, a wide array of colors, and light fragrance, while Oriental Lilies offer large flowers with only a few colors having strong valentine calla lily 150x150 Liliesfragrance. Another type is the Longiflorum hybrid Lilies that features large funnel shaped flowers, usually white, having strong sweet scent.

Growing Lilies:
Lilies can be grown from seeds; however they will take a longer time (may be five to six years) to bloom. This is why bulbs are much preferred to grow Lilies. Lilies are usually planted in the garden during fall or spring season. They can also be grown in containers. A cool, porous and well drained soil is essentially required for their good growth. Adding excessive organic matter will improve clay or sandy soils that would be lilies oriental1 150x150 Liliesconsidered as future investment for good bed preparation which will result in the bulbs that will stay in place for several years. During summer, Lilies enjoy direct sun all morning with partial shade during hot afternoon hours.

Plant Care:
Daily watering is not required. However, while watering, be sure to water deeply enough to reach the bulb. During the growing season, add a balanced fertilizer every few weeks, but avoid high-nitrogen fertilizers. Remove seedpods when they appear, and also eliminate stems and foliage when leaves become yellow. Remove mulch during late fall season. Removing fade blossoms is good not only to keep Lilies blooming, but also to prevent plant from consuming its energy in seed production.