Roses And Love

rose 150x150 Roses And LoveRoses are the ultimate way for expression of love. Roses since ever are believed to be the best flowers for expressing love. Roses are the flowers through which each level or intensity of love can be expressed. Every color of rose holds a different meaning and expresses a different level of intensity of love.

  • Red rose the most common and famous one actually characterizes the cupid. Red rose basically represent the deep passionate love that one holds for his or her beloved. A single red rose given says “I love you”.
  • Now interestingly deep red rose does not express even deeper love instead it emotes the coyness in love. When this rose is given by someRoses Love 150x150 Roses And Love one it means “I love you” but the sender is a little shy to express the love.
  • The prettiest love the one that is held deep down in the heart of lover and that is not expressed can be brought into the notice of beloved for the first time by sending the burgundy roses.
  • Pink roses are sign of perfect happiness. Pink roses are also sent to friends and dear ones because they also represent friendship.
  • Deep pink roses are sent to say “Thank you”. Gifting deep pink roses means someone wants to thank a loved one deep heartedly for the wonderful deed he or she must have done.
  • Roses And Love 150x150 Roses And LoveIf you are thinking to give some roses to a sweet girl than nothing is better than light pink roses. Light pink roses convey the message of joy, gentleness and sweetness.
  • The perfect representation of friendship can be through nothing else than yellow roses. The bright color of yellow roses sends the message of joy. Strangely some times yellow roses are used to send the message of jealousy and decrease of love but mostly due to the bright color of this rose it sends the message of friendship.
  • When you are attempting for a new love and want to show your enthusiasm and fascination than give orange roses.
  • Roses and Valentines Day1 150x150 Roses And LovePeach roses are sign of modesty and desire. So when a new relationship springs out and you want to show your desire for love present the Peach roses.
  • If you have fallen in love with some one at first sight than lavender roses are going to express your feelings perfectly.
  • White roses transmit the innocence and purity. For this reason white roses are widely used in weddings. If a girl or a boy wants to gain love of his or her beloved, they send white roses delivering the message “I am worthy of you”. White roses are also used by secret admirers.
  • If you want to propose your girl than present the red and white roses combined together with an engagement ring and everything will be said as they represent unity, Commitment and engagement too.

Roses: History & Types

types of roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

All the flowers are a great gift by Mother Nature but the value that Roses have among all the flowers is something that doesn’t need to be discussed. If its love than you want to express nothing can work as roses can as each of their color and numbers that you adapt to gift deliver a very different and new meaning. Apart from gifts if it comes to put some flowering plants in backyards and lawns people all around the world prefer nothing else than roses to bring life and a bunch of colors to their yards.roses type 150x150 Roses: History & Types

According to fossil records roses are supposed to be 35 million years old while currently having around thirty thousand different varieties. The records of cultivation of roses are found to be around five thousand years old in the continent of Asia. There have been numerous ancient tales related to how roses were created or named can be found. Most of these tales are related to some cultural and religious believes too. Roses are divided broadly into two categories “old roses” and “modern roses”. Old roses are all those that were cultivated before late eighteenth century before they came to England and allrose type 150x150 Roses: History & Types flowers cultivated after late eighteenth century are called modern roses. Till beginning of 19th century there were only white and pink roses cultivated in Europe, the very famous red roses the symbol of true love arrived from China in 1800. While the yellow roses came around 1900. Roses have played a very important role in lives of many emperors and rulers too as they made it part of their daily lives due to its beautiful fragrance and benefits obtained like from rose oil.

Now in current time it is impossible to count the types of roses as many horticulturists have developed numerous new hybrids. Here is a little listing of famous classic and modern roses grew up till now through out the whole world.

Classic Roses Modern Rose
Gallica Roses (French Roses)Gallica Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Floribundasrose floribunda 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Damask Rosesrose damask 150x150 Roses: History & Types Grandiflora & Climbing GrandifloraGrandiflora 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Albas (White Roses)white roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Hybrid KordesiiHybrid Kordesii 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Centifolias (Provence Roses)Centifolias 150x150 Roses: History & Types Hybrid Muskshybrid musk rose 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Moss RosesMoss Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Hybrid Tea & Climbing Hybrid TeaHybrid Tea 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Bourbon RosesBourbon Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Large-Flowered ClimberLarge Flowered Climber 150x150 Roses: History & Types
PortlandsPortland Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Miniature & Climbing MiniatureClimbing Miniature 150x150 Roses: History & Types
NoisettesNoisettes roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Mini-FloraMini Flora 150x150 Roses: History & Types
English Rosesenglish roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types PernetianasPernetianas roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types
RugosasRugosas 150x150 Roses: History & Types RamblersRamblers roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types

Climbing Miniature 150x150 Roses: History & Types