Orchids Types and Meanings

Orchids are believed to be the most complex flowers among all whether it’s about growing them at home or if considered in regard to their species. Broadly all the Orchid species are divided into 5 groups.

  1. Epiphyte: This is the type of Orchid that is found to be growing on trees and other plants. But they do get their required nutrients from water and air too; they do not remain dependent on other things only.
  2. Lithophytes: These are strange type of orchids and they grow over rocks. They have also the system same as epiphytes to gain the nutrients necessary for their growth.
  3. Monopodial: This type will have new growths over its stems that grow vertically. (They will need less space horizontally but should be planted at a place that is open and free till high.)
  4. Terrestrial: These are the orchids planted in ground and they gain their nutrients through their roots who extract minerals from the soil they are placed in.
  5. Sympodial: These are the Orchids that grow horizontally and so they spread sideways. They usually spread very quickly.

The flower symbolism associated with the orchid is love, beauty, refinement, many children, thoughtfulness and mature charm. Orchids are found in several colors and bring about different impact every time with a different meaning.

  • Yellow orchids are amazing, bright and cheerful. Yellow orchids bring a graceful feeling to any floral arrangement. Commonly known as flowers of love, yellow orchids have a rare and delicate beauty. Also, yellow orchids are a symbol of royal elegance.
  • Black orchids are mysterious flowers. They are described as fantasy flowers that have magical powers. Black orchids are a symbol of power and absolute authority.
  • White orchids are the rarest type of orchids.  Beautiful, elegant and pure, the white orchid stands out in every flower arrangement. White orchid represent delicate beauty. They stand for purity, innocence, virtue and divine beauty.
  • The pink orchid is a magnificent flower. The pink orchid is the most delicate and interesting flower. Pink orchids are known to be flowers that represent love and pure affection. Pink orchids stand for pure affection.
  • Red orchids are often described as “an Asian love’s dream”. Radiant and grand, red orchids represent the extraordinary wishes of love.  Red orchids stand for passion, energy, power, strength, determinism.
  • Blue orchids are rare, beautiful and deep meaningful flowers. Blue orchids represent delicate beauty. They are royal in color, and therefore, they represent depth, power and stability.
  • Purple orchids are stunning and their color is absolutely magnificent and the blooms differ from the brightest shade of royal, mysterious purple to the gentlest shade of lavender. Lavender orchids provoke romance and elegance, while deep purple arouses mystery and suggests uncertainty.

Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning

top ten flowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their MeaningThe feelings of love and care can not be expressed any better with anything else than flowers. Cut flowers are widely loved by people all around the world and so are given as gift too. Due to the general likeness of flowers they are supposed to be the best present given over any occasion or even when there is no occasion. It is always great to receive or send or gift someone the flowers. Flowers actually express the love of our loved ones for us. Here is the list of top ten cut flowers bought all around the world and what they actually mean.

  1. 1. Roses
  • Red Rose Sincere love, Courage, Passion, Love you.roses 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning
  • Pink Rose Grace, Elegance, Joyfulness, Sweetness (all by soft pink) Admiration (medium  pink),  Appreciation (deep pink)
  • White Rose Purity, True love, Innocence, Worthiness, Honor, Reverence
  • Yellow Rose Symbol of Joy & Friendship, Delight, Welcome, Happiness, Caring
  • Peach Rose Miss You, Thanks, Gratitude, Modesty, Sincerity, Appreciation
  • Orange Rose     Enthusiasm, Desire, Excitement, Passion
  • Lavender Rose  Enchantment, Love at First Sight
  1. 2. CarnationCarnation 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning
  • Carnation (in general) Bonds of affection; health and energy; fascination; woman love
  • Carnation (pink) – I’ll never forget you
  • Carnation (purple) – Capriciousness; whimsical; changeable
  • Carnation (red) – My heart aches for you; admiration
  • Carnation (solid color) -Yes
  • Carnation (striped)- No; refusal; sorry I can’t be with you; wish I could be with you
  • Chrysanthemum 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their MeaningCarnation (white) -Sweet and lovely; innocence; pure love; woman’s good luck gift
  • Carnation (yellow) – Rejection; disdain
  1. 3. Chrysanthemum
  • Chrysanthemum (in general) – Cheerfulness; You’re a wonderful friend
  • Chrysanthemum (red) – I love
  • Chrysanthemum (white) – Truth
  • Chrysanthemum (yellow) -Slighted love
  1. lily flowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning4. Lily
  • Lily (general) – Keeps unwanted visitors away
  • Lily (calia) – Beauty
  • Lily (day) – Coquetry
  • Lily (eucharis) – Maiden charms
  • Lily (orange) – Hatred
  • Lily (tiger) – Wealth; pride
  • Lily (white) – Virginity; purity; majesty; it’s heavenly to be with you
  • Lily (yellow) – I’m walking on air; false and gay
  • Lily of the valley – sweetness; return to happiness; humilitybulb flowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning
  1. 5. Bulb Flowers
  • Daffodil Respect
  • Tulip(general) – Fame,charity; perfect lover
  • Tulip(red) – Believe me; declaration of love
  • Tulip(variegated) – Beautiful eyes
  • Tulip(yellow) – Hopeless love
  1. Sunflowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their Meaning6. Sunflowers
  • Sunflower – Loyalty; wishes
  1. 7. Alstroemeria
  • Friendship; Devotion
  1. 8. Gladiolus
  • babys breath flowers 150x150 Top Ten Cut Flowers And Their MeaningGladiolus – Love at first sight
  1. 9. Baby’s Breath
  • Everlasting Love

10. Orchid

  • Orchid – Love; beauty; refinement; beautiful lady; Chinese symbol for many children
  • Orchid (cattleya) – Mature charm

Giant Flowers

Flowers are the most loved creation of God in this world. They bring colors to our lives and they have the widest language available for humans to express there feeling. Here is some information about the giant flowers existing in different parts of the world.

rafflesia flower 150x150 Giant Flowers
Rafflesia is the world’s largest and fleshiest flower. This is a parasitic plant and is native to particular areas of South-east Asia like; Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. It was discovered for the first time in year 1816. Rafflesia is generally found to be floor bound as it does not have roots, stems or leaves. It takes about ninth month for Rafflesia to turn into mature bud which is about cabbage sized. The largest recorded bloom of Rafflesia was 3 feet in diameter and was 1.9 centimeters thick while it weighed around 7 kilograms.

Giant Orchid:large Giant Orchid 150x150 Giant Flowers

This plant appears to be like grass or sugarcane and this plant is also native to Southeast Asia and is found in Sumatra, Java and Borneo. These flowers are strangely very long lasting like about 1 to 2 months and are around 12 centimeters wide in yellow color with brown or red spots. Each stem of plant is 2 to 3 meters high and holds around 60 to 100 flowers per spike and that too of two different types.

Giant Allium:
Giant Allium 150x150 Giant Flowers
This is a large round flower grown on a long stalk. This flower is in purple color and is also used s cut flower because it has a long vase life that is about 10 to 14 days but it needs to be treated properly for its ethylene sensitivity.

Giant Hibiscus/ Moy Grande:

This is the plant that bears the largest flower among any hardy perennials. Giant Hibiscus Moy Grande 150x150 Giant FlowersThis plant is amongst the most easily grown ones and the flowers are of 12 inches in size. This largest Hibiscus of world was actually created by cross breading Hibiscus moscheutos hybrid with Hibiscus Grandifloras.

These are the 4 of the largest grown flowers in world with these there are other too like Giant Calico Flower, Giant Corpse Flower, Nettle leaved Giant Hyssop, Giant Hummingbird’s Mint and Giant Shirley etc.