National Flowers of Different Countries

National flowers or National emblems since ever hold a great importance in all parts of the world. Almost every country in this world holds its own National flowers that represent that country. Here is the list of National flowers of different countries. Knowing about these flowers is fun as you can gift a friend of yours belonging to some other country with the national flower of his country to greet on their national day.

  • Antigua & Barbuda – Dagger’s Logpink carnation 150x150 National Flowers of Different Countries
  • Argentina – Ceibo Erythrina
  • Austria – Edelweiss
  • Australia – Golden Wattle Acacia
  • Bahamas – Yellow Elder, or Yellow Cedar
  • Balearic Islands – Carnation
  • Bangladesh – Water Lily
  • Barbados – Dwarf Poinciana
  • Belarus – Flax
  • Belgium – Red Poppy
  • Belize – Black Orchid
  • Bermuda – Blue-eyed Grass
  • Bhutan—blue poppy
  • Bohemia – Thyme
  • Bolivia – Kantuta
  • Brazil – Cattleya Orchid British
  • Columbia – Dogwood Tree Flower
  • Bulgaria – Rose Rosa
  • Canada – Maple Leaf
  • Chile – Copihue
  • China – Plum Blossom
  • Columbia – Christmas orchid
  • Costa Rica – Guaria Morada (purple orchid)
  • Cuba – Butterfly Jasminefinland lily of the valley 150x150 National Flowers of Different Countries
  • Cyprus – Rose Rosa
  • Czechoslovakia – Rose Rosa
  • Denmark – Marguerite Daisy
  • Dominica—The bwa kwaib, or Carib tree
  • Egypt – Lotus Nymphaea lotus
  • England – Rose Rosa
  • Ecuador – White Nun Orchid
  • Ethiopia – Calla Lily
  • France – Iris
  • Finland – Lily-of-the-valley
  • Germany – Centaurea/Knapweed
  • Greece – Bear’s breech
  • Greenland – Willow Herb
  • Guatemala – White Nun Orchid
  • Guyana – Water Lily
  • Holland – Tulip
  • Honduras – Orchid
  • Hong Kong – Orchid
  • Hungary – Tulip
  • India – Lotus
  • Indonesia – Jasmine
  • Iran – Red Rose
  • Iraq – Rose RosaAngrek Bulan Indonesia 150x150 National Flowers of Different Countries
  • Ireland – Shamrock
  • Jamaica – Tree of Life
  • Japan – Chrysanthemum (imperial) , Cherry Blossom
  • Jordan – Black Iris
  • Korea – Rose of Sharon
  • Laos – Rice
  • Latvia – Oxeye Daisy
  • Liberia – Pepper
  • Libya – Pomegranate blossom
  • Lithuania – Rue
  • Luxembourg – Rose
  • Madagascar – Poinciana or Flamboyant
  • Maldives – Pink Rose
  • Malta – The Maltese Centaury
  • Malaysia – Hibiscus
  • Mexico – Dahlia
  • Monaco – Carnation
  • Nepal – Rhododendron
  • Netherlands – Tulip
  • New Zealand – Kowhai
  • Nicaragua – Sacuanjoche
  • N.Korea – Azalea
  • Northern Ireland – Flax
  • Norway – Purple Heather
  • Pakistan – Jasminenational flowers 150x150 National Flowers of Different Countries
  • Panama – Dove Orchid
  • Paraguay – Jasmine-of-the-Paraguay
  • Peru – Kantuta
  • Philippines – Sampaguita Jasminum sambac
  • Poland – Corn Poppy
  • Portugal – Lavender
  • Puerto Rico – Puerto Rican Hibiscus
  • Romania – Dog rose
  • Russia – Chamomile
  • Scotland – Thistle
  • Seychelles – Tropicbird Orchid
  • Sicily – Carnation
  • Singapore – Orchid (a hybrid orchid)
  • Slovakia – Rose
  • Slovenia – Carnation
  • Sri Lanka – (Water Lily)
  • S. Africa – Protea
  • S. Korea – Hibiscus
  • Soviet Union – Carnation
  • Sweden – Linnea
  • Switzerland – Edelweiss
  • Tahiti – Gardenia
  • Taiwan (Republic of China) – Plum blossom
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Pride of Trinidad & Tobago/Wild Poinsettia
  • Turkey – Tulip
  • Ukraine – Sunflower
  • United States of America – Rose
  • United Kingdom, England -Tudor rose
  • United Kingdom, Scotland – Thistle
  • Venezuela – Orchid
  • Virgin Islands – Yellow Elder or Yellow Trumpet
  • Wales – Daffodil
  • Yemen – Arabian coffee
  • Yugoslavia – Lily of the Valley

Many European countries do not have a national flower, for instance modern France, Spain and Italy.

National Flowers

National emblems, be that of any thing; flowers, flag or animals hold importance. The best thing about flowers as national emblem is that they actually explain about the traditions and beliefs of the people of country. Here is the list of national flowers of different countries.

Country Flower IMAGES
Australia Golden Wattle Golden Wattle 150x150 National Flowers
Argentina Cattleya orchid Cattleya Orchid 150x150 National Flowers
Austria Edelweiss Edelweiss 150x150 National Flowers
Bangladesh White Water Lily White Water Lily 150x150 National Flowers
Belgium Azalea, Red or corn poppy Red corn poppy 150x150 National Flowers
Bermuda Blue-eyed grass Blue eyed grass 150x150 National Flowers
Bolivia Inca magic flower Incan magic flower 150x150 National Flowers
Brazil Cattleya orchid Cattleya Orchid 1 150x150 National Flowers
Bulgaria Rose Beautiful red rose 150x150 National Flowers
Canada Maple leaf, Rose as symbol of England, Fleur-de-lis for France Fleur de lis 150x150 National FlowersMaple leaf 150x150 National Flowers
Ceylon Wesak orchid Wesak orchid 150x150 National Flowers
Chile Copihue Copihue 150x150 National Flowers
China Narcissus, Peony, Plum flower, flowers Peony 150x150 National FlowersPlum flower 150x150 National Flowers
Colombia Mayflower orchid (or Christmas orchid) Christmas orchid 150x150 National Flowers
Costa Rica Flor de San Sebastian Flor de San Sebastian 150x150 National Flowers
Cuba Ginger lily Ginger lily 150x150 National Flowers
Czech Republic Rose (traditional), Carnation (popular), Linden tree linden tree 150x150 National Flowersnational rose 150x150 National Flowers
Denmark Red Clover Red Clover 150x150 National Flowers
Ecuador White nun orchid, Rose White nun orchid 150x150 National FlowersLovely rose 150x150 National Flowers
Egypt Lotus or Water Lily Lotus water lily 150x150 National Flowers
England Red tudor rose Red tudor rose 150x150 National Flowers
Estonia Blue Cornflower Blue Cornflower 150x150 National Flowers
Ethiopia Calla Calla 150x150 National Flowers
Finland Lily of the valley lily of the valley1 150x150 National Flowers
France Lily LILY 1 150x150 National Flowers
Germany None none flowers 150x150 National Flowers
Greece Guernsey lily Guernsey lily 150x150 National Flowers
Holland Tulip Tulip national flower 150x150 National Flowers
Hong Kong Bauhinia Blakeana Bauhinia Blakeana 150x150 National Flowers
Hungary Tulip tulip wedding bouquet 150x150 National Flowers
India Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) Lotus Nelumbo nucifera 150x150 National Flowers
Indonesia Melati jasmine, Moon orchid Moon orchid 150x150 National FlowersMelati jasmine 150x150 National Flowers
Iran Rose national rose 150x150 National Flowers
Iraq Rose roses national flowers 150x150 National Flowers
Ireland Shamrock Shamrock 150x150 National Flowers
Italy Poppy or White Lily White Lily 150x150 National Flowers
Jamaica Lignum Vitae (Guiacum officinale) Lignum Vitae 150x150 National Flowers
Japan Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum 1 150x150 National Flowers
Jordan Black Iris Black Iris 150x150 National Flowers
Korea Rose of Sharon Rose of Sharon 150x150 National Flowers
Laos Rice rice 150x150 National Flowers
Latvia Oxeye Daisy Oxeye Daisy 150x150 National Flowers
Libya Pomegranate Blossom Pomegranate Blossom 150x150 National Flowers
Lithuania Rue (Ruta) Rue Ruta 150x150 National Flowers
Luxembourg Rose national rose1 150x150 National Flowers
Malagasy Republic Traveler’s tree Travelers tree 150x150 National Flowers
Malaysia Hibiscus Hibiscus flowers 150x150 National Flowers
Maldives Rose Rose1 150x150 National Flowers
Mexico Dahlia Dahlia1 150x150 National Flowers
Monaco Carnation Carnation11 150x150 National Flowers
Nepal Rhododendron Rhododendron 150x150 National Flowers
Netherlands Calendula (official), Orange tulip (popular) Calendula official 150x150 National FlowersOrange tulip 150x150 National Flowers
New Zealand Kowhai kowhai flower 150x150 National Flowers
Nicaragua Sacuanjoche or May Flower May Flower 150x150 National Flowers
Northern Ireland Shamrock shamrock 1 150x150 National Flowers
Norway Heather heather 150x150 National Flowers
Pakistan Jasmine jasmine flower1 150x150 National Flowers
Panama Dove orchid (or Holy Ghost orchid) Dove orchid 150x150 National Flowers
Paraguay Jasmine-of-the-Paraguay, Orange blossom Jasmine flowers 150x150 National FlowersOrange Blossom bouquet1 150x150 National Flowers
Persia Rose rose2 150x150 National Flowers
Peru Inca magic flower Incas magic flower 150x150 National Flowers
Philippines Sampagita Jasmine sampaguita jasmine 150x150 National Flowers
Poland Cornflower Cornflower 150x150 National Flowers
Portugal Lavender Lavender flower 150x150 National Flowers
Russia Chamomile, Daisy Chamomile 150x150 National FlowersDaisy 150x150 National Flowers
Rumania Dog rose Dog rose 150x150 National Flowers
San Marino Cyclamen Cyclamen flower1 150x150 National Flowers
Scotland Thistle Thistle 150x150 National Flowers
Singapore Orchid: Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim 150x150 National Flowers
Slovenia Carnation national Carnation 150x150 National Flowers
South Africa King Protea King Protea 150x150 National Flowers
South Korea Hibiscus Hibiscus1 150x150 National Flowers
Spain Red carnation, Pomegranate red carnation 150x150 National Flowers
Sweden Twinflower Twinflower 150x150 National Flowers
Switzerland Edelweiss Edelweiss11 150x150 National Flowers
Turkey Rose (traditional), Tulip (popular) RoseRed 150x150 National FlowersTulips 150x150 National Flowers
Uruguay Ceibo, Cockspur coral Ceibo 150x150 National Flowers
Vatican City Easter lily easter lily 150x150 National Flowers
Venezuela Orchid orchid flower 150x150 National Flowers
Wales Leek and Daffodil Leek and Daffodil 150x150 National Flowers
Yemen Arabian coffee Arabian coffee plant 150x150 National Flowers
Yugoslavia Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley flowers1 150x150 National Flowers
United States Rose rose1 150x150 National Flowers
Zimbabwe Flame Lily Flame Lily 150x150 National Flowers

National Flowers

National flowers or plants are the one’s that represent some country or state. National flowers and plants are sometimes also called as Floral Emblem. Almost all countries around the world have their own National flowers or floral emblem. The floral emblem are often declared by government officials while sometimes public opinion is also taken in regards for choosing a flower or plant to represent the country. On the contrary some countries have their National flowers that had never been adopted officially and are just supposed to be floral emblem due to cultural and religious roots. The floral emblem of every country represents several perspectives of country as every flower has its own meaning and message. Here you can get information about number of Ceibo 150x150 National Flowersnational flowers of different countries and interesting information about them.

Argentina’s national flower is “Ceibo”. It is actually an Erythrina tree with red blooming flowers. Consisting of four red or coral-colored petals, the flowers bloom between November and February.

Australia is represented by “White Wattle” or “Golden Wattle”. White Wattle day is being celebrated on September 1st world wide. Wattle is widely grown
White Wattle 150x150 National Flowers all over Australia and was named by the English settlers who used it to buildtheir huts. There are around 750 different kinds of wattle. Originally all the territories of Australia have their own floral emblem.

Bangladesh has Carnation as its national flower. It was adopted as their National flower in 1971 the year same as their independence. Carnations were initially discovered in the Far East. These flowers are extensively talked about throughout Roman mythology.

sunflowers1 150x150 National FlowersChina actually does not have an officially adopted national flower. Few of different flowers are considered as their national flowers like peony, the Chrysanthemum, the plum blossom or the sunflower. Each one of these flowers has very lively meanings, peony depicts life and healing, Chrysanthemum depicts friendship, plum blossom represents long life and beauty while sunflower delivers message of devotion.

The national floral emblem of France is Iris that means lily flower. The Greek word Iris means rainbow. The meanings of the Iris flower are hope, wisdom, courage, faith, and admiration.

Japan also does not own a floral emblem officially but yet some flowers are iris flower 150x150 National Flowersused to represent the country. Cherry blossom and Chrysanthemum are regarded as their national flowers. Chrysanthemum represents friendship and is used as official seal by the Imperial Family of Japan.

Holland’s floral emblem is Tulips. Tulips became a status symbol for the rich, as only the wealthy in Holland could afford them. They were called Pot of Gold because being very expensive. Interestingly what most of the people Tulips 150x150 National Flowerswon’t know is that you can use Tulips bulbs in place of onions in your food.

United States of America’s national flower is Rose that was adopted officially in 1986. A rose is a flower that is found in numerous colors and so each of color represents a different meaning.

United Kingdom as know comprises of four different countries Wales, England, North Ireland and Scotland, each of these has their own national Roses arrangemnt 150x150 National Flowersfloral emblem. England’s national flower is Tudor Rose. Scotland’s national flower is heather. Wales’s floral emblem is leek or Daffodils while Northern Ireland’s national flower is shamrock or orange lily which represents pride, wealth and hate.

This is a short list of few of world’s major famous countries and their national flowers.