Press Drying Flowers Saving Their Color

flowers dried 150x150 Press Drying Flowers Saving Their ColorPressing the flowers allows us to preserve our favorite garden flowers or the flowers that we get in floral arrangements. Pressing flowers is actually liked more because it helps in retaining the color of flowers and they do not fade out because of the fast drying method adopted in press drying. Pansies and daisies are the flat flowers and works best when this method of drying is being used. Through pressing the excessive moisture is drawn out quickly from the flowers and this does not let the flowers take too long time in drying that cause the flowers to fade out.

  • Take a sheet of card board and lay it down. Now cover the cardboard by laying news paper of non glossy paper sheet over it.dry flower 150x150 Press Drying Flowers Saving Their Color
  • Now arrange all your flowers over the sheets of news paper or paper whatever you have chosen. Remember to keep a distance of an inch or two between each flower and do not let any one flower overlap the other.
  • Once you are done with arranging your flowers cover them all with the newspapers or non glossy paper sheet and after covering with paper put the other piece of cardboard over the papers.
  • Now take a plywood sheet or wood board and put it over your stack of flowers, papers and cardboard. Now for pressing process the additional weight is needed to be applied for this use the bricks and lay some overDrying Flowers 150x150 Press Drying Flowers Saving Their Color the wood board or plywood sheet.
  • You will need to replace the sheets of paper or newspaper whatever you used every one or two days. But be very careful while all this process so you do not damage your flowers and very carefully replace back the cardboard, wood board and bricks the same way as done in first time.
  • Now check your flowers if they are almost completely dried take them out. Use a clean sheet of paper and spread it in a dry room now lay all your flowers over it and let them dry completely for one to three more days. Be careful, the room that you use for drying should be out of direct sunlight else your flowers will fade out.

Do not let the flowers be in sunlight even when you are putting them for pressing procedure and use the fully blossomed flowers for this drying purpose and later you may use them for paper making or in any other crafting projects.

Preserving Fresh Flowers with Bleach

pink beautiful flowers3 150x150 Preserving Fresh Flowers with BleachWhen ever one receives the floral arrangement as gift or if one cuts the flowers from one’s own garden whatever the source of getting the fresh cut flowers the person owning them always want to preserve their freshness and beauty for longer period of time. The flowers can stay fresh for long only if they are kept free from bacteria. Many times when you buy flowers from florists they provide you with the flower preserver and this is for what it is given by florists. It is either called flower food or flower preservative. If you haven’t bought your flowers from florist that means you do not have this commercial preservative so now if you want your flowers to stay fresh for longer try out this and have home made floral preservative.Preserving Fresh Flowers 150x150 Preserving Fresh Flowers with Bleach

  • Put the flowers in the water that is at room temperature or little warmer as cold water is not suitable for flowers because it have the tendency to shock the flowers.
  • Now add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice half teaspoon of bleach and one table spoon of sugar to the water and mix all well. This is going to work the same way as the florist’s food pack does normally for the cut flowers.
  • Now set your flowers in the prepared water and cut the stems of flowers at bottom at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • If you want to keep your flowers look healthy for longer period of time Preserve Fresh Flowers 150x150 Preserving Fresh Flowers with Bleachkeep refreshing the water in the vase every two days and adding the lemon, bleach and sugar the same way. Every time when you change the water do cut the stems of the flowers the same way too.

Enjoy your fresh flowers for longer period of time and have the colors of flowers prevail all around your house to bring the freshness.

Drying Real Flowers

dried real flowers 150x150 Drying Real FlowersAs fresh flowers bring beauty, aesthetic, colors, life and fragrance to your home they carry a disadvantage with them and that is they can not last for long. The pleasure brought by flowers and obtained by people is really very short period if you keep real flowers as cut flowers. Well it is impossible to hold the splendid fragrance of the flowers but you can surely preserve he beauty of these flowers by drying them and saving them with you for years to increase the beauty of your home and décor.

•    Collect or cut your fresh flowers making sure that the stems are no shorter than six to eight inches in length.dry flowers 150x150 Drying Real Flowers

•    Inspect each bloom that you have collected keenly for any bugs. Now remove any dead petals and move away any loose leaves among your blooms.

•    Now make a bunch of flowers that you collected for drying and tie a string that is about six inches long around the bottom of the stems. Tie them tightly and in a way that they are all held together.

•    Now hang flowers upside-down using the string. Always hang flowers for dry real flowers 150x150 Drying Real Flowersdrying in a cool dry place and out of direct sun light.

•    Do not remove flowers down or untie the string any before than two to three weeks. It normally takes 2 to 3 weeks for flowers to air dry, so wait till this much time at least and even after that check your flowers properly for being fully dried before you take them out.

Dry out all the flowers that are given to you by someone and this way you can save your memories of a special day for a very long period of time.

Drying Peony Flowers

drying peony flowers1 150x150 Drying Peony FlowersPeonies are the beautiful flowers that are 6 to 8 inches wide and are found in red, pink or white colors. Peony are beautiful flowers to grow in gardens and equally beautiful to place indoors. You can dry these beautiful flowers up to save them for longer period of time. There is one common method to dry flowers and that is air drying while here I’ll provide you with the same to dry your peony flowers so you may secure the beautiful flowers that you got from a loved one in gift too.

1.    Cut your peony flowers only in mid morning before the late morning sun make the flowers open up fully. The blooms best for drying are the ones that are not fully opened. Peony flowers2 150x150 Drying Peony Flowers

2.    Cut the stems about six inch long and remove all the leaves off the stalk. Take 4 to 6 flowers in bunch and tie them with a rubber band at the bottom of the stems.

3.    Now hang your flowers upside down in a cool dark room. This can be a place like basement or a closet. The process of drying will take one to two weeks. You will need to loop a piece of twine in rubber band and hang it on a nail or hanger.

4.    Check your flowers after a week about drying. The drying period depends Dry peony Flowers2 150x150 Drying Peony Flowerson weather too as in winters because atmosphere is drier so flowers dry quickly while in summers as it’s more humid so it takes time in the drying process.

5.    Now carefully remove the flowers off the hanger or nail and carefully cut the rubber band.

6.    Now your dry flowers are ready to add beauty to your home for long period of time. Either put them in a vase or tie them up to form a bunch to keep over a shelf.

Preserving Flowers in Hot Glue

Preserving Flowers in Hot Glue 300x300 Preserving Flowers in Hot Gluepreserving flowers Preserving Flowers in Hot GlueA simple approach to create floral trinkets and craft items is by preserving flowers obtained from your bouquets or from your lawns. There are numerous ways of preserving flowers and drying them out, one of them is preserving flowers using hot glue. The effect bears a resemblance to flowers covered in botanical soap. The procedure doesn’t require much time or many materials. It’s also an enjoyable craft experience to share with friends or family.

1. First of all select the blooms or flowers that you want to preserve to make a floral arrangement later on. Be careful while selecting flowers that none of the flower chosen by you should have even a little of blemishes all flowers should be completely fresh.

2. Now you need to shear and trim the stems completely and remove all the foliage off the stem there should be just flower left attached to the stem. Start snipping from just below the peduncle of flower; this is the place from where the flower is joined to the stem.

3. Now choose the mold according to the size of flowers that you have chooses for preservation if you have chosen small flowers you can go for a metal ice cube try as this will provide you with numerous molds together. While if you’ve chosen flowers are big than you would need to go for bigger olds like soap crafting molds. Mist the mould by spraying cooking oil finely over it.

4. Now get your hot glue gun and prepare it for the process of flower preservation. Insert the glue stick in gun and wait for 5 minutes for gun to get heated up.

5. Now press the trigger of the gun to make the melted glue fell off the gun tip and lay a thin coating of glue on the bottom of your mold.

6. Now set the flower in the mold in a way that it settles right in the centre and than pour more glue over it but do not form a very thick layer of glue over the flower.

7. Let the glue to dry up for around 20 to 30 minutes and then tip the mold upside down. Now as the sides of mold were sprayed with oil the flower will slip out of mold easily and you have prepared the beautiful encased flowers to be used in numerous crafts to decorate your home.

Preserving Flowers with Sand

Preserving Flowers with Sand 300x282 Preserving Flowers with SandFresh flowers are loved by all this is something commonly known but flowers are loved a lot even when they are not fresh ad preserved in form of dried flowers to form beautiful dry floral arrangements. There are numerous different ways of preserving flowers for making dried floral arrangements and one of very unique one is when flowers are dried and preserved under sand. Here is a complete guide for you as to how you can dry up your flowers using sand and than arrange them to form a very creative floral arrangement.

•    You will first of all need an open bud or a bud that is just about to bloom. Cut it in a way that you remain as close as possible to the bloom like leaving around just inch or a half from the bottom of the bloom. You do not have to keep the stem with you.

•    Now get the fresh, dry sand for drying up your flowers. If you feel that the sand is not dry leave it spread well under the sun so it completely dries. It can be beach sand, river sand or any other dry type of sand. But make sure that this sand have to be very fine and should not have any rocks or shells. It may be filtered one too.

•    Spread the sand in a cool dry place like a garage or an attic. Place the sand over a place where it will not disturb you as it will take a long time in drying up. Now when you have spread it put the flower over it and bring sand around the flower as much as possible and than slowly cover the whole flower with the sand. Now once your flower is completely covered with sand leave it to dry for 3 to 4 weeks.

•    Once the time is up, look out for the dryness of your flowers. You need to be very careful when taking out the flowers because the sand drying would have made your flowers a little more delicate. If your flower has dried and preserved well take it out or in other case you may have to leave it in for few more days.

•    After your flowers are dried up you can take them out for making your flower arrangement and you may use floral wire to make stems for your flowers and here you are ready to prepare a very beautiful dry flower arrangement yourself.

Preserving Real Dried Flowers

Preserve Real Dried Flowers 300x225 Preserving Real Dried FlowersRea Dried Flowers 300x237 Preserving Real Dried FlowersFlowers are one of the best creations of God and are so beautiful and elegant yet have strength to make someone’s day. Fresh flowers definitely are a beauty in them but dried and preserved flowers are in great demand too as arrangements prepared with these looks really pretty. There are different ways to preserve dried flowers. Whenever flowers are dried once they have reached the required condition they are at stake of breaking off. It is fine if you plan to make a potpourri out of your dried flowers but if you want to keep them intact in form of flowers than you need to take some steps. This will not only make you get a beautiful dry flower arrangement that would compliment your interior’s décor but also will let you save the memories belonging to the floral arrangement for long.

Preserving With Hair Spray:

1.    Spread a sheet of newspaper or plastic over a counter or a table basically on a straight surface and arrange all your dried flowers separately over it.
2.    Now spray the flowers with the hairspray to form a light coating over flowers. Turn them around and be careful while doing it so you coat the flower completely from each side.
3.    Let the hairspray get dried properly over the flowers to form a layer before you pick them up for arranging them the way you want.

Using Liquid Plastic:

1.    For preserving your dried flowers with liquid plastic the first thing is to ensure your safety and protection so get a mask and plastic gloves for yourself first.
2.    Now mix the liquid plastic with hardening agent. The complete recipe of making the mix will be given on the pack so follow all the instructions completely.
3.    Get a latex rubber mould and pour 1/4th inch of liquid plastic into it. After this allow the liquid plastic to set. The time required for its proper setting will be instructed on pack too usually it is about 30 to 35 minutes time period required.
4.    Now set your flower over this dried layer of liquid plastic and than pour another 1/4th inch of liquid plastic over it. Now again let it dry completely.
5.    Keep pouring the liquid plastic of 1/4th inch layer each time when the previous one dries until the mould is completely filled. As soon as the last layer sets you can pop dried preserved flower out of the liquid plastic and put it over for display.