Easy Ways to Repel Deer & Rabbits

Easy Ways to Repel Rabbits 300x187 Easy Ways to Repel Deer & RabbitsHome gardening is hobby of millions of people in the world. It is way of satisfying oneself by feeling to be involved in a healthy and progressive activity as well as providing the outer space of your house the beauty as you take care of best décor within. There are so many pests and animals that gardeners have to fight with in order to keep their gardens and yards saved and the beautiful flower that they work hard on for growing. Deer and rabbits especially around rural areas are so common that mostly gardeners make them fall in pests’ category. Just give them a few minutes at night and next morning you will see your shrubs and plant leaves nibbles and flowers snatched off. Gardeners take several steps like fencing and many other to keep these animals away but yet they some how manage to have a feast in their gardens. Here are some techniques to repel deer and rabbits off your garden. The key to success is in your efforts for making them remain away.

Easy Ways to Repel Deer Easy Ways to Repel Deer & RabbitsStep 1:
Firstly, you will need to actually identify that which animal has been grazing into your garden. Either the animals ruining your garden are deer or rabbits. To recognize this, it is really easy. Just check out the leaves of your plants to check, as the deer do not have upper teeth so, it will be like if leaves have been torn. But as rabbits have very sharp upper teeth they completely cut your leave leaving clear cut marks. On the other hand, if the rabbits have been intruding in your property that the leaves eaten of plants will be no higher than 1 to 2 feet above the ground, if deer had been intruding than the leaves growing higher than this height will also be damaged. Once you have identified the culprits now you are ready to take action against them.

Step 2:
1.    You may go for fencing as fencing all the area of your garden can stop deer and rabbits from poking in your garden. Rabbit fences are made best through the chicken wires because they than do not provide any space for rabbits to fit in any way to cross through it. Do install fencing flush to ground too so rabbits do not burrow under it. For deer there will be need to install fences up to around 8 feet high so they are just unable to jump over and cross the fence. You can add electric fence too to your fencing.

2.    Deer and rabbits like to invade in those gardens where they have good hiding places available at the time of threat. Remove brushes, tall weeds and all other ground covers in order to keep rabbits and deer away from your garden.

3.    Several brands of repellents are easily available commercially and thought to be really helpful. So you can go for buying any repellent that will make your plants taste and smell bad to the rabbits and deer. It is better to get the ones that make plants smell bad because just those that make plants taste bad will make this realize animals only once they have already started to graze on.