Men & Flowers

men flowers 286x300 Men & FlowersSince ever commonly it has been wrongly believed that flowers are appropriate gifts for the women or girls while doesn’t sound fine for men. Researches made world wide have now proved this as a huge misconception among people. If you are a woman and you think that flowers won’t work as great as they do for you when your man gives them to you than you are certainly wrong. Try expressing your love for him once by giving him flowers and then see that unseen happiness and joy in their eyes that would make them express their love more intensely towards you. Flowers affect men as positively as they do to women. Definitely as women are naturally more emotional and that’s part of being women but still flowers do affect men the same way and it increases the level of happiness and social interaction in men.

It was simply proved through a research in an American university when two groups of men were formed who had different ages and belonged to different ethnicities. Now one of these groups received the surprise floral gifts and the other did not. After this they were observed for their verbal cues and body language which both are measures of social interaction. The men who received flowers demonstrated increase in eye contact while conversation and stood closer to researchers producing much more pure smile than those who did not receive flowers.

Generally through this research it can be concluded that flowers do affect the men too and make them feel happier and cherished. Although the reaction from women displayed greater level of emotions but still the result is same and it causes the receiver of flowers to express his or her delight and increase the social behavior in one.

So, never hesitate and think that flowers are not any appropriate gift for men. Yes they won’t be showing it like women do but still the happiness the joy that they feel on receiving flowers from a loved one could be observed in many different ways.

Sending Flowers To A Man

flowers for men 300x237 Sending Flowers To A ManSending Flowers 300x201 Sending Flowers To A ManIt is generally believed in fact better to say that wrongly believed by many people that flowers are an appropriate gift for women and not much liked by men. This is truly a very wrong concept because as much as the men like to send flowers to women over any occasion the same is their desire for receiving by their sweetheart and loved ones. The formula is simple because everyone wants to be recognized and made feel important. When the right time to sent flowers to him is really easy to be known. When ever is the time that he sends you the flowers whatever is his favorite occasion to send your flowers is his favorite occasion or reason too to receive the flowers.

If he sends you flowers on your birthday send him a pretty floral arrangements prepared keeping many things in mind like what is his personality and with what type of personality what flowers and tones of colors and accessories are related. Moreover definitely you will have to consider the message you want to get delivered. Of course a birth day wishes it is but still that’s something too obvious. You will definitely have a side message besides your birthday wish so whether it is “I love you” or “you mean worlds to me” all can be delivered easily through the sensible and correct selection of flowers and their colors.  Or may be he would have sent you flowers sometimes for thanking you for anything that he liked so that’s also a good reason for you to thank him for whatever he did and you liked.

And don’t forget one thing; no reason is better than any reason. So just make him feel so special and treasured by sending him beautiful flowers for no occasion or event and just to tell him that he means a lot to you. In some relations you do not need to have a reason or an occasion to support your action of expressing your love so just do it without worrying for how his would appear as.

Tips Regarding the Best Designs and Colors for Men:
•    Men are supposed to be stimulated by vibrant colors and this has been proved through researches too so definitely the flowers in shades of red, orange and yellow are perfect for sending to him.
•    Modern, linear style and natural style floral arrangements suits best for men. Well if your man loves plants than addition of green plants and leaves to the arrangement would take it to further perfection.
•    The best you could do if you don’t get much creative ideas yourself is that just tell your florist that you want this arrangement to be prepared for a man and you can further tell him about his hobby and he would definitely advise you with an idea that will personalize your arrangement more particularly.

So this time surprise your man with the best of the flowers arranged most creatively and express your feeling fully for him.