white lilies 150x150 LiliesLily is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and is widely used in the floral arrangements as cut flower. There is a huge variety found all over the world for lilies in different colors and shapes. Lilies basically belong to the Asia but is now found and cultivated in all parts of the world. Its regal attractiveness, rich bloom and magnificent scent have fascinated the hearts of many, making the lily flower almost as popular as the rose.

Types of Lily Flowers:

Lily flowers are found in numerous colors and each of them brings out a different meaning to the world of human emotions.

white lily 150x150 LiliesWhite Lily:

White lilies are pure flowers symbolizing virginity, as in the Christian history the white lilies are a symbol of Virgin Mary herself. White lily is the most opted flower amongst all of the brides on their wedding.  White lilies symbolize purity, virginity, youth and majesty.

Red Lily:

Red Lily 150x150 LiliesRed lilies are graceful and striking flowers. They arouse feelings of passionate love and desire. Red lilies are special flowers to enjoy on special occasions. Red lilies stand for the best feeling in whole world; nothing else than “love”. Red lilies are a symbol of warmth and desire.

Pink Lily

Pink Lily 150x150 LiliesThe most famous pink lily in the world is the Stargazer lily, because it has the strength to express every feeling you can think of from delight to admiration and compassion.  Pink lilies represent wealth and prosperity, but are considered as a symbol of adolescence and acceptance, as well. The appearance of lilies may guide our thoughts to feelings of hope and aspirations.

Purple Lily

purple lily 150x150 LiliesPurple lilies are a hybrid between regal trumpet lilies and Asiatic Lily; purple lilies are found in a variety called Purple Prince.  Purple lilies are a symbol of royalty. As the lily symbolizes the innocence, beauty and purity so mixing it with the royal color will make it even greater presentation of royalty.

Orange Lily

Orange Lily 150x150 LiliesOrange lilies are used for an extensive range of events like weddings, funerals, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgivings, and birthdays. Orange lilies are also called fire lilies and do not hold a loving meaning. These flowers when gifted to any one deliver the message of hatred or death of recipient. The orange lily does not stand for joy and happiness; it stands for lesser nice feelings and meanings.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily1 150x150 LiliesTiger lily is basically specie of orange and black lily. They are also known as leopard lilies. They are a deep shade of orange, with black spots on the blooms. Tiger lily is often used in bridal bouquets too. Tiger lilies symbolize wealth, pride and prosperity.

Black Lily

Black Lily 150x150 LiliesThe most popular varieties of black lilies are; “Black Spider” Asiatic lily in black and white, black-red “Black Beauty” lily variety and “Black Jack” lily.  Black lilies are mysterious flowers. Black Lily has a charisma in it that has all the strength to captivate the human eye. Black lilies are symbol of death. It is also considered that black lilies are a symbol of lies.

The Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily flower 300x226 The Tiger LilyTiger Lily 300x199 The Tiger LilyThe panthers of the meadow, tiger-lilies. -Titus Munson Coan

The tiger-lily is the plant that bears large flowers of orange color covered with spots. Most probably these spots are the reason for the name given to the flower. It is also named as Ditch Lily in America as is commonly found growing in areas around ditches. The few of other names with which tiger lily has been known in different parts of the world are Devil Lily, Kentan, Leopard Lily, Pine Lily Columbia lily, Oregon Lily, Western Wood Lily, Western Red Lily, etc. These flowers grow up to three inches wide in size which makes them a huge one to cherish the profoundness of nature. The Tiger Lily has a strong, sweet and idiosyncratically lily smell. Besides producing a stunning sight, most parts of this plant are edible. There is an old story told in Asia regarding the Tiger lily, it says; a Korean hermit helped a wounded tiger by removing an arrow from its body. The tiger asked the hermit to use his powers to carry on their friendship after his death. The hermit agreed and when the tiger died, his body became a tiger lily. In due course the hermit drowned and his body was washed away. The Tiger Lily spread everywhere searching for its friend. There are two varieties of the Tiger Lily:
•    The Oriental Variety: Promulgates through bulbs that form at leaf axils.
•    The Common Wildflower Variety: Spreads by tuberous roots.

Some Facts about Tiger Lily:

•    Tiger Lily flower essence helps in restraining aggressive propensities in individuals and helps in holistic healing.
•    Tiger Lily has some toxic effects on cats. It can produce vomiting, in appetence, lethargy, kidney failure, and even death.
•    The Tiger Lily denotes wealth and prosperity.
•    When baked, lily bulbs taste rather like potatoes.
•    Tiger Lily was first described by the famous Swedish botanist Carl von Linne (Linnaeus) in 1753.

Due to its feral growing nature, the Tiger Lily is unbelievably easy to grow. Tiger lilies bloom well in moist to wet soils and hence grow well near the ditches. In cold temperate areas they can be planted from early to mid autumn while if you are planning to plant it in a warmer zone than you may plant it till late autumn too.