Maintaining Indoor Herb Garden

Maintaining Indoor Herb Garden 300x226 Maintaining Indoor Herb GardenHouse plants appear to be really cool and are a beautiful addition to the interior décor of your home. Actually they are easy too to grow indoors as not much of the care has to be taken to keep them flourishing. Keep them in a sunny window at you home and you can feel the sweet fragrance of these herbs in the air and it’s wonderful if you keep them in your kitchen window and you will be able to add the jubilant taste and fragrance to your food. One thing that is really important for herbs is that there should always be proper drainage possibility in the pots that you use to plant your herbs. Moreover you have to sue a mix of three parts of soil while one part of sand or perlite that would improve the drainage. Add a one inch layer of pebbles at the bottom of pot so the water easily flows out of the plant. You can pour mixed soil over the layer of pebbles.

1.    It is advised to you to keep your herbs in southern facing sunny windows so they get the sunlight properly if there are no southern facing windows than use the western facing windows to get advantage of afternoon sun. These herb plants should be kept away from any heaters, radiators or direct heat. If there are no southern or western facing windows at your home than get the help from grow lights. Place the grow lights 5 to 6 inches above the plant and leave it under the light for eight to twelve hours a day.

2.    Watering herb plants regularly is important but just to keep the soil moist it’s not about keeping it wet at all. You can poke your finger in the soil if your feel it dry, water it but the water should not be flowing in the pot.

3.    You need to keep your herbs at a warm place but not the hot one. Maintain the temperature of the place where you have kept your herbs between 50 degrees to 75 degree Fahrenheit. There are many herbs like Chives, Rosemary and bay that bear the coldness somehow but are not comfortable at temperature any higher than 75 degrees.

4.    Misting herbs at least once a week is necessary. If you use heaters or other means of heating your house than you would need to mist your herbs every few days so that the plant is able to absorb the moisture from its leaves.

5.    It is good to keep trimming herbs. Trim the herbs and they will grow more except chives. It is like you will cut a stem and it will grow into two stems further. Always trim the stem beyond the set of leave with sharp scissors to encourage more growth.

6.    when you observe any blooms on your herbs trim them off immediately no doubt that the flowering herbs look really beautiful but as the nutrients are taken up by the flowers in the herbs the herb starts to taste bitter so if you are using these herbs in your food than you definitely need to keep them flower free.

7.    Keep checking your herbs for any pests or bugs. Usually they are pest resistant but sometimes they do face the problem of having aphids. You can spray your herb with dish soap mixture based in water to kill the aphids of your herbs. Keep spraying for a day or couple of days once a day till you completely get rid of these critters.