Roses: History & Types

types of roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

All the flowers are a great gift by Mother Nature but the value that Roses have among all the flowers is something that doesn’t need to be discussed. If its love than you want to express nothing can work as roses can as each of their color and numbers that you adapt to gift deliver a very different and new meaning. Apart from gifts if it comes to put some flowering plants in backyards and lawns people all around the world prefer nothing else than roses to bring life and a bunch of colors to their yards.roses type 150x150 Roses: History & Types

According to fossil records roses are supposed to be 35 million years old while currently having around thirty thousand different varieties. The records of cultivation of roses are found to be around five thousand years old in the continent of Asia. There have been numerous ancient tales related to how roses were created or named can be found. Most of these tales are related to some cultural and religious believes too. Roses are divided broadly into two categories “old roses” and “modern roses”. Old roses are all those that were cultivated before late eighteenth century before they came to England and allrose type 150x150 Roses: History & Types flowers cultivated after late eighteenth century are called modern roses. Till beginning of 19th century there were only white and pink roses cultivated in Europe, the very famous red roses the symbol of true love arrived from China in 1800. While the yellow roses came around 1900. Roses have played a very important role in lives of many emperors and rulers too as they made it part of their daily lives due to its beautiful fragrance and benefits obtained like from rose oil.

Now in current time it is impossible to count the types of roses as many horticulturists have developed numerous new hybrids. Here is a little listing of famous classic and modern roses grew up till now through out the whole world.

Classic Roses Modern Rose
Gallica Roses (French Roses)Gallica Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Floribundasrose floribunda 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Damask Rosesrose damask 150x150 Roses: History & Types Grandiflora & Climbing GrandifloraGrandiflora 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Albas (White Roses)white roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Hybrid KordesiiHybrid Kordesii 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Centifolias (Provence Roses)Centifolias 150x150 Roses: History & Types Hybrid Muskshybrid musk rose 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Moss RosesMoss Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Hybrid Tea & Climbing Hybrid TeaHybrid Tea 150x150 Roses: History & Types
Bourbon RosesBourbon Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Large-Flowered ClimberLarge Flowered Climber 150x150 Roses: History & Types
PortlandsPortland Roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Miniature & Climbing MiniatureClimbing Miniature 150x150 Roses: History & Types
NoisettesNoisettes roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types Mini-FloraMini Flora 150x150 Roses: History & Types
English Rosesenglish roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types PernetianasPernetianas roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types
RugosasRugosas 150x150 Roses: History & Types RamblersRamblers roses 150x150 Roses: History & Types

Climbing Miniature 150x150 Roses: History & Types

Growing & Caring Roses

Caring Roses 300x200 Growing & Caring RosesCaring Roses Growing & Caring RosesRoses are one of the most common and desired plants to be grown by all people who like growing flowers. People like a lot to decorate their gardens with the beauty of roses in various colors and with the greatest fragrance on earth. Here are some tips for rose growers, so that they may see their rose plants flourishing and all bloomed up.

•    First thing first, to make your rose plant grow well you need to have a fertile soil. So when planning to cultivate rose you need to be sure to make you soil rich, for this mix compost or other organic materials in order to provide all nutrition required by the plant to grow well.

•    When you water your roses plants, keep one thing in mind that water comprehensively and let it dry don’t adopt the light and frequent watering technique. Always avoid water on leaves as this can increase the fungal disease chances. If you doubt for some water fell on leaves than you better try to water in day time so it can evaporate easily.

•    Proper air circulation is really necessary for the blooms to grow well, so always consider the space available for plant to grow. There should be enough space on all sides so that plant when grows do not face problem of air circulation.

•    For first year there is just a little application of fertilizers required because Growing Caring Roses 300x224 Growing & Caring Rosesat this time the target is to let the plant grow to its fullest. From next year on put in fertilizer regularly in blooming season so you can get better flowering. It is important that you water your rose plant a day before fertilizing because fertilizer may cause dry roots to burn out.

•    Trimming rose plants is not necessary but if you do so it is advised that you do it with great care not harming the growth of plant or from places where the leaves or buds are growing. One thing to keep in consideration is that don’t prune your plant at the end of growing season in order to leave your plant undisturbed as the climatic changes already occurring.

•    Sun light is very important for proper growing of rose plants, at least six to seven hours a day so position your plant in a way that it gets the required sunlight. Keeping the plant on east side of home and under some taller thing to get shade too is better because the light it requires can be achieved in first 5 to 6 hours of the day when heat in it is not too much.

•    As roses are short rooted plants so you don’t need very large spaces to plant roses at your place, all you need to consider is that just estimate how much space the plant will take once fully grown. This is to be considered because of required air circulation else rose plants don’t take much space.

Well, this is all for now, happy gifting and happy gardening of Roses….