Roses are often considered as the most perfect flowers for expression of love. Roses are the flowers through which each level or intensity of love can be expressed. Every color of rose holds a different meaning and expresses a different level of intensity of love. Roses since long have been playing the great role in expression of love whether it’s through their color that the different messages are being sent or it’s the number of flowers used. Here is some useful information about roses for you.

Roses & Numbers

1 Rose Simplicity
2 Roses Gratitude
2 Roses Joined Together Engagement, Coming Marriage
12 Roses Ultimate declaration of love
25 Roses Congratulations
50 Roses Unconditional Love
Bouquet of Mature Blooms Gratitude
Single Rose in Full Bloom I Love You; Engagement
Full Blown Rose Placed Over Two Buds Secrecy
Half-blown Rose Timid love
Thorn less Rose Love at First Sight; Ingratitude; Early attachment
Rose Leaf Symbol of Hope

A single red rose given says “I love you”.

Deep red rose does not express even deeper love instead it expresses the shyness in love.

Burgundy roses are used to express the prettiest love the one that is held deep down in the heart of lover.

Deep pink roses are sent to say “Thank you”.

Pink roses are sign of perfect happiness.

The bright color of yellow roses send the message of joy and are supposed to be perfect for sending to friends.

White roses are used to say “I am worthy of you”. White roses are also used by secret admirers.

If you want to propose your girl than present the red and white roses combined together with an engagement ring.

Red Roses love, passion, “I Love You”
White Roses innocence, purity, reverence, humility
Red & White Roses unity
Yellow & Red Roses friendship, falling in love
Pink Roses grace, gentility, perfect happiness, sweet thoughts
Light Pink Roses admiration, sympathy
Dark Pink Roses gratitude, appreciation
Peach Roses passion
Yellow Roses joy, gladness, friendship, platonic love
Orange Roses desire, new beginnings
Burgundy Roses beauty
Black Roses death of old habits, renewal of spirit
Blue Roses mystery
Green Roses calm, fertility, fruitfulness
Purple Roses royalty, majesty, enchantment, protection
Lavender Roses falling in love at first sight
Tie-Dyed Roses fun, crazy in love, Links listed on Theme and Country.