Flowers And Occasions

Flowers And Occasions 150x150 Flowers And OccasionsSince ever flowers have been believed to be the best gift for all occasions and events. Flowers are used not only to express happiness but all the human feeling can be expressed easily through flowers and that is the reason why one can see flowers in a wedding and on someone’s death too. Ancient Greeks lined out a complete language of flowers and since than it became easier to choose flowers to gift someone. Still there are many people who are not aware of the fact very well and do not consider the message that is delivered by a particular flower. Here is a small guide for all of you as to which flowers may be gifted over different occasions or events.


Weddings flower 150x150 Flowers And OccasionsFor wedding in decorations, for bridal bouquets and for gifting the traditional flowers used are:

  • Roses
  • Dahlias
  • Sunflowers
  • Tulips
  • Orchids
  • Peonies

Wedding Anniversaries Flowers 150x150 Flowers And OccasionsWedding Anniversaries:

  • 1st Wedding Anniversary        Carnations/ Pansies
  • 2nd Wedding Anniversary       Cosmos
  • 3rd Wedding Anniversary        Fuchsias
  • 4th Wedding Anniversary      Geraniums
  • 5th Wedding Anniversary        Daisies
  • 6th Wedding Anniversary      Calla Lilies
  • 7th Wedding Anniversary      Jack-in-the-pulpit
  • 8th Wedding Anniversary        Clematis
  • 9th Wedding Anniversary       Poppies
  • 10th Wedding Anniversary     Daffodils
  • 11th Wedding Anniversary     Morning Glory
  • 12th Wedding Anniversary     Peonies
  • 13th Wedding Anniversary      Hollyhocks
  • 14th Wedding Anniversary      Dahlias
  • 15th Wedding Anniversary      Roses
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary       Day Lilies
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary       Iris
  • 28th Wedding Anniversary       Orchids
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary       Sweet peas
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary       Nasturtiums
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary       Violets

Easter Flowers 150x150 Flowers And Occasions

Easter Flowers:

Easter is the occasion celebrated widely all around the world by the Christians. The flowers that are gifted over Easter are:

  • Easter Lilies
  • Pussy Willow
  • All red Flowers (Germany)

Birthday Flowers:

Birthday Flowers 150x150 Flowers And OccasionsIt is best if you know the favorite flower of the person whose birthday it is but if you don’t than birth month flowers are perfect choice.

  • January                                                Carnations
  • February                                              Iris, Violet
  • March                                                  Daffodils
  • April                                                    Daisy, Peonies
  • May                                                     Lily, Lily of the Valley
  • June                                                     Rose
  • July                                                      Delphinium
  • August                                                            Dahlia, Gladiolus
  • September                                           Aster, Forget-me-not
  • October                                               Calendula (Marigold)
  • November                                           Chrysanthemum
  • December                                            Poinsettia, Holly, Narcissus, Paperwhite

Funeral Flowers 150x150 Flowers And Occasions

Funeral Flowers:

Funerals are the occasions when you want to deliver your condolences so mostly all around the world light and subdued colors of flowers are chosen for floral arrangements. Traditionally following flowers are used widely over funerals:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Carnations
  • Roses
  • White Lilies
  • Pink Lilies
  • Yellow Lilies

Roses and Valentines Day

Roses and Valentines Day 150x150 Roses and Valentines DayValentines Day the day for all the people around the world to celebrate and express their love is all up. 14th February is the day that is celebrated each year by all the men and women in the world to express their love for their soul mates. When ever we listen about Valentines Day the thing that immediately strikes our mind are red color and the red roses. Red roses are like an essentially over Valentines Day although other roses and valentines day flowers are also presented over Valentines Day like yellow roses are given to friends for expressing our love for our friends. But when there is a romantic relationship red roses are the best option.  It’s simple! Red roses mean “I Love You”, they are a symbol for romance and true love. Red roses stand for appreciation and fidelity and they are the strongest message of love you can give or receive.

The different roses that can be gifted over Valentines Day are

Red Rose Sincere love, Courage, Passion, Love you. Valentines Day Roses 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day
Pink Rose Grace, Elegance, Joyfulness, Sweetness (all by soft Pink) Admiration (medium pink), Appreciation (deep pink) Pink Rose 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day
White Rose Purity, True love, Innocence, Worthiness, Honor, Reverence White Rose 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day
Yellow Rose Symbol of Joy & Friendship, Delight, Welcome, Happiness, Caring Yellow Rose 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day
Peach Rose Miss You, Thanks, Gratitude, Modesty, Sincerity, Appreciation Peach Rose1 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day
Orange Rose Enthusiasm, Desire, Excitement, Passion Orange Rose 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day
Lavender Rose Enchantment, Love at First Sight Lavender Rose 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day

Valentines Day heart 150x150 Roses and Valentines DayMany people now choose roses of other colors too to refrain from being very traditional and gifting just red roses. They often choose the color of Roses depicting the intensity of love of their, for their guy or girl.

If you want to send red roses to your beloved, be sure that you know that what each number of roses given mean because the message delivered through your flowers should be exactly what you want to say as if your relation has not reached to a level that may be depicted through your flowers that may make your partner offensive.

valentines day rose heart  150x150 Roses and Valentines Day

  • 1 Rose                        Love at first sight
  • 2 Roses                      Deeply in Love with each other, Mutual Love
  • 3 Roses                      I Love You
  • 6 Roses                      I want to be yours
  • 7 Roses                      I am infatuated with you

valentines day roses  150x150 Roses and Valentines Day

  • 9 Roses                      Together till life last, Eternal Love
  • 10 Roses                    You are perfect
  • 11 Roses                     I treasure you, You are the one I love most in my life
  • 12 Roses                    Be my steady
  • 13 Roses                    Secret Admirer

Roses for valentine1 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day

  • 15 Roses                    Truly Sorry, Please Forgive
  • 20 Roses                    I am sincere towards you
  • 21 Roses                    I am devoted to you
  • 24 Roses                    Can’t stop thinking for you round the clock 24 hours every day
  • 33 Roses                   I Love You (With Great Affection)

Valentine rose 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day

  • 36 Roses                   Will always remember our romantic moments
  • 40 Roses                   Genuine Love
  • 50 Roses                   Regretless Love
  • 99 Roses                   Love you till my last breath
  • 100 Roses                 Remain as devoted couple for century

sweet valentine day gift 150x150 Roses and Valentines Day

  • 101 Roses                 One and Only Love
  • 108 Roses                 Marry Me!!!
  • 365 Roses                 Can’t Stop Thinking About you whole year round each and every day

999 Roses                 Ever lasting and Eternal love

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Valentines Day & Flowers

valentines day present 150x150 Valentines Day & FlowersValentines Day is the day when the lovers all over the world celebrate their love for their sweethearts with them. This day basically got commercialized hype after 19th century when it was being started to be celebrated on a wider scale and the day was started to be observed as holiday in many countries including USA. In old times the lovers used to exchange the notes of love messages with each other over this day, now the greeting cards have taken their place that are being produces on huge scale. Flowers are very closely related to the celebration of Valentines Day as since always flowers have been supposed to be the best source of delivering human feelings and specially love.

valentine flower 150x150 Valentines Day & FlowersAs soon as the Valentines Day starts to approach all the people who are in love be it a man or a woman is all ready to think about the ways to celebrate the day and make it the most memorable one for him or herself and for the partner too. Gifting is the very important and most loved tradition attached to the Valentines Day celebrations. Valentines day flowers are definitely the gift that is given most but basically flowers are used as a mean of expressing love to your partner and with flowers other things are being used for expressing love like chocolates, stuffed bears, champagne and all such things that may be sending a romantic message to your love.

valentines day flowers 150x150 Valentines Day & FlowersFlowers are also being gifted according to the meanings and the relation that exists between the one and his or her partner. Usually there is a concept that mostly the flowers are being liked by the women and so more men gift their wives, girlfriends or sweethearts the flowers as compared to women. There are women too who buy flowers for their husbands and boy friends but according to a research 66 percent of men buy flowers for their wives and girlfriends on the contrary only 31 percent of women buy flowers for their men.

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