How to Plant Seeds in Containers

Plant Seeds 300x199 How to Plant Seeds in ContainersThere are many people in this world who just love gardening and adopt this as hobby for peace of their mind. For all such people it is always possible to grow plants even if they have almost no space. When people have lack of space or do not have gardens they go for container gardening or they create hanging gardens while Bonsai is another option for all such people to satisfy their inner want for gardening. Container gardening is very common at many places specially those where it remains winter for longer period of time. Containers in such areas allow people to sow seeds within their homes to turn into seedlings till the time the last frost is gone and the spring is in the air. At that time they transplant the seedling out door. Or instead you can just move that same container out if you are a container gardener and there will be no need to transplant it at an outdoor spot. The seedlings grown in commercial potting soil have higher immunity level to diseases and pests when moved out.

First of all select a container for your seeds. Now it depends up to you that do you want to use it as a temporary mean for growing seedlings or you want the one that you would be using till the end for as your plant will be kept in it. You can choose the flowering pots or alternatively you can use disposable drinking cups or clean yogurt containers and fill them with soil and making few tiny hole on the outer side near the bottom to let the excess water drain out easily.

Now you will need to choose the potting soil that you want to use. You will have to get the one that is suitable because there are different potting soils available for vegetables and flowers growing.

3. Normally the seed will be required to be sowed in depth that is double to its size and small and fine seeds are just sprinkled over the soil surface. On the contrary sometimes there are also instructions given on the seed packet regarding the depth at which seed should be sowed so in presence of that follow those instructions.

4. Keep your container in a tray that is two inches deep and than fill it with the water. Let it settles than as slowly and gradually the water in the tray will be absorbed by the soil in the container through the holes made around its base.

5. It is necessary to keep the container at a warm and sunny place like a window sill or you may use the heat pads in order to provide the required heat to the seeds. But during this process you will have to keep che4cking that soil should not dry out.

Keep another thing in consideration when keeping in window sills that cool breezes should not be approaching your seed containers through that the reason to keep it in window sills is to gain heat.