Orange Flowers

Orange flowers gift 150x150 Orange FlowersOrange is a bright and sharp color that can bring life to any floral arrangement when orange flowers are added to it. Orange is a lively and glitzy color that actually holds the energy and warmth expressed by red and happiness and sunshine that is expresses by yellow. According to feng shui, orange is believed to be the color of being “social” and it promotes conversation. According to Feng Shui it is the correct color that should be used in floral arrangements kept in living rooms and kitchens.

Energy, happiness, Confidence, creativity, stimulation and pride all are expressed through orange flowers and with each variation in shades of orange a different message can be evolved. The shades of orange flowers may rangeOrange daisy Flower 150x150 Orange Flowers any from vermillion to ginger.

  • Red orange flowers are a sign of aggression, dominance, enjoyment, sexual desire and passion.
  • Dark orange flowers are associated with the lack of trust and deceit.
  • Gold orange flowers can symbolize wisdom, wealth and high quality.
  • Citrus orange flowers suggest good health.
  • Peach flowers stand for friendliness.

orange flowers 150x150 Orange FlowersNow take care of one thing that never gift dark orange flowers to your sweetheart because that will definitely offend him or her. Always consider the meaning of flowers and the message that they deliver because we never want to deliver wrong message to our loved ones that may hurt them or made them feel bad. Orange flowers are broadly used in floral arrangements to add grace and sophistication, but also to stimulate affection, power and delight. Orange flower arrangements are exceptionally striking, as the orange color is greatly evident and it calls for attention.

Orange flowers are found in great variety.

Orange Lily Hatred, Dislike orange lily  150x150 Orange Flowers
Tiger Lily Wealth, Pride, Prosperity Tiger Lily 150x150 Orange Flowers
Strelitzia Magnificence Strelitzia flowers 150x150 Orange Flowers
Orange rose Desire, Enthusiasm, Passion Orange rose 150x150 Orange Flowers
Peach Rose Sociability, Desire, Admiration, Appreciation Peach Rose 150x150 Orange Flowers
Orange Gerbera Daisy Warmth, Fascination, Creativity Orange Gerbera Daisy 150x150 Orange Flowers
Marigold Affection, Cruelty, Grief Marigold flowers 150x150 Orange Flowers