The Famous Cut Flowers

Flowers are a great source of gifting and emotions expression for humans. Nothing else can appear so beautiful and yet delivers the human feelings so well that nothing is felt to leave unsaid. This is the beauty of flowers that each flower and its each color hold a different meaning which helps in conveying the perfectly accurate message to our loved ones, the way we want. Its not just about gifting flowers to other but it should become a normal practice for us to gift flowers to ourselves too. Having flowers around us make us feel fresher and more active with positive effects on moods. This all help us in carrying out our daily routine in a much better way.

Roses:roses 300x203 The Famous Cut Flowers
Rose as known by all is the most famous flower whether in form of cut flower or accounted generally among the flowering plants. As a cut flower no flower is demanded more than rose in any part of the world. Each color of rose delivers a different message, love, friendship, innocence and even the number of red roses given counts as different numbers deliver different message. Red roses are demanded most all over the world on the Valentines Day.

Carnation:carnation cut flower 300x196 The Famous Cut Flowers
When it comes to budgeting your bouquets and floral arrangements you should go for adding Carnations. Carnations are widely used in corsages and boutonnières as they are a versatile cut flower. Carnations are also found in many different colors and they are easy to be dyed or sprayed with color.

Bulb Flowers:
There are daffodils, freesia and tulips that top the bulb cut flowers list. These Bulb Flowers 300x224 The Famous Cut Flowersflowers are usually available in spring and the most popular colors of Tulips as cut flower at these times are red, yellow, bi-colored, pink, purple, orange and white. Red tulips are also the second to red roses when it comes to expressing the true love. Red Tulips are also greatly demanded over Valentines or for bouquets ad floral arrangements that are meant for love of the giver.

sunflowers The Famous Cut Flowers
What about making a friend’s day or your mom or sister’s day? Sunflowers are happy face flowers of summer and fall. Sunflowers that we usually see are different than those used in floral arrangement because sunflowers grown as cut flowers are smaller in size and varies in shades from pale yellow to deep gold with brown.

Alstroemeria:Alstroemeria cut flowers 267x300 The Famous Cut Flowers
This flower in itself is not a very beautiful one instead this is used as filler in bouquets and floral arrangements in conjunction with other flowers. It is also made part of floral arrangement because it is a long lasting flower having longer vase life. Alstroemeria comes in shades of pink, yellow, purple and red and is often multicolored.


CUT FLOWERS 300x267 CUT FLOWERSCut flowers can be any flowers that are cut off the plants and are cleaned for any thorns and are ready to be used in fresh flower arrangements. Cut flowers are available at flower shops with florists or can be obtained from gardens too from your self grown flowering plants. Cut flowers are used as gifts for as each of them deliver a different message. Sometimes these flowers are presented as single flower or in bunch form as bouquets. Rose is the most popular cut flower. Carnations, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums also have a huge demand in the Cut Flower market. Tulips, Gladioli, Lilies, Alstroemeria, Anthuriums etc., are also popular with the flower lovers.

There are certain parameters for figuring out good cut flowers.

1.    The flower should be appealing and beautiful.
2.    Flower should be sweetly fragrant.
3.    A cut flower should have long stem.
4.    Flower should have extended vase life.

Caring for Cut Flowers and keeping them fresh is undeniably a science in itself. The first step towards making Cut Flowers last longer is to make sure that they are quickly placed in water to prevent them from wilting. Cut stems should be placed in water immediately, as air rapidly moves into the water-conducting tissues and plugs the cells. This is the reason for which when we get cut flowers that have been out of water for some hours are needed to be cut a little at the bottom so the blockage caused by air does not block the water from reaching flower. Cut flowers should always be placed at a cool place for hour or two because flowers lose less water. Moreover to increase the vase life of cut flowers there is a process called hardening needs to be done with freshly cut flowers; that is, placing them in water at temperature of 110 degree Fahrenheit with preservatives added to it.

Germany is the world’s largest market for Cut Flower imports, and the Netherlands is the world’s leading exporter of Cut Flowers.